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Building a modern IT infrastructure

In the race towards digital transformation, there’s a strong desire for quick changes to support uninterrupted growth. However, many IT leaders are grappling with challenges such as legacy technology that impedes transformational projects as they reshape their infrastructure to navigate today’s digital economy.

IT infrastructure components are the foundation that supports critical business operations and are essential to keep an organization moving forward. This integration ensures that all aspects of a business’s infrastructure work harmoniously to support its operations while meeting employee and customer needs.

At CBTS, our infrastructure solutions are tailored to your organizational goals.

Leveraging modern IT infrastructure components

Outdated technology, obsolete processes, and fragile workflows hinder organizations from reaching their desired future state. Businesses can attain increased efficiency, scalability, security, and flexibility by leveraging the right IT infrastructure partner.

CBTS engineers can maintain a unified view of our clients’ entire IT inventory, including updated information and the status of essential infrastructure. Discover how we can help you create a secure infrastructure environment with a smaller footprint and provide more compute power to meet the demands of your applications and workloads.

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What are the core components of an IT infrastructure?

At their core, IT infrastructure components include networks, servers, data storage, firewalls, hardware components, software applications, and connectivity. Each serves a specific function, forming an integrated and highly functional operational ecosystem.

This ecosystem of technology components—hardware, software, and networking—must work at maximum capacity and harmoniously to support its operations.


Benefits of a modern infrastructure

Create an optimized foundation for IT infrastructure

Accelerate the delivery of scalable, agile systems to enable digital transformation.

Increased uptime

Perform predictive maintenance that ensures faster resolution for outages.  

Improved collaboration

Better collaboration enhances teamwork and innovation.

Boost productivity

Easier and quicker access to data for all employees anytime, anywhere.

Better decision-making

Access real-time analytics and insights to empower business decisions.

Enhanced security

Protect data and systems from cyber threats and malicious activity.


Cost reduction

The optimal design of IT infrastructure components reduces downtime and maintenance costs.



CBTS hold proficiencies in a diverse range of technologies. Coupled with our strong technical expertise and industry intellect, our collective knowledge allows us to tailor custom solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

CBTS leverages its partnerships with industry leaders to offer a strategic approach that minimizes risks while creating a phased architectural roadmap, managing implementation, and providing end-to-end monitoring and management support for your entire infrastructure, regardless of location.

“A resilient IT infrastructure is a powerful ally and ensures our clients reach their goals in today’s digital landscape where efficiency and reliability matter most.”

– Michelle DeLuca, Regional Director – Business Alliances



CBTS IT infrastructure management

Managing your data center infrastructure requires expertise and experience.

CBTS technical experts have experience managing information technology infrastructure, from conventional systems to the latest digital solutions. Our proficiency in managing complex IT components and building robust infrastructures helps enterprises retire legacy systems and foster innovative change.

Create a roadmap

Our team will review and document your current infrastructure environments and recommend a roadmap to transform your operational performance.

Expertly guided projects

Leverage agnostic hardware, software, and network expertise to effectively guide projects from strategy to implementation.


Modernize your infrastructure

We help you modernize your IT infrastructure by migrating legacy technologies to the latest hardware and software.


Manage your environment

Certified and highly trained technical engineers monitor and manage the environment 24×7, freeing your IT staff to focus on other mission-critical projects.


At CBTS, infrastructure security includes monitoring and management of patching, firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, alerts/escalation and encryption technologies to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats.

Aligning IT infrastructure with business objectives

Intelligent infrastructure, defined by automated software, enables swift execution in the market by offering a more cost-effective and easily deployable solution in the Cloud. Optimizing infrastructure for the Cloud enhances business access to increased innovation and agility.


of IT decision-makers ranked aligning IT performance and investment initiatives to strategic business objectives and outcomes as a high or critical priority.



Top 5 questions

What are IT infrastructure components?

Components include servers, storage devices, networking equipment, operating systems, databases, and software applications.

How does IT infrastructure support innovation?

By leveraging the right IT infrastructure components, organizations can achieve greater efficiency, scalability, security, and flexibility.

What are the challenges associated with IT infrastructure?

Common challenges include ensuring components are up-to-date, maintaining security and compliance standards, and managing the cost of hardware and software upgrades.

What are some best practices for managing IT infrastructure?

Regularly monitor and test components; implement security measures such as patching, firewalls, and encryption; and deploy a disaster recovery plan in case of system failures or data breaches.

How are IT infrastructure components managed?

IT infrastructure is typically managed by professionals with deep industry experience across a myriad of technologies. CBTS is a managed service provider offering managed infrastructure services for companies with limited internal IT resources or those looking to share the burden of risk with a trusted partner.

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