Improving security posture through standards-based guidance

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With all the benefits IT creates for users and providers, the changing IT landscape is also creating new concerns around security and risk management. Security threats and vulnerabilities challenge every organization today, making it a priority for companies to establish security architectures that are more dynamic, automated, and services-oriented.

CBTS has your journey covered. From evaluating your operational process, to implementation of defense technology, to monitoring and response, our experts provide the knowledge and capability required to help you to securely grow your business.

5 Cybersecurity actions to
take right now

Read the 5 things your security practitioner should be doing right now.

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5 Questions to answer for an improved security posture in 2021

The 5 questions to ask your security team.

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Security solution suite

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Protect networks, data, users, applications, and endpoints

Detect security threats, exposures, and attacks

Respond to attacks and remediate deficiencies

Recover and return to normal operations

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Our qualified security professionals are armed with over 200 combined years of experience and over 100 vendor certifications.

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