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The CISO role is a specialized position requiring deep subject knowledge and real-world experience reducing risk for organizations. The shortage of these skilled professionals today creates a high demand for those with the necessary talents, experience, and expertise.

However, by engaging a vCISO (virtual chief information security officer), organizations of all sizes can gain the benefits of an in-house security leader to reduce cybersecurity risk and ensure top-notch information security company-wide.

In this series of Tech Talks, experts discuss top-of-mind challenges facing businesses today

Finding the right CISO to lead your team and protect your enterprise is challenging and time consuming.

Skilled and experienced CISOs are hard to find and expensive, but also a critical role in your organization. Businesses are vulnerable to security risks because they simply cannot find or afford a full time CISO. And because CISOs are in such high demand, once you do find a qualified individual you may not be able to keep them for long.

That’s where a virtual CISO can help. CBTS Virtual CISO services provide access to seasoned security leaders that can help address security challenges and develop customized security programs that reduce risk to your organization. Our vCISOs help businesses of all sizes—in every industry—improve their security posture.

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What is a virtual CISO?

Virtual CISOs are contracted security practitioners who apply their years of cybersecurity experience to help enterprises develop, implement, and manage effective security programs that reduce risk to the organization.

At CBTS, our virtual CISOs are well-versed in the ever-evolving threat landscape and stay informed about the latest security technologies and innovations, like AI-enabled threat hunting. They can join your team for a long-term advisory program or to assist with point projects and specific efforts for as few or many hours as you require.


Benefits of a virtual CISO

Cost-effective security expertise and advisory services

Virtual CISO services can help your organization stay ahead of a changing threat landscape and limit your exposure to threats.

Reduced risk

Identify potential risks and reduce the likelihood of security incidents.

Cost-effective solutions

World-class expertise for less than the cost of a full-time CISO.

Expert guidance

Helping you make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy.

Improved compliance

Stay compliant with changing regulations and security standards.


Access the guidance and consultation you need for exactly as much time as you require.



Scale your security efforts as your business grows.


The average cost savings when your organization uses a virtual CISO instead of employing your own.




With a virtual CISO, you get access to world-class experts focused on improving your security posture, reducing risk, and improving regulatory compliance for less than the cost of a full-time CISO. At CBTS, our vCISOs bring years of experience to your organization, helping you make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy.

A CBTS virtual CISO works with IT leadership and their staff by forming a security governance team, developing a risk management approach and performing risk assessment work, overseeing the development of policies and procedures, and rolling out fundamental practices, including security monitoring, vulnerability management, secure software development, and incident response.

“The role of the vCISO has grown from simply overseeing the rollout and management of a suite of technical controls to a force for cultural change in an organization: overseeing risk management, awareness training, data protection, and regulatory compliance.”

– John Bruggeman, Consulting CISO


CBTS Virtual CISO Services

Leverage expert guidance from seasoned security leaders.

CBTS virtual chief information security officers (vCISOs) are highly experienced professionals who provide risk-based strategic cybersecurity guidance and direction to organizations of all sizes and industries. They bring the leadership required to help implement effective security programs, assess risks, and ensure compliance within relevant regulations.


Identify gaps in your existing security program, and create a plan to reduce your risk and improve your security capabilities that will help you build a world class security program.


Develop a security strategy for your organization tied specifically to your risk priorities, regulatory compliance requirements, and the threat landscape you face.


Apply best practices from globally recognized standards and frameworks to better protect your sensitive data and assets from attacks.


Perform risk management reviews, develop strategies to mitigate risk, execute tabletop incident response simulations, and craft policy and process to mature your security practices into well-oiled machines.

Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a guide, a CBTS security expert can identify gaps in your existing security program and build a three-year plan to improve your capabilities that will help your business develop a comprehensive security program.

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Case studies

The client is a multinational global leader in software and customer communications management solutions and one of the world’s oldest and largest privately-held software companies.

The company needed to build a formal information security program to protect customer data and intellectual property. The company was interested in specific guidance around regulatory requirements and compliance and wanted to perform risk assessments, prioritize security projects, and develop a budget for the upcoming year.

CBTS solution
The company began its virtual CISO project with CBTS to provide security oversight of a cloud transformation project. The vCISO helped with security strategy, budgeting, governance, and compliance planning. The vCISO performed risk assessment and helped develop technical tracking solutions for ongoing risk management.

The guidance of the vCISO resulted in a stronger, more mature security program to help defend the client’s network. It led to a more cost-effective approach to protecting customer data and foundational information security practices that will continue to build the program’s momentum.

Aligning a virtual CISO with your business objectives

Companies need to match their business goals with their security program to succeed in cybersecurity, starting with a risk assessment to determine what threats could impact the company’s operations, finances, and reputation. Once risks are identified, the virtual CISO can create a cybersecurity plan that includes the people, processes, and tools, like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and data encryption, to secure critical business information and systems. The virtual CISO works with leaders to ensure security is integrated into an organization’s DNA.

Because vCISOs can deploy and scale quickly, they enable you to address your security needs almost immediately.



Top 5 questions

What is a virtual CISO?

A vCISO provides high-level security expertise to organizations on a part-time or contract basis.

What services does a virtual CISO offer?

Risk assessments, security program development, incident response planning, vendor management, and security awareness training.

How does a virtual CISO differ from an in-house CISO?

A vCISO can be more cost-effective for smaller organizations. They also bring a fresh perspective and can provide unbiased assessments of your current security.

How does a virtual CISO work with an existing IT team?

A vCISO works with your existing team to identify and mitigate security risks. They give guidance and support to help implement security and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

How does a virtual CISO manage the security of remote workers?

A vCISO can help you develop security policies and practices that address the risks associated with remote work, including secure remote access, VPNs, and multi-factor authentication.

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