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Ensuring continuity and security for sensitive data

In today’s world, organizations generate and store an overwhelming amount of data on a daily basis. This data is often sensitive and requires protection to prevent revenue loss.

Protecting your confidential data from compromise is our top priority. CBTS offers a managed data protection program that ensures your information is stored or replicated in a secondary location with tested and proven recovery capabilities. Avoid compromise from ransomware and other malicious threats with customized recovery solutions tailored specifically for your RTO/RPO targets. 

Top 10 pitfalls to avoid when re-inventing your disaster recovery program

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Backup and DR solutions for advanced protection and recovery

Does your team have the experience to protect your business in the face of a crisis? Backup and DR solutions from CBTS are customized to meet your availability targets for the top-tier applications and infrastructure that power your business.

We consult with your team to help identify the most critical components of your infrastructure, document recovery/replication strategies that are tested annually with outcomes that are proven to work.

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What are backup and disaster recovery services?

If your data is compromised, you put your brand reputation on the line and risk losing the confidence of your customers, investors, and employees. 

A managed data protection solution from CBTS includes offsite backup and disaster recovery replication capabilities that leverage advanced intelligence capabilities.


Benefits of backup and disaster recovery

End-to-end data protection solutions that are tested and proven to work. 

CBTS provides fully managed backup programs and recovery services.

Peace of mind

Backed up data gives you a sense of security.


A plan helps you stay in compliance with industry regulations.

Eliminate downtime

Reduce costly interruptions to the data, applications, and infrastructure that power your bottom line. 

Faster recovery

Recover quicky in the face of a disaster with replication of data to a secondary site.

Data-loss protection

Protect against data loss due to hardware failures, malware, or user error.

Customer confidence

Let your customers know their data is safe with you.


Average duration of downtime after a ransomware attack




We have decades of experience helping enterprise organizations map their existing applications and infrastructure dependencies. Work with a managed backup and recovery partner that takes the time to customize a strategy that works for your unique business. 

Not all recovery solutions are created equal. Many providers will sell you the hardware technology but leave the recovery completely up to you. At CBTS, our recovery solutions are fully managed, tested, documented, and measured for success. 

“The level to which your organization protects itself from a technology disaster is a matter of risk assessment and planned preparedness: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

– Brian Gregg, Practice Principal CBTS APO


CBTS backup and recovery model

Creating a data protection plan catered to your needs

Onsite disaster recovery solutions require significant investment and expensive idle storage space. With DRaaS, you only pay for what you use and quickly and efficiently increase as needed. CBTS assigns an experienced, dedicated team to oversee your recovery solutions and rapidly respond in the event of a problem. Unlike in-house DR, in the case of a natural disaster, you can access your data to work from another location seamlessly.

Risk analysis and review

Begin with a thorough assessment of existing infrastructure, services, workflows, business objectives, and other aspects of your enterprise.

Strategy and solutions

Customized data backup strategy assessments that help map out your current topology and create a roadmap to meet your protection strategies.

Execute and control

Build and launch a robust program designed to fulfill optimal recovery point and time objectives (RPO/RTO).

Program management

Annual testing to ensure a successful recovery every time and provide ongoing support of the full environment so your IT staff can focus on running your data ecosystem.

Backup and disaster recovery services can address regulatory requirements, security protocols, and data integrity policies. Our backup and recovery services can allow you to identify flaws and harden defenses, ensuring you address each of them effectively.

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Data protection and managed backup for secure cloud organizations

Case studies

The client was a global aerospace supplier with 35,000 employees and over 100 sites around the world.

The client’s existing IBM Power 7 technology was underperforming. It required diagnostics, a robust disaster recovery plan, and upgraded core infrastructure updates.

CBTS solution
The company’s long-term relationship with CBTS meant it had access to certified experts to help diagnose its Power 7 performance issues while developing a thorough, effective disaster recovery plan. CBTS provided an onsite infrastructure assessment to diagnose the performance issues.

The global aerospace supplier now enjoys the latest generation of IBM Power 8 technology, which expands its ability to tap the potential of big data and business intelligence. With a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, company leaders know unexpected events won’t impact their ability to operate effectively.

Backup and disaster recovery aligned with your business objectives

Align IT disaster recovery with business continuity by identifying critical business processes and applications in order to sustain operations smoothly in the face of disruptions. As businesses leaning more on data, IT disruptions are pricier. Downtime leads to idle staff, production halts, and revenue dip, with potential million-dollar impact.


estimated cost of unplanned downtime per minute



Top 5 questions

What are backup and disaster recovery services?

They are tools and processes designed to protect data and applications in the event of a natural disaster, cyber attack, or hardware failure.

Why do I need backup and disaster recovery services?

These services protect your business from data loss and downtime. Without these services, a disaster could result in permanent data loss, extended downtime, and financial loss.

What types of data can be backed up and recovered?

Backup and disaster recovery services protect a wide range of data, including files, databases, applications, and virtual machines.

How often should I back up my data?

Typically, backups happen incrementally daily, but critical systems may require more frequent replication. You should also have multiple copies of your data in an offsite location that serves as secondary recovery.

How quickly can I recover my data after a disaster?

Recovery time depends on many factors, including the amount of data lost, the type of backup solution used, and the complexity of your IT ecosystem. However, with the proper safeguards, you can minimize downtime and get back to business as quickly as possible.

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