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If cyber attack and defense is a game of chess, then AI is the queen.

In today’s digital era, business leaders must grasp AI’s role in cybersecurity, understanding its risks, benefits, and ethical considerations. While guarding against AI misuse, it’s vital to acknowledge its potential for enhancing cybersecurity.

The Future of AI in Security

How to access the powerful security benefits of app mod

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Application Modernization


AI and Quantum Computing

Digital Workspace

Speed is the primary reason for modernization.

Businesses are modernizing their applications to increase the speed of driving new functionality to market faster. Most organizations will rely on experienced partners to modernize their applications, either handling the process entirely or leading in-house staff. Prioritizing which applications should be refactored or written to be cloud-native is best achieved through an upfront assessment and roadmap to fully understand data complexities and interdependencies.

Application Services


of CEOs say digital improvements have led to increased revenue.



of companies with digital-first strategies will achieve more business goals than competitors.



of IT leaders place high importance on accelerating application development and modernization to enable innovation.


Reimaging technology investments protects your bottom line.

Proactive security planning enables organizations to pinpoint optimal budget allocation for specific use cases. CEOs must collaborate closely with CSOs and CISOs to strategically allocate security budgets. Organizations should invest more in proactive tools and technology for better vulnerability detection and protection of workers, both in-office and remote.

Enterprise Security


of outperforming companies have a fully integrated digital-physical strategy.



of boards will include at least one member with cybersecurity expertise.



of core business applications will use composable architecture by 2027, requiring a new security paradigm.


A new era of business disruption and innovation

Hybrid systems—combining quantum computers with classical counterparts like supercomputers—hold the potential to operate thousands or even millions of times faster. Hybrid quantum computing promises accelerated processing speeds, enhanced insights into previously insurmountable challenges, and significantly reduces the required energy consumption for quantum computing. As AI harnesses quantum processing capabilities, it will outpace current innovations. By 2030, utility-scale quantum computing will bring transformative capabilities to end users, sparking widespread adoption across diverse industry sectors and resulting in groundbreaking products and market disruptions.



of all start-up investments in quantum technology since 2001 have streamed into the industry in the past two years.

McKinsey & Company


or less of quantum computing jobs will be filled unless significant interventions occur.

McKinsey & Company


is the energy a quantum computer uses compared to a classical computer to perform the same task.


Cutting edge automation is leading innovation for key industries.

Establishing strong customer relationships is more crucial for business success than ever before. Organizations must assist customers with difficulties, whether understanding product choices, completing forms, or navigating websites and applications. It’s crucial to empathize with the customer’s perspective and analyze the insights provided by the data to identify where customers are facing obstacles. Advanced tools are available to predict and meet the ever-growing standards of customers.

Digital Workspace


of organizations expect to compete with each other based on customer experience.



of customer service leaders plan to invest in more AI capabilities over the next two years.



of customers want to shop with companies that can meet their needs in real time.



Forward-thinking innovation

Donatos is a franchise with more than 200 locations in nine states; it is considered to be one of the fastest-growing franchises in the U.S. Looking to build a future-proof franchise supported by a next-generation IT platform, they implemented a hosted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Network as a Service (NaaS), and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution. CBTS provided all required hardware and software for the transition, provides ongoing technical and customer service from one support center, and bills Donatos one monthly fee on a single invoice. Donatos is now able to provide clients with a reliable and consistent quality of experience through the public Internet connections at the individual stores.

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