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What is Digital Collaboration?

What is digital collaboration?


Our approach

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Modernizing the workforce with digital collaboration tools

The workforce has changed. More of us are working and learning online, connecting virtually, and interacting digitally. To do so, we are using a wide variety of collaboration tools: video conferencing, desktop sharing, instant messaging, and more.

Organizations across all industries are investing in unified solutions to consolidate all these digital collaboration tools into one integrated platform for a seamless user experience. 

CBTS integrates Webex to bring the best digital collaboration tools together securely.

Are your digital collaboration tools flexible enough?

As businesses scale, their complexity increases, requiring enhanced collaboration among stakeholders. Selecting the most suitable digital collaboration tools is crucial for optimal performance. Prioritize evaluating your specific needs, considering functionality and team requirements to ensure you invest in a solution that best fits your business.

When delivered with the precision and expertise of CBTS engineers, collaboration solutions like Webex and Microsoft Teams can replace many traditional conferencing methods across a spectrum of industries while keeping your employees engaged. 

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What is digital collaboration?

Digital collaboration enables users to work together remotely using modern technology to plan, carry out, track, and communicate about their work. Digital collaboration allows users to work seamlessly together from anywhere on any device, all while delivering crystal-clear audio and video.

By blending digital communication tools with modern business applications, corporations discover their people work together more efficiently, improving business performance.


Benefits of digital collaboration

Better collaboration =
greater efficiency

Improving collaboration is an investment in productivity and culture.


Innovative security features will encrypt meetings and utilize machine learning.

Optimized for hybrid environments

Agents and employees can connect from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

Streamlined operations

Streamline internal and external communication through a single application.

File sharing

Securely share files or whiteboards.

Seamless integration

Integrate hundreds of SaaS and communications solutions.

Crystal clear quality

Enjoy HD video, crisp audio, and screen sharing on any size screen.


of employees with access to effective collaborative management tools are more likely to see themselves as content in the workplace.



CBTS experts will assess your existing operations to determine the best collaboration tools to meet your unique business needs. From there, we can help you streamline and eliminate redundant costs.

Our engineers can design and build innovative meeting spaces with next-generation features like powerful cameras that deliver an intelligent 120-degree field of view, high-definition microphones and speakers, and automatic noise suppression.

Plus, interoperability with any cloud-based video conferencing provider allows users to leverage the same sleek functionality whether they’re joining Webex conferences, Zoom meetings, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or any other platform.


CBTS runs an initial assessment to determine the best technology, platforms, and approaches to apply to your unique business needs. Our project managers then guide your team through each phase of the process.


Certified CBTS engineers design and build custom solutions to support your business goals in the long and short term.


The solutions are fully deployed and fine-tuned in the context of business operations.


Whether transitioning to tech support or fully managed services, CBTS continues to be your partner in lasting success.

CBTS works to build security, trust, and transparency into the digital collaboration tools that successful businesses rely on to seamlessly connect with valuable clients and prospects. 

“For some companies, it really wasn’t until recently that they discovered the full potential of hosting their voice in the Cloud and coupling that with a mobile phone. It’s been our duty to inform customers of their work-from-home capabilities that they have and get them using the tools they didn’t know they already had.”

– Tony King, Vice President & Principal – Communications Practice


CBTS collaboration and meeting solutions

Digital collaboration tools require security and efficiency.

Successful businesses must now rely on digital platforms and video conferencing to connect with valuable clients, prospects, and partners. CBTS delivers solutions that permit secure and efficient video conferencing. Companies deploying these solutions can gain significant advantages including collaboration on a more personal level. 

Secure software solutions for endpoint management, secure VPN, multi-factor authentication, and cloud security.

Interoperability with any cloud-service video conferencing providers, including Microsoft Teams, Webex Calling, and Zoom.

Powerful cameras that deliver intelligent 120-degree field of view, high-definition microphones and speakers, and automatic noise suppression.

Enhanced presentation experiences with dual content sources, wireless sharing, and 4K resolution.

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CBTS has the certifications and expertise to design and implement high-end cloud frameworks for both Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams.

CBTS is a Cisco Gold Integrator and Provider and carries Cisco Master and Advanced specializations in several product categories. With over 260 Cisco certifications, we’ve relied on our breadth and depth of expertise and experience to deliver customized solutions to our thousands of Cisco customers for more than 30 years.

As a 17-year Microsoft global partner, CBTS leverages the power of Microsoft Modern Workplace, Data and AI, and Azure Cloud to enable business transformation and solve our clients’ most important problems.

Case studies

Our client is a U.S. based gas station and convenience store chain with several thousand locations throughout 32 states.

Our client was recently divested from its parent company and needed more IT resources to unravel its complex IT environment without disrupting day-to-day operations. Of primary importance was for the new company to establish a separate Microsoft 365 environment and migrate its employees to its own Microsoft tenant environment.

CBTS solution
CBTS performed a series of workshops to understand the client’s current IT environment, their divestiture plans, and how they planned to operate post-separation. Our experts then designed a roadmap for the company to develop a new Microsoft 365 tenant, including e-mail, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Security. CBTS executed the roadmap by migrating over 2,500 users and all accompanying data into the newly established Microsoft 365 tenant. Additionally, the team also assisted in building and training the client’s post-divestiture IT team to support the ongoing environment.

Our client completed its divestiture timeline with minimal disruption to daily operations. Additionally, they chose CBTS to continue as its primary IT partner.

Digital collaboration tools improve business outcomes.

Enabling seamless, secure communications among remote workers is essential, but providing clients and prospects with a platform for interaction beyond traditional meeting spaces is equally crucial. Offering an enhanced collaboration experience not only establishes credibility but also demonstrates professionalism.

In pursuing cost management, business leaders recognize the cost-saving potential of remote collaboration tools. Virtual meetings can reduce travel expenses and result in substantial savings on office space, as face-to-face communication no longer necessitates physical presence.


of business leaders have deferred on-premises technology spending, with many issuing work-from-home equipment instead.


Top 5 questions

Why do I need hosted collaboration services?

Hosted collaboration services provide various communication tools—such as instant messaging, voice and video calls, and file sharing—allowing team members to communicate and collaborate effectively regardless of their physical location. These services promote seamless, secure communication and enable faster decision-making and problem-solving.

What is the difference between digital collaboration and UCaaS?

Digital collaboration is the practice of people working together online, using digital devices and technology. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a managed cloud delivery model that offers a variety of communication and collaboration applications, platforms, and services.

Which collaboration platform should I use?

Each business has its unique communication needs. CBTS experts will assess your current environment to determine which portfolio of digital collaboration tools is ideal for your company.

What if I'm already using Webex, Microsoft Teams, or both?

CBTS can help you streamline your services and ensure that your system is optimized to best suit the communications needs of your employees and customers.

How do digital collaboration tools increase productivity?

Collaborative environments enhance employees’ learning, problem-solving, and creative thinking, boosting the organization’s adaptability in a dynamic market.

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