Q&A: Secure networking utilizing robust SD-WAN solutions

July 23, 2020
Gabby Scott
Marketing Manager - Indirect Channel

CBTS recently partnered with cybersecurity solutions provider Check Point to deliver a Network Security as a Service with Check Point Harmony Connect and Custom SD-WAN integration solution. Given today’s advanced cyber threats, Harmony Connect is designed to benefit customers looking to secure their VMware SD-WAN infrastructure powered by VeloCloud, now part of VMware.

In a recent webcast series hosted by CBTS, a panel of experts emphasized the importance of leveraging new SD-WAN solutions to safely help customers along the path to digital transformation.

Why did CBTS and Check Point partner on this solution?

“We understand that each network is going to be different, and a lot of times we don’t look to connect people or connect buildings, but to deliver business outcomes. With Check Point we’re able to do that, because whether you’re looking to protect the software-defined perimeter or the end-point user with applications moving to the cloud, we have that with Harmony Connect.

If you’re looking for something locally at the data center, we have the Check Point physical hardware lineup that’s still managed from that same centralized control plan. We can take all the pieces of Check Point to build a customized solution that has the same ease of traditional SD-WAN networks. We’re taking that ease into the complex security space.” – Jon Lloyd, Business Development Executive, CBTS

How does this technology interweave with SD-WAN?

“We started seeing interest in this 18 months ago. We would be in the field and presenting SD-WAN and how we would integrate it with your firewalls at a location, branch or data center. People started asking, ‘What about cloud security?’  “What we’re really seeing is how are people building a network of clouds, because applications are moving to the cloud with all of us working from home. Whether we’re talking about a secure cloud for your SD-WAN domain, or a data center if you’ve got inbound traffic, or our mobile workforce. People are starting to work with an SD-WAN solutions provider and also integrating a full suite of security services. We’re bringing a very robust environment that can support a data center, branch, cloud, or mobile workforce.” – Matt Douglass, senior director of solution engineering, CBTS

Can you talk about pricing model flexibility with this solution?

“The cloud products we’ve seen have been built for the larger enterprise market. When you start to bring these solutions to the mid-market, you’ve got to meet some price points and have some flexibility. Check Point has done a great job in building a product at a price point that’s easier to absorb in the mid-market space.” – Matt Douglass

How is this technology relevant in our new work-from-home environment?

“We keep coming back to flexibility. We can provide a work-from-home solution with a VeloCloud SD-WAN deployment where I’m putting a VeloCloud Edge with built-in LTE in my house. I’ve moved mission-critical businesses applications home.

“What happens when that internet goes down? Having VeloCloud Edge with built-in LTE gives me survivability to my network. We can deliver security whether it’s off of an SD-WAN deployment, or the roaming user that runs on your device. I can supply that same security without taxing my resources.” – Jon Lloyd

How does this solution protect SaaS for customers?

“We were able to provide SaaS security in an in-network connectivity approach. When you are connected to an SaaS application, we can provide security on that connection going across a network. The platform provides the capability to inspect the data on SaaS applications. We realized customers might want a more integrated approach in securing e-mail, for example.” – Marco Garcia, director of security/sales engineering, Check Point

What other security benefits does this technology provide?

“You are now moving the threat plain away from your front door. With a cloud-based solution, you’re moving your threat plain to the cloud. Now we’ve got quicker response. As soon a threat’s recognized for one user, that (solution) gets applied for everybody.” – Matt Douglass

How are customers using the solution supported?

“It’s going through our 24×7 support desk and CBTS employees. What we’ve been able to do with Check Point and VeloCloud is un-handcuff customers from the giant conglomerate. What these new technologies allow customers to do is be able to expand.” – Jon Lloyd

Visit this landing page for a full recap and to view all webcasts in this series.

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