AWS cloud services tailored for your business

Make the most of public cloud using well-architected design principles and proven, tested, and certified methodologies

Leading enterprise organizations that have a cloud-first strategy are realizing transformative results in terms of cost, ability to focus on their core business, and empowering developers to integrate and deploy new capabilities continually. As an Advanced Consulting AWS partner, with over 50 AWS certifications, CBTS is your trusted partner to ensure your journey to the public cloud is a success. Our team of certified AWS engineers and architects will assess your current environment and make specific workload recommendations to ensure you have a highly secure and effective public cloud environment.

Managed Public Cloud on AWS from CBTS:

  • Empowers developers to focus on core application functionality
  • Automates infrastructure as code and scales on demand
  • Drives cost savings and increases security

Managed Public Cloud Solutions on AWS

CBTS works to understand your cloud strategy and can tailor AWS for your success.

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Paving the Road to Digital Transformation

Discover the benefits of adopting AWS as your public cloud provider

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Application & Infrastructure Modernization

Read how modernization can transform legacy environments, and how to get started.

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Enhances User Experience

Digital transformation initiatives improve performance, increase security and deliver superior end user experience.

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Experience to help guide your cloud journey

Let our experts help design, build and migrate your existing data center environments to AWS and provide all ongoing monitoring and management so that your staff can focus on your strategic business objectives.

CBTS is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner offering Certified AWS Public Cloud Services as a Solution Provider
CBTS is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner offering Certified AWS Public Cloud Services as a Public Sector Partner
CBTS is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner offering Certified AWS Public Cloud Services as a Solution Provider
CBTS is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner offering Certified AWS Public Cloud Services as a Public Sector Partner

Maximize flexibility and efficiency with a tiered model

CBTS offers the Managed Cloud solution powered by AWS in a tiered model to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for clients across verticals that are moving toward, or already leveraging, a cloud architecture to drive business outcomes. The tiered model allows clients to consume cloud in the manner that best suits their strategic objectives, level of control, and desired level of automation.

Tier 1 - Foundation Tier:

This tier is for organizations that no longer want to manage an existing data center, or that have an AWS cloud-first strategy and need support to move existing applications to the cloud for high availability and metered billing.

Tier 2 - Advanced Tier:

This tier is for organizations that want advanced optimization with respect to overall consumption-based billing and advanced reporting on utilization.  CBTS will help assess a client’s existing application and infrastructure environment, and through a refactoring process, build in cloud-native automation capabilities.

Tier 3 - PaaS DevOps:

This tier builds on the Advanced Tier and provides additional platform services including Infrastructure as Code, automated deployments, and modernizing applications to be fully cloud native and based on individual business outcomes.

Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Microsoft workloads make up a significant percentage of enterprise applications. CBTS has the expertise to assist you with assessing those Microsoft workloads, migrating them to AWS, optimizing them and ultimately modernizing them to address technical debt and reduce licensing costs.

Our certified AWS architects and engineers have successfully migrated, automated and optimized Microsoft deployments using EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server, IIS and .Net, SQL Server and RDS.  We utilize AWS and Microsoft best practices to ensure performance, availability and scalability of your Microsoft workloads on AWS.  We deliver infrastructure as code to enable repeatable and auditable Microsoft Windows infrastructure and platforms that reduces risk through automation to deliver consistent and measurable outcomes.

To learn more about how we have assisted customers with Microsoft workloads on AWS, see the following case studies.

Well-Architected Framework - Six Pillars of Success

CBTS is a member of the AWS Well-Architect Partner Program and has deep expertise in building secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud applications and infrastructure for clients.

  • The Well-Architected Framework has been developed to help cloud architects build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications.

  • Based on six pillars – operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability — the Framework provides a consistent approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures, and implement designs that will scale over time.

AWS cloud experience that matters to your bottom line

"CBTS understands that our clients want to focus internal resources on their core business and innovation, minimize or eliminate large capital expenditures, and gain clarity on the relationship between critical applications and desired business outcomes"

Brandon Bowman, Vice President of Strategic Services

Speak with one of our AWS Public Cloud Experts

CBTS will partner with you to implement the appropriate management for your AWS environment, based on individual workload purpose, i.e. development, quality assurance, or production. We utilize both cloud native tools and industry standard tools for monitoring and management of the environment. These tools will integrate with our service management environment operations center.

Talk to us today to see how we can help your organization realize the power of a managed cloud environment on AWS.