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CBTS President and CEO, Jeff Lackey

Jeff Lackey is President and CEO of CBTS. Jeff leads the organization’s growth strategy and its evolution from a traditional infrastructure and managed services company to one of the industry’s leading cloud, communications, and consulting providers.

Jeff Lackey, President and CEO
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Our “Customer First” culture always leads to success for our clients.
– Jeff Lackey

Shannon Mullen
Chief Financial Officer
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Brandon Bowman
Chief Operating Officer
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Brian Brickner
Senior Vice President, U.S. Sales and Global Programs
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Heather Cameron
Vice President and General Counsel
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Al Early
Senior Vice President and Principal Consulting Services
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Paul Khawaja
Senior Vice President, Canada
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Eric Miller
Vice President, Marketing
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Brian Quinn
Senior Vice President, Business and Product Development
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Scott Seger
Senior Vice President, Global Accounts and Business Alliances
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