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Keeping up with the complexities of cybersecurity

We have reached a critical juncture in the threat topology where the complexity and rapid evolution of cybersecurity have surpassed the ability of most organizations to manage it effectively.

Cybersecurity is a complex domain requiring specialized skills and advanced IT security services. To make matters worse, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high. As a result, organizations of all sizes face immense challenges in keeping up with cyber threats.

What is top of mind for today’s CISOs?

Advanced IT security requires specialists, not generalists

The constant demand for transformation and the rapid increase in cyber crime often necessitates the involvement of external consulting teams or specialists to bridge skill gaps, tackle specific tasks, or contribute to organizational deliverables.

CBTS security experts bring the experience needed to help your organization manage risk, implement controls, and develop customized security strategies that help maximize your return on investment.

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What is cybersecurity consulting?

Security consulting involves proactively identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in an organization’s technology ecosystem. This service is crucial to effectively manage corporate cyber risk and minimize the potential impact of cyber attacks. Risk assessments employ a combination of automated vulnerability scanning and manual penetration testing to pinpoint the most significant security risks to the organization.

CBTS cybersecurity consultants are experienced, highly specialized IT analysts that help identify problems, evaluate security issues, assess risk, and implement IT security services and solutions that prevent and reduce attacks. They have a deep understanding of complex security systems and craft layers of protection that can limit your cybersecurity risks.


CBTS security services and assessments

Personalized IT security services to protect your organization

Customized strategies to manage risk and maximize your return on investment

Virtual CISOs

CISO services that are tailored to businesses of all sizes.

Regulatory compliance

Experts help develop a path to compliance that exceeds requirements.

Risk management and governance

Strategic planning secures your innovation, transformation, and growth.

Vulnerability and patch management

Keep systems up to date and secure in real time.

Cloud security

Ensure best practices when moving to the Cloud.


Application development

Consultants with expertise to help you design a robust digital architecture.

Security consulting services

Identify risks and implement processes to safeguard your business.


Digital forensics and incident response

Help investigate and contain suspicious activity on networks.


increase in the number of security vulnerabilities discovered in the last five years.

McKinsey & Company



CBTS IT security consulting helps you develop strategies explicitly tied to your risk priorities, regulatory compliance requirements, and the threat horizon that you face. We guide you through adopting best practices from national and global standards to protect your data and assets.

We also perform risk management reviews, create strategies to mitigate risk, execute incident response simulations, and craft policies and processes to mature your security practices into well-oiled machines.

Security assessments

Identify gaps in practices, policies, controls, and the security stack that put you at risk.

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Application security development and testing
  • Security program and architecture review
  • Virtual CISO
  • Risk management, compliance, and governance

Security technologies

Provide impartial, standards-based guidance to improve the security program.

  • Application security
  • Network security
  • Endpoint and mobile device security
  • Data security
  • Vulnerability management
  • Authentication
  • Encryption

Security services

Craft a strategy to augment the security program’s capabilities.

  • Threat detection and response
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • E-mail
  • Firewall
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Endpoint protection
  • Multi-factor authentication

Cloud security management

Implement operational practices and oversight to provide ongoing assistance.

  • Monitoring and management for AWS and Azure
  • Analytics and threat intelligence
  • Cloud networking security
  • Cloud security posture management

We provide enterprise-class monitoring for mission-critical applications and essential components of the NIST 800-53 framework.

“Being a steward of security for an enterprise, the standard you hold yourself to is not ‘I’ve come in and fixed everything in three months.’ It’s year-over-year, slow and steady progress.”

– Ryan Hamrick, Manager – Security Consulting & Professional Services 


CBTS IT security services

Implement the right strategy to reduce your cybersecurity risks.

Our certified experts provide a wealth of knowledge around best-of-breed security, bringing experience from working with thousands of customers, each with specific needs. In addition, a CBTS Virtual CISO can help you establish a security governance team, develop policies and procedures, and implement essential security practices.

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Is your approach to security actually protecting you today?

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Patch management as a service for your cloud and on-premises environment.

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Penetration testing helps you stay one step ahead to protect your business

Case studies

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This nationally recognized private University offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. It has an undergraduate enrollment of about 4,500 students and a graduate enrollment of more than 2,000.

The University’s Internet-facing presence serves visitors, students, faculty, and staff. Due to a data breach, its leadership prioritized concerns of losing financial and personal information, research, and public confidence. Mitigation is the responsibility of the security program. The team also covers compliance with federal regulations such as FERPA.

CBTS solution
CBTS collaborated with the University to design an extensive security evaluation, resulting in a roadmap containing a list of recommended initiatives prioritized to enhance the organization’s security stance in the upcoming years. The University pledged to implement as many of these recommendations as feasible within three years.

CBTS assessed the University’s security program and architecture, discovered gaps, and provided new recommendations for the next growth phase.

It has been three years since the University has expanded its capabilities and developed a plan for further growth. The protection of students, faculty, staff, computing assets, and data has significantly improved. Risk is more effectively managed. The University’s CIO and their leadership and trustees can rest easier knowing the security program is mature and functioning well.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, this regional healthcare system (RHS) is comprised of hospitals, physicians, and specialist offices and serves the community through quality care and cutting-edge research.

The RHS protects several categories of sensitive data, including medical records, financial information, and employee data. In a modern threat landscape where attackers seek each of these, understanding and addressing their network’s weaknesses is a high-priority mission.

CBTS solution
Working with the RHS’s security team, CBTS security consultants designed a multi-phase penetration test. The goal was to simulate actual attacks using tools, methodologies, and targets that attackers would use. Consultants reviewed vulnerabilities that were discovered and all sensitive data obtained. Vulnerabilities were documented and prioritized by severity, priority, and difficulty. CBTS developed mitigation strategies and remediation recommendations for each vulnerability.

CBTS presented its findings to the RHS’s security and IT teams. Based on the results, the RHS prioritized security projects and planned to improve mission-critical processes and deploy additional security controls and defenses in crucial areas of the network.

The RHS strengthened its security posture to include additional controls and defenses. The client considers their data substantially safer after addressing the findings from the penetration test.

“I will definitely recommend this product to any business owner, especially the startups. It gives you the visibility and flexibility without really worrying about the system. CBTS has taken something that’s always been an issue and made it an advantage for the business owners. Their system is never down, and it has great features. Everything business owners are looking for is there and many more that you will find along the way.”

– Grant Mitchell, Principal Owner, Motus Freight

Aligning IT security services and consulting with business objectives

The business-aligned security approach is a strategic endeavor that prioritizes enabling your business strategy and your core capabilities securely. By shifting the spotlight on business objectives, your organization can reduce its exposure to risks while reaping more significant benefits for its overall operations.

To manage risk effectively, a clear understanding of your organization’s business drivers and security considerations are required.


Top 5 questions

Why invest in IT security consulting?

You greatly benefit by hiring a team of seasoned, expert consultants with vast experience who can protect your systems from both internal and external threats.

What is a risk assessment?

Risk assessments identify and classify security risks for apps/software/networks and recommend appropriate mitigation measures and controls based on priority.

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is a cybersecurity technique organizations use to identify, test, and highlight vulnerabilities in their security posture.

When should a security risk assessment be done?

A security risk assessment isn’t a one-time project. It should be a continuous activity that can provide your organization with current and up-to-date risks to which you are exposed.

How does a security consultant save us money?

The purpose of hiring a security consultant should be two-fold: to save you money with cost-cutting solutions and to prevent attacks that can result in potentially devastating losses.

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