Risk and Compliance

Take the guesswork out of risk management

How do you predict and manage risks that could have a potentially devastating impact on your organization? Our Security Consultants can assess your existing program by evaluating current processes and technologies to reduce compliance risks.

Don’t have a program? Let our consultants help you establish an integrated strategy to achieve corporate-wide benefits.

Governance programs to reduce risk and ensure compliance

The thought of building out a security program can be daunting. CBTS has helped businesses across multiple industries with this process to ensure growth and measurability, driving success of their security programs.

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GDPR fines totaled $63 million in its first year


Stay Compliant and Secure

Unsure of the effectiveness of your security program and processes?  Managed Security from CBTS addresses your complex compliance and regulatory requirements. We provide enterprise-class monitoring for mission-critical applications and essential components of the NIST 800-53 framework.

  • CBTS Managed Security Operations provides 24×7 management, reducing security complexity and cutting costs.

  • CBTS Managed Cloud Security Services provide a comprehensive solution for your IT security requirements.

  • Our Managed Cloud Security offerings can help your business:
    – Keep data safe
    – Meet compliance requirements
    – Reduce costs
    – Scale quickly on-demand

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