Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Multi-channel support for an omni-channel experience

What is CCaaS?

What is CCaaS?


Our approach

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Elevate your customer experience by choosing Contact Center as a Service.

Contact center deployments are complex to configure and challenging to manage. As organizations try to stay ahead of the technology curve, having a trusted and reliable IT partner is critical to success.

Cloud-based Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) solutions help companies keep pace with these changes by equipping agents with state-of-the-art tools. CCaaS platforms empower agents to provide optimal service in an omni-channel environment, leverage advanced features, and customize workflows with unlimited integration capabilities.

Improve user experience at every stage with CXsync.

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Customers expect seamless support.

Today’s customers demand 24×7 high-quality, omni-channel support. And the move to a hybrid workforce has created additional pressure on internal communication systems.

Companies need fast, reliable, and efficient communication systems to stay competitive. Each Contact-Center-as-a-Service solution from CBTS unifies inbound and outbound calling features to bridge this gap, enabling agents to access multiple applications simultaneously through a single cloud-based platform.

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What is Contact Center as a Service?

Contact Center as a Service, or CCaaS, is a cost-effective, cloud-based solution where companies deploy only the required technology. CCaaS allows organizations to outsource the management and maintenance of their contact center technology to a third-party service provider.

CCaaS utilizes cloud-based systems to communicate with customers across various channels, including voice, video, messaging apps, SMS, chat, or e-mail. CCaaS has gained popularity due to its ability to provide organizations with a modern, agile, and cost-efficient contact center solution that can adapt to changing customer expectations and business needs.


Benefits of Contact Center as a Service

Seamless customer experiences

Provide a high-quality front-end experience for both your customers and contact center agents.

Omni-channel support

Meet customers at the channel of their preference.

Consolidated analytics

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the customer’s journey.

Greater control

Maintain end-to-end influence over customer experience.

Improved CX

Customers don’t have to waste time explaining their issues repeatedly.

Improved visibility

Contact center agents gain more information about customers.

Streamlined integrations

Integrate IVR services and third-party SaaS, and deploy powerful automation tools.


of modern businesses plan to implement a cloud-based contact center.



CBTS works closely with your organization in the discovery phase to identify and customize the ideal contact center platform for your organization’s goals and existing environment. Our engineering team then designs and optimizes a solution for your network and carefully reviews existing APIs and integrations to ensure seamless integration during development and use acceptance testing.

We provide thorough training for your supervisors and agents before a well-planned, high-touch cutover, including immediate tracking and resolution of any issues. Following the transition, we hand off to our Enterprise Network Operations Center for U.S. based, 24x7x365, day-two support.

Discovery and documentation

  • Discovery sessions determine customers’ goals and needs.
  • Our team builds out documentation and plans for the rest of the process.

Build and test

  • CBTS engineers build out the communications solution and perform failure testing and, if necessary, proof of concept trials.

Migration execution

  • Upon completion, CBTS trains customer agents in their new communications platform.
  • CBTS assists in the solution’s final launch, redirecting customer service lines and other troubleshooting issues that arise.

Transition to operations

  • Stakeholders sign off on the delivery of the communication solution, and CBTS transitions into ongoing support.
  • CBTS can also fully manage the finalized solution, allowing IT teams to work toward mission-critical objectives.

Even when natural disasters, power outages, and other emergencies strike, CCaaS helps companies maintain communication to support business continuity without interruption. CBTS-managed CCaaS provides peace of mind through strict end-to-end security encryption, redundant global data centers, and real-time software updates, boasting 99.999% network uptime.

“We integrate multiple [CCaaS] solutions including Five9, Webex Contact Center, and our CXsync Cloud Contact Center solutions. Because we’re a partner that can offer multiple solutions, we can truly customize solutions based on our clients’ needs and help them enhance their customer experience.”

– Keith Talbot, Director of Contact Center Solutions


CBTS CCaaS solutions

CBTS has vast experience designing, deploying, and managing secure, industry-leading contact center solutions for organizations of all sizes. 

Our solutions help reduce capital investments and solve business challenges that allow you to deliver a secure and elevated customer experience. We offer a rich set of solutions to support call center operations within any size organization, ranging from small and straightforward organizations looking for ease of use to large call centers with sophisticated business requirements.

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Technical brief

Essential technical guide to modernizing your cloud contact center with CXsync.

Info sheet

Five9 UC Integration with Microsoft Teams


Webex Contact Center is built for the future of customer experience.


CBTS offers proprietary contact center solutions and sustains partnerships with leading contact center service providers. Our experts can help you craft a more efficient contact center platform for your business that is highly adaptable, scalable, and customizable.

CXsync from CBTS is a cloud self-service CCaaS platform designed with integration in mind. CXsync is a feature-rich, high-value solution that includes voice, digital, and social media integration.

Five9 CCaaS is an enterprise solution to future-proof your contact center with reliable cloud-based tools that deliver consistent, high-quality customer experiences across channels, devices, and locations.

Webex Contact Center is another diverse CCaaS solution that utilizes Cisco infrastructure and features phone, web chat, e-mail, and video conferencing to create rich customer experiences.

Case studies

The Furniture Mart is a top 40 furniture retailer with more than 50 locations, rapidly expanding across the Midwestern United States.

The Furniture Mart wanted to leverage modern technology to optimize the client experience. Additionally, the company found that ensuring clear communication between its corporate headquarters and numerous retail outlets was a challenge.

CBTS solution
CBTS designed the omni-channel system with the customer in mind, enabling them to interface with The Furniture Mart via their preferred communication pathway (e.g., voice, SMS text, chat, or e-mail). CBTS delivered contact center advances through its Five9 CCaaS platform, which combines Five9 software with trusted Cisco UCaaS solutions. The Five9 Blended Contact Center unifies inbound and outbound calling features so users can access multiple applications simultaneously from a single cloud-based platform.

With its new omni-channel environment, The Furniture Mart merged UCaaS and CCaaS into a single solution. These elements working together allow the company to seamlessly pass calls from the contact center to a knowledgeable staff member with expertise in logistics, shipping, scheduling, or any other department. With CBTS solutions in place, the client decreased risk from aging communications infrastructure and reduced costs and maintenance burden. Ultimately, a customer-centric network enables the client to rapidly meet customer demands in a crowded marketplace.

“The outstanding CBTS project management team walked with us throughout the whole process. Their ability to solve our company challenges rose above
just the technical aspect and far exceeded our goals.”

– Erald Gjoni, Chief Information Officer, The Furniture Mart

Aligning CCaaS with business objectives

Investing in a CCaaS solution primarily aims to increase sales and revenue, all while delivering exceptional customer service. Consumers today expect contact centers to deliver extraordinary experiences with every interaction, but that becomes more challenging as communication technologies rapidly evolve. A streamlined platform enables service with more flexibility, functionality, and consistency—ultimately boosting agent productivity and customer satisfaction. In addition, flexible pricing options provide better expense control, leading to long-term financial gains.

Modern cloud contact centers can provide organizations the data needed to understand business performance and make informed decisions.


Top 5 questions

How does CCaaS work?

By leveraging CCaaS, businesses can efficiently manage their contact center operations, provide seamless customer experiences, and benefit from the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of cloud technology.

What's the difference between CCaaS and UCaaS?

CCaaS focuses on external communication, prioritizing customer experience and support. UCaaS focuses on internal communication and collaboration between team members.

What if my company still uses a traditional telephony system?

CBTS can help you integrate your PBX phone system with cloud calling or transition to a cloud-based VoIP solution.

Can I integrate my CCaaS solution with my UCaaS platform?

Merging UCaaS and CCaaS streamlines communications and offers a customizable toolset well-suited to meet each company’s specific needs. More than ever, companies need fast, reliable, and efficient communication systems to stay competitive.

Which CCaaS service is right for my business?

CBTS experts will assess your business needs and requirements to determine a custom CCaaS solution that will create a seamless customer experience for you and your clients.

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Talk to one of our experts today to see how we can help your organization start creating seamless customer experiences.