Eric Miller

Vice President, Marketing

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Eric Miller
Vice President, Marketing

Vice President of Marketing Eric Miller oversees Marketing, Customer Experience, Analyst Relations, and Corporate Communications.

Specific to marketing, Eric leads marketing strategy, branding, and all product promotion. His team plans and executes all digital campaigns, social media, marketing analytics, websites, vendor partner marketing, in-person and virtual client events, trade shows, and conferences.

Eric and his team are also responsible for customer experience, which includes communicating the “voice of the customer” throughout the organization; tracking NPS for both CBTS and OnX Canada; and administering an employee Customer First program, which provides companywide recognition and financial rewards for employees who deliver exceptional customer service.

Analyst Relations also falls under Eric’s purview. This team manages relationships with industry analyst firms, which includes briefing key analysts about CBTS and our position in the markets we serve.

Lastly, Eric oversees Corporate Communications, which includes all companywide employee communications, quarterly all hands meetings, public relations, and the administration of our company intranet site.

Get to know Eric
In his current role since 2017, Eric has held a range of marketing roles over the last 20+ years. Prior to his time in marketing, he spent nearly ten years in sales, product management, and product development. He has spent his entire career in the B2B technology space.

CBTS and our holistic, customer-first approach

By Eric Miller

Trust through a holistic, customer-first approach is one of the most—if not the most—critical pillars in building a business or organization that strives for long-term success. It is why the average tenure of our customer base is 17 years. Through this customer-first approach, we attract and retain customers and build a foundation that helps establish trust and credibility. Over time, trust breeds loyalty and long-term success.

CBTS is a company that truly does care about its customers success.

“At CBTS, creating a customer-first approach begins with genuinely understanding our client’s needs through consultation, surveys, interviews, and data analysis.”


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