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Today, with a prominent focus on application modernization, many corporations are migrating their applications from an on-premise data center to the Cloud.

Migrating your critical infrastructure and applications to the Cloud can lead to significant efficiencies. But getting there can be difficult and fraught with risk if you don’t have the experience and skill sets to reduce complexity and security vulnerabilities. 

What is edge computing and how can this trend affect your operation?

Harness the power of the Cloud.

Cloud migration, while enticing for numerous reasons, can also be an overwhelming proposition for most organizations, and success requires extensive planning and extreme precision.

CBTS cloud experts have helped hundreds of organizations securely migrate workloads from one data center or cloud environment to another with as little impact on production as possible, and in a secure and protected manner.

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What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of updating software and legacy applications with new computing approaches, bringing them to the Cloud, and aligning operations more closely with current business needs. 

Innovation is a journey, and there are many ways to reach your destination. The variety of cloud migration services available provides flexibility for all companies wanting to advance. From rehosting on the Cloud to retooling and replacement, no matter which path you choose, the whole premise is to ensure improved functionality and reduced costs.


Benefits of cloud migration services

Cloud-enabled =
Cost savings + agility

The rise of cloud-first strategies is leaving legacy systems behind.

High availability and scalable capacity

Benefit from the best-of-breed technology.

On-demand IT resources and skill sets

Access the resources you require when you need them and at the scale you demand. 

Modernized applications

Transform outdated application languages.

Shorter deployment windows

Experience cloud automation.

Consumption-based monthly OpEx

Eliminate expensive hardware and application licenses.

Security and compliance included

Diminish security and compliance risks.


Over 95% of businesses will use cloud computing by 2025.



Innovations in virtualization, containerization, and dozens more cloud-native technologies make the Cloud an attractive prospect. But if you haven’t migrated on-premises apps before, you can miss out on many of these opportunities. Moreover, the learning curve of a cloud migration can throw an inexperienced team off course and trigger costly delays.

With decades of experience designing, provisioning, optimizing, and managing data centers for enterprise clients, CBTS has deployed thousands of workloads to the Cloud. Our developers have a rich portfolio of cloud-migration projects to their credit, covering every phase of a project—from discovery through implementation.

Detailed discovery and assessment

  • Review the current state and establish strategic business goals
  • Analyze and review cloud adoption framework
  • Identify on-premises applications and IT infrastructure

Build-out planning

  • Establish application migration as a priority for architecture design and project plan
  • Identify critical roles, develop timeline and application migration process and procedures

Migration execution

  • Execute secure application migration
  • Perform all necessary testing of the new environment, including DR

Transition to operations

  • As-built architecture diagrams
  • Dataflow diagrams
  • Tagging standards
  • Monitoring guidelines and alert configurations
  • Automation code library and deployment runbook

Regulatory requirements, security protocols, and data integrity policies have a wide-ranging impact on app migration plans. Our cloud migration services provide the opportunity to identify flaws and harden defenses, ensuring you address each of them effectively.

“Because cost savings is one of the core benefits of migrating to the Cloud, you need to manage your project scope and budget carefully. You can’t afford to let cost overruns undermine the appeal of sending apps to the Cloud.”

– Chris Munoz, Vice President – Technology Infrastructure and Cloud Operations


Our cloud delivery models

Proven strategies for private, public, or hybrid cloud environments

Private cloud

Hybrid cloud
Public cloud

Private cloud

IT infrastructure supports a single organization

Managed with internal resources or by a third-party data center provider

Selected for confidential data and business-critical core systems

Hybrid cloud

IT resources on both private and public clouds

Public cloud for non-mission-critical data and private cloud for proprietary data

Selected for being a proven and popular enterprise cloud strategy

Public cloud

“Pay as you go” billing model in a multitenant environment

Hosted and managed by a cloud service provider

Selected for less confidential data and non-mission critical workloads

CBTS secure cloud migration services

Cloud migration comes down to skills and experience.

Deciding to move on-premises applications to a cloud environment is riddled with complexities—especially at the enterprise level. So, before diving into the details of a cloud migration, ensure you have a well-thought-out plan based on your company’s unique business needs and IT structure.

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Long-standing strategic partnerships with industry leaders

With HPE GreenLake, CBTS can provide ease of startup, flexible pricing models, scalability, and flexible usage for eligible infrastructure (compute, storage, networking, etc.), software, and management services.

By combining our deep industry knowledge, technology skills, and experience with AWS, we can deliver an integrated approach to accelerate our client’s journey to the Cloud.

As a 17-year Microsoft global partner, CBTS leverages the power of Microsoft Modern Workplace, Data and AI, and Azure Cloud to enable business transformation and solve our clients’ most important problems.

As a Google Cloud partner, we collaborate with Google experts worldwide to help our clients transform their businesses with this powerful platform.

Case studies

First Transit, now a part of Transdev, is a leading provider of mobility solutions in North America. It transports over 300 million passengers annually and provides operational support and management for 300+ locations in 41 states, four Canadian provinces, and Puerto Rico, serving transit authorities, states, municipalities, universities, and private companies.

After a series of acquisitions and growth periods, First Transit felt growing pains, with mission-critical applications and business processes becoming overburdened. The organization needed comprehensive modernization efforts, including migrating the entire enterprise’s catalog of services and applications to a cloud platform. 

CBTS solution
CBTS was able to assess First Transit’s entire application portfolio and map out a modernization strategy specifically customized for the client’s goals and requirements—resulting in a multi-cloud data environment built for Microsoft Azure functionality. CBTS designed, modernized, and migrated the applications, which included Windows-based applications and database servers with integration to reporting services in another Azure subscription. 

First Transit fully modernized its application catalog, boosting customer satisfaction while laying the groundwork for future expansions. The First Transit IT team can now install application updates on a virtual machine, which is then accessed seamlessly by the riders on the client’s shuttles, trains, and buses. This process has the added benefit of simplifying application deployment and patch management.

Aligning migration with business objectives

A cloud app migration must square with your company’s mission. You have to ensure the migration advances priorities like improving cash flow or elevating customer service. Moreover, you don’t want it to interfere with essential business processes. You’ll also want to ensure it folds into your overall digital transformation strategy.

Ensure all app tools track the KPIs you need, and that your data is consistent throughout your cloud migration.


Top 5 questions

What is lift and shift?

Application rehosting is often called “lift and shift.” This method allows companies to lift and shift their applications to a cloud platform, hosting them in the Cloud as-is.

How can I reduce downtime during migration?

With thorough planning, you can reduce downtime and make the process seamless for users. Companies should consider relying on the expertise of a migration architect.

What is the biggest challenge for migrating?

One of the biggest challenges is migrating safely. Common cloud security mistakes include unsecured storage containers, poorly set access rights, and a myriad of open ports.

What is the cost of a cloud migration?

Without careful planning, costs can vary widely. Save costs by choosing the right size cloud infrastructure, using reserve instances for stable workloads, and opting for managed services.

Is code refactoring required?

Code refactoring is just one option when migrating. Competitive corporations choose this process to take advantage of containerization and reap all the benefits of the Cloud.

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