Why partnering with a global IT services provider is critical to enterprise success

May 03, 2023
Author: Matthew Thomas
Blog | Collaboration

Today, all businesses, regardless of size, exist in a highly globalized world with organizations across every industry broadening their scope to draw resources and services from around the world. Consequently, global IT services are particularly valuable for organizations. CBTS—a provider with a global perspective and experience serving clients worldwide—offers an expansive portfolio of global IT services utilizing its holistic APO method: applications, platforms, and operations.

This blog will explore:

  • The CBTS approach to global partnerships
  • Leveraging app mod to globalize IT services for your company
  • IT security service on a global scale
  • Staying relevant in the global landscape

The CBTS approach to global partnerships

When a client’s environment requires an upgrade, the CBTS team will begin a ground-up assessment to determine which applications to modernize, platforms to implement, and operations to optimize.

Additionally, this global footprint and around-the-clock service approach put a wide variety of information technology resources at the client’s disposal. If the client requires application development support, incident escalation, or remediation, CBTS assists the organization in addressing any issue it may have—no matter when it arises.

One factor that enables this effort is a robust global IT services structure distributed throughout North America and South Asia. A worldwide footprint and around-the-clock availability give clients the responsiveness and reliability they expect—the result is that crises are addressed immediately with as little delay as possible.

Leveraging application modernization to globalize IT services for your company

With more enterprises embracing cloud computing environments than ever, cloud transition services are seeing an uptick in demand. In these cases, offering support when it is needed is only one part of the equation. Your organization’s journey to the Cloud is not simply a product—it’s a partnership. A genuinely collaborative service vendor will take proactive steps to manage the entire process of your cloud transition and provide the right technical and human resources to see it through.

To this end, CBTS offers a close partnership throughout the consultation and implementation phases. It also provides a dedicated service delivery manager who is a single point of contact and ensures that the client meets its business objectives. This service delivery manager performs quarterly business reviews and collaborates closely with client organizations, providing a level of global service for the client that is both efficient and cost-effective.

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Global-scale IT security services

Security is another core offering from CBTS. The most sophisticated and future-proof cloud environment won’t do your organization any good if it isn’t also kept safe from scams, phishing, and other intrusions. That’s why it’s critical to seek a global IT services provider that weaves security into every layer of your cloud transition and maintenance process while creating a sustainable shared risk model that limits liability for your enterprise.

The number and complexity of cyberattacks are growing exponentially, year after year. To keep pace with these global threats, IT service providers must scale their security efforts. CBTS has done just that by implementing bleeding-edge cloud security measures such as SD-WAN, SASE, and AI-powered ENI.

CBTS monitoring services proactively identify anomalies of any type and take full ownership of the recovery of the client’s environment if there is an incidence. In this way, CBTS acts as the client’s first line of defense, constantly on alert for any intrusions and taking on responsibility for the performance of the client’s core business functionalities and the security of mission-critical data.

There’s no need to “go it alone” and place all the burden of risk solely on your organization. To achieve the best results, partner with a global IT services provider that can put your organization’s needs first while addressing the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

Staying relevant in the global landscape

Businesses that refuse to evolve—and thus, stay competitive—risk falling behind the rest of the world. Relying on outdated legacy applications causes companies to become inefficient. Additionally, employees struggle to navigate platforms, and operations lag. Not to mention, organizations that remain stuck in the past put their companies at risk of cyberattacks.

With offices in five countries and partnerships in many more, CBTS offers global IT services to address these complex business challenges. CBTS specializes in application modernization, cloud migration, infrastructure as a service, communications, security, and consulting services to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us to find out how a global IT services provider can offer your enterprise a new level of service and success.

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