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Hybrid and remote work are here to stay

How do you optimize the applications, processes, operations, and infrastructure that make up your enterprise’s digital workplace?

Many enterprise-level businesses already employ cloud office products with built-in conferencing functions. Still, some require an internal collaboration solution that delivers a consistent experience across different platforms. Future-forward companies are turning to consultants for help with modern digital workplace services that boost collaboration and efficiency across the enterprise.

Explore key benefits of modernizing your cloud-based contact center by integrating it with your UC platform such as Microsoft Teams Voice or Webex Calling by Cisco.

Create a digital workplace filled with purpose, direction,  and knowledge

Members of a distributed workforce expect three things: no delays, no downtime, and “always-on” connectivity. It’s not enough for everything to work; it has to work well.

Employees who are responsible for client success require access to technologies that help solve problems quickly and accurately. They also seek reliable security measures and audio and video quality to make their presentations as functional and effective as possible. By partnering with a CBTS digital workplace consultant, you can unlock the features of your existing technology and incorporate new tech thoughtfully.

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What is digital workplace?

A digital workplace is an ecosystem of integrated communication and collaboration technologies that allows remote employees secure access to enterprise grade internal systems. At its core, a digital work environment is the virtual equivalent of a physical office space, where collaboration and work processes happen via digital applications and platforms.

Digital workplace solutions include: Collaboration and meeting tools, Unified Communications as (UCaaS), Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), and networking tools like Network as a Service (NaaS), network security, and SD-WAN.


Benefits of digital workplace services

Foster communication and collaboration.

“The digital workplace enables new, more effective ways of working, raises employee engagement and agility, and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.”
– Gartner

Improved engagement

Better work-life balance improves efficiency and retention rates.

Better productivity

Achieve more in less time through improved data access.

Lower OpEx

Save on travel, real estate, and physical infrastructure costs by embracing modern remote work technologies.

Revenue gains

Companies often see a revenue increase after implementing digital workplace strategies.

Enhanced performance

Track and improve upon core enterprise metrics.

Better UX

Optimized tools help employees engage holistically with customers.


of employees wish their collaboration tools were compatible with one another and find it difficult to collaborate.

Harvard Business Review



CBTS has deep experience in end-to-end solutions to keep your business connected and collaborating—from cloud-based communications and networking delivered as a service to on-premises infrastructures.

Our objective is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of existing systems, which requires an enterprise-wide evaluation. We identify areas for workflow enhancement and pinpoint obstacles. The digital workplace should be centered around eliminating these obstacles and facilitating streamlined job performance and communication.


  • Identify improvement opportunities.
  • Leverage cloud-managed services to automate and delegate day-to-day IT burdens and do more with less.


  • Establish new functionality and security enhancements through automatic updates.
  • Deliver a consistently high-quality experience to your users, clients, and customers to stay competitive.


  • Execute secure application migration
  • Fully prepare your team, empower bring-your-own-device (BYOD) functionality, and give your remote workforce the tools it needs to be effective.


  • Fully or partially managed solutions that offload burden from the IT team so they can focus on innovating.
  • Quarterly service reviews.
  • Knowledge transfer and training.

CBTS combines SD-WAN with network security best practices to implement secure access service edge (SASE), an innovative approach to securing today’s distributed workforce. SASE works by implementing zero-trust network access at every endpoint. This solution means remote workers can safely utilize their needed applications without connecting to centralized data centers.

“We’re redefining what a workplace is. It’s not ‘work from home,’ it’s ‘work from anywhere,’ and thousands of new offices on your network.”

– Neal Marksberry, Director – Product Management


CBTS digital workplace services and consulting solutions

Through our partnerships with numerous industry-leading solution providers, you can expect fast, responsive solutions that increase efficiency and drive better outcomes for each department and the business.

When delivered with the precision and expertise of CBTS engineers, collaboration solutions like Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams Voice can replace many traditional solutions across a spectrum of industries while keeping teams engaged.

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Long-standing strategic partnerships with industry leaders

Case studies

The State is divided into many counties, metropolitan and incorporated cities, including several smaller divisions and statistical areas.

The state wanted to re-evaluate the effectiveness of its current SoI VaaS communication platform. They were already using Microsoft E3/5 and G3/5 licenses and had more than 30,000 computer accounts using Microsoft Teams. However, they were interested in modernizing the legacy SoI VaaS communication platform to Microsoft Teams using Direct Route for PSTN calling.

CBTS solution
CBTS assessed the environment and built a migration roadmap. Healthcare users were kept on the existing SoI VaaS Cisco platform and all other users were moved to Microsoft Teams Voice. After a successful 90-day test where CBTS delivered PSTN voice into the state’s Microsoft Teams environment via Direct Route, the state moved forward with the migration.

The state can now work from any device, from any location, using the Microsoft Teams application. This flexibility has dramatically improved productivity and collaboration among the state’s geographically diverse footprint. In addition, the state has a go-to partner in CBTS to assist with the support of its current dual-platform system.

“CBTS remains one of Cisco’s top partners worldwide and a leading UCaaS provider for retail, healthcare, state and local government, and education (SLED) verticals. CBTS differentiates itself from competitors with its broad expertise and ability to tailor solutions to businesses’ specific needs by employing a highly consultative approach. CBTS is poised for growth due to their commitment to their multiplatform UCaaS portfolio including Cisco Webex Calling and Microsoft Teams Voice.”

Elka Popova, VP and Senior Fellow, Digital Transformation
2021 Frost Radar Report – North American IP Telephony and UCaaS Market

Aligning the digital workplace with business objectives

CBTS provides the certified consultants you need to develop robust, secure architectures, design easy-to-use interfaces, and implement solutions that do just what your people need. With our digital workplace services and support, you can focus on achieving your key business goals.

Digital workplaces foster stronger relationships and a positive culture, resulting in heightened productivity, improved business performance, and increased company loyalty.


Top 5 questions

What is digital workplace consulting?

Digital workplace consultants from CBTS carefully consider how your digital tools work together to create seamless communications and drive outcomes.

What does the workplace of the future look like?

Cloud-native network architecture is rapidly emerging as the answer. Today’s workplace means not just working from home; it means working from anywhere and also thousands of new offices on your network.

Are digital workplace services affordable?

A complete integrated collaboration suite with flexible subscription-based pricing is your best bet for a trustworthy solution with long-term ROI.

What risks do I need to consider?

Your risk expands with today’s hybrid work models—more work locations, connections, devices, communications, and content. To keep up, you need the utmost security and privacy without compromising simplicity and employee efficiency.

Where do we start?

Together, we look at your distributed employee base and how they access the data and applications required to service your clients.

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