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Outcome-based assessments for application modernization

What is app development consulting?

What is app development consulting?


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Drive innovation and business outcomes together

As the number of mobile app users continues to rise and engagement levels increase, it’s become crucial for businesses to modernize their applications to compete. However, developing an app from scratch demands meticulous planning and strategic thinking to drive impactful business outcomes.

CBTS application development consulting and assessment services provides your team with a roadmap to transform your legacy applications to a modernized cloud native software architecture.

CBTS transforms Muhammad Ali Center with interactive visitor exhibits.

Pivoting to the future

The good news is rather than retiring an entire library of applications, application modernization extends the lifespan of current applications and helps you take advantage of the latest innovations.

Our consultants start with an assessment and work with you to identify areas where modernization is needed. Then we develop a roadmap to improve efficiency, security, and performance based on your business objectives. The goal is to modernize and integrate existing applications seamlessly into your environment while pivoting to meet current and future business needs.

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What is application development consulting?

The primary goal of an application development consultant is to enhance outcomes, elevate the planning process, and eliminate any potential bottlenecks before proceeding with the execution phase. 

CBTS consultants utilize a holistic approach when advising organizations, with an understanding that success depends on having a custom mix of interconnected applications, platforms, and operations that deliver a competitive advantage. This comprehensive process empowers you to expand development and innovation throughout your enterprise.


Enhance planning, remove roadblocks, and gain a competitive edge

The top three reasons to invest in application development consulting:

Start with a well-defined approach

A team of CBTS advisors, architects, and engineers will document and map your current application issues and make recommendations for enhancements.

Gain insights into trends

Consultants are knowledgeable about current trends and transforming beyond industry baselines. 

Create a monetization strategy

Consultants can help plan the monetization and go-to-market strategy to create a competitive edge for your business.


of companies interviewed affirm legacy applications hinder their organization’s digital transformation.



CBTS certified experts work in lockstep with clients to build an application modernization roadmap that meets critical objectives.

Our first step begins by thoroughly assessing your application stack and cloud architecture. Considering security in parallel is essential since modernizing an application without addressing security risks can leave it vulnerable to attack.

Phase I: Discovery
CBTS experts assess the organization’s current state, intended outcomes, and business objectives through client consultations.

Phase II: Strategy
Based on CBTS philosophies, methodologies, and best practices, our consultants custom design the architecture and implement the processes required to achieve desired client outcomes.


  • Application and infrastructure review, documentation and consultation
  • Project planning and management to ensure a smooth transition


  • Cloud strategy recommendations and design
  • Tech stack alignment
  • Resource and skills assignment


  • Customized design and architecture
  • Implementation, migration, and support


  • Applications and APIs are integrated with cloud platform
  • Database configuration and optimization
  • Security planning and testing

The speed of change in the market and the evaporation of talent within an organization is leaving a void in best practices and innovation and keeping organizations from meeting their digital transformation goals.

“Any successful digital transformation journey should always begin with an understanding of where you are today and where you want to go. Not all applications and workloads are designed to run optimally on any platform. CBTS can help guide you on that transformational journey and get it right the first time.”

– Justin Rice, Vice President of Pre-sales


The CBTS model

Our application development consulting services are built on four pillars.

Holistic approach
Success depends on having a personalized mix of interconnected applications, platforms, and operations that deliver a competitive advantage.

Modernized solutions
Incorporating the right mix of future-proof, agile technologies and services is imperative, such as cloud-native development, DevOps, data lakes, containers, automation, and microservices.

Security is always top of mind and addressed throughout each step of every project.

Interoperability is required between systems, software, and applications to share data and produce analytics that drive business decisions. 

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Case studies

In 2005, a non-profit museum and cultural center was established in Louisville, Kentucky, dedicated to the renowned boxer Muhammad Ali. The Muhammad Ali Center spans six floors and 96,750 square feet of interactive exhibits and memorabilia related to this cultural and sports icon.

The museum curators wanted to open a new interactive experience called “Generation Ali” in its main exhibit area to attract new and repeat visitors. However, they needed a partner to help with the concept, development, and execution of the technology components.

CBTS solution
CBTS designed, developed, and executed four separate exhibits as part of the experience, which included:

  • A database-driven description of historical events in Muhammad Ali’s life displayed via a 75″ interactive touchscreen.
  • Five multi-touch display stations with cameras and microphones. Each station enables visitors to create videos answering the question: “What are you fighting for?”
  • Two 32-inch interactive screens feature Ali’s humanitarian awards and the associated videos for each ceremony.
  • Visitors create custom-themed posters of themselves following in Ali’s footsteps and pledging their support to the community using a green screen exhibit equipped with a high-resolution camera.


The immersive exhibit brought to life the accomplishments of Muhammad Ali and helped the museum realize their attendance and visitor experience goals.

Aligning with business objectives

Modern customers demand intuitive, responsive applications with up-to-the-second information. A company’s platforms must be highly secure—following data governance and risk assessment protocols, policies, and procedures—and scalable on demand to optimize operations fully. CBTS is your trusted application partner at each phase, from developing and deploying modern applications to the ongoing management, monitoring, and optimization of app operations.

Discover a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO), faster time to delivery, and enhanced opportunities for innovation.


Top 5 questions

Why invest in application development consulting?

By working with CBTS consulting and advisory services, you can optimize outcomes, streamline the planning process, and address complex obstacles to ensure a smooth delivery.

Will your consultants provide an unbiased opinion?

Our consultants use an agnostic approach to technology and solving business problems. We provide candid, unbiased feedback and prioritize offering direct insights. Our straightforward process has proven vital for tackling challenging issues effectively.

Is it cost effective?

Hiring a dedicated consultant makes you more likely to avoid mistakes that will cost your company time and money for years.

Can a consultant help us build our apps faster?

Our consultants provide valuable experience to help identify bugs, bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities. They prevent you from wasting time troubleshooting and making avoidable mistakes.

Can a consultant help us find ways to increase revenue?

Our consultants can brainstorm app monetization, recommend revenue-generating features, and help manage subscriptions, ensuring effective revenue collection.

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