Low-Code/No-Code Development

Simplify traditional app and automation development.

What is low-code/no-code development?

What is low-code/no-code development?


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Simplify app development with low-code/no-code

Low-code/no-code application developments are ideal for companies that want to advance their digital transformation but lack coding expertise.

Custom app development can be accessible with natural language authoring allowing almost anyone to develop apps and automation quickly and easily by working side-by-side with AI.

CBTS tech talk: 3 critical goals for application modernization initiatives

Automate your entire application development lifecycle

With the right tools, your team can access secure and intuitive interfaces for creating apps and automating tasks without extensive IT knowledge or investing valuable resources in development.

CBTS is a trusted partner for organizations adopting the Microsoft Power Platform which is the perfect low-code/no-code solution for businesses using Microsoft. Our team of experts guides and trains your staff, empowering them to become citizen developers and working to foster a culture of innovation.

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What is low-code/no-code development?

Low-code enhances productivity for a diverse range of users within an organization. This involves an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for building data pipelines or mobile user interfaces, as well as workflow, integration, and data visualization.

Customization of this experience can be achieved through coding paradigms, which extend the platform using native JavaScript, Java, or proprietary scripting or meta-language capabilities that handle configuration and customization.


Generative AI: Benefits of a low-code/no-code approach

Simplify app development with help from AI.

CBTS uses Microsoft Power Platform and Copilot to streamline app development.

Streamline workflows

Increase productivity and boost customer experiences.

User friendly

Build apps with what-you-see-is-what-you-get style editing.

Citizen developers

Non-IT employees can build apps with little development experience.

Full integration

Power Apps work with the full suite of Microsoft AI and machine-based learning capabilities.

Fewer resources

Departments other than IT can create apps.

AI assist

Copilot lets humans and machines work side by side to build apps.


By 2026, developers outside formal IT departments will account for at least 80% of the user base for low-code development.




We leverage industry-leading application development teams—on a global scale—that have the skills, certifications, and proven experience to enhance app delivery and customized automation workflows.

Our customers access a pool of talent without using valuable internal resources. Our professionals will empower your team with the guidance and training that fosters a culture of innovation. 

“With these tools, even those without extensive technical knowledge can create innovative solutions to complex problems. It’s remarkable how accessible and user-friendly these platforms have become.”

– Chad Stansel, Sr. Strategic Business Consultant


CBTS low-code/no-code solutions

Microsoft-powered solutions tailored to your needs

Our borderless team of application developers and cloud experts will take the time to understand your current environment and your business goals and deliver a turnkey solution with proven outcomes. We provide clients with an end-to-end Microsoft, AWS, or Google cloud experience.


  • CBTS will document your current application and infrastructure environment.
  • We help you plan for Microsoft Power Platform adoption.
  • CBTS will also help analyze existing Microsoft licensing and make recommendations.


  • Create custom apps, automated workflows and custom APIs if pre-built connectors are unavailable.
  • CBTS guides your team to learn tools and best practices.


  • Leverage the power of AI to extract data from documents, simplify data validation, and export data to the storage destination of choice.
  • CBTS can help deploy powerful, secure chatbots to enhance communications and improve efficiency.


  • CBTS will guide your organization through troubleshooting and also resolve unexpected issues.
  • Supplement your IT department with Power Platform experts provided by CBTS.

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Make Power Apps low-code tools part of your business strategy

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Microsoft Power Platform: Professional services


Achieving retail success with Microsoft Power Apps


By partnering with Microsoft, CBTS empowers your staff to build custom apps with little or no code

By partnering with Microsoft, CBTS empowers your staff to build custom apps with little or no code. Our predefined approach to Power Platform development ensures business objectives are met, and governance and security are established to promote adoption, and enable innovation.

Case studies

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First Transit, Inc., now a part of TransDev, is North America’s largest private-sector provider of mobility solutions, moving more than 300 million passengers annually. The company provides consulting, management, and operation for more than 300 locations in 41 states, Puerto Rico, and four Canadian provinces. Its clients include transit authorities, states, municipalities, universities, and private companies.

First Transit needed to generate custom reports to support business objectives without using expensive developers and contractors. The client wanted to empower business users to create apps to access data and reports on demand without involving IT.

CBTS solution
CBTS designed a secure Microsoft Power Platform Framework to make app development easier, ensure governance, and empower “citizen developers.” CBTS established proper controls and a Center of Excellence, allowing no-code/low-code development to obtain data and reports without risking security.

First Transit has the framework, processes, and policies to enable Power Platform application development. Updated security, monitoring, alerts, and automated policies allow the client to drive platform adoption without being restrictive.

Veritiv is a full-service provider of packaging and facility supply products, services, and solutions. Additionally, the company
provides print and publishing products, as well as logistics and supply chain management solutions.

Veritiv had purchase orders coming in from various systems without a standard format. This process led to a manual, inefficient process where employees had to open the purchase order and key in the data from the PDF into the internal system.

CBTS solution
After in-depth client consultations, CBTS developers recommended a new system build with Microsoft Power Apps. Using the AI builder from the Power Platform, CBTS built an automated PO processing system and an AI bot to extract the necessary information from the purchase orders. An extendable and robust self-healing framework ensured the files were distributed to the bot appropriately. The bot would extract the required information and build it into a format their ERP understands, then hand it over to the ERP.

With Power Apps, CBTS was able to complete this project within eight weeks when custom development could have taken 8-12 months. Analytics found the bot had a 96% success rate when filtering data. The remaining 4% are now sent as alerts to the backend team that manages the new system. Because this was an entirely new system and platform, CBTS helped train Veritiv on how the platform works and how to operate it.

CBTS is committed to providing advanced security technologies and managed services to support a low-code/no-code application environment with ongoing 24×7 monitoring and support. 

Aligning low-code/no-code development with your objectives

Low-code/no-code development revolutionizes how businesses create applications, reducing the time and resources needed to develop software. This translates to faster time-to-market, increased productivity, and, ultimately, better business outcomes. Low-code/no-code platforms let non-technical team members create apps themselves, reducing the dependency on IT teams and freeing up resources.


of companies positioned in the top quarter of developer velocity outperform others in the market by 4 or 5 times.



Top 5 questions

What is low-code/no-code app development?

Low-code/no-code app development creates applications without extensive coding knowledge. It uses visual interfaces and drag-and-drop tools to build apps quickly and easily.

How does it differ from traditional app development?

It differs from traditional app development because it requires less coding knowledge and uses visual interfaces and drag-and-drop tools to build apps, making it faster and easier to create custom applications.

Who can benefit from low-code/no-code app development?

Anyone can benefit from low-code/no-code app development, from small business owners to large enterprises. It’s a great way to create custom applications without a dedicated development team.

What are the advantages of low-code/no-code app development?

Advantages include faster time to market, lower development costs, and the ability to create custom applications without extensive coding knowledge.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform makes it easy for businesses and non-technical users to create custom apps for specific business needs, automating manual processes with intuitive workflows and accessing various data sources to make informed business decisions.

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