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What is cloud consulting?

What is cloud consulting?


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Cloud is the new normal

Migrating critical applications to the Cloud grants your organization better scalability and flexibility. Deciding what services, infrastructure, and applications to move to the Cloud is challenging, let alone managing the implementation itself.

The challenges underscore the value of a cloud assessment that helps you understand your current IT environment and choose the most prudent options for cloud migration. A cloud assessment lays the foundation for a robust cloud strategy and enables you to match existing workloads with optimal cloud platforms.

CIO’s definitive guide to safely migrating applications to the Cloud

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It’s not easy to optimize your cloud environment

Migrating to the Cloud presents a blizzard of choices. Your cloud transition must be tailored to your organization’s unique application requirements and infrastructure topology. So, how do you launch promptly and minimize disruptions?

When you partner with CBTS for cloud consulting, we learn everything required to successfully migrate your workloads. Our team guides you in prioritizing projects, avoiding pitfalls, and making the most of the shift to a new consumption model.

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What is Cloud consulting?

Cloud consulting is a methodology used to plan, create, manage, optimize, and support various cloud or multi-cloud frameworks. Leading cloud assessment providers have extensive experience analyzing clients’ IT operations and providing direction to meet distinct business objectives.

Every market is different, and every company has unique hurdles to overcome. A top-notch cloud assessment provider considers all these variables from initial assessment to post-implementation support.


Benefits of cloud consulting

Optimized cloud =
Optimized operations

An optimized cloud environment means your organization runs more efficiently with faster deployments and decreased time to market.

Empower developers

Free up your dev team to focus on innovation and mission-critical objectives.

Drive savings

Maximize cost savings by choosing a consumption model that fits your budget.

Optimize operations

Build out cloud frameworks as unique and functional as your company.

Plan integrations

Build out robust, streamlined integration workflows.

Next-gen security

Navigate ever-changing security standards with CBTS expert security professionals.

Increase efficiency

Utilize automation to reduce manual processes.


By 2027, more than 50% of enterprises will use industry cloud platforms to accelerate their business initiatives.



Moving to the Cloud requires a handful of mission-critical decisions, dozens of other important choices, and hundreds of supporting activities to advance your business goals.

A thorough cloud assessment by CBTS will help you make intelligent choices on public cloud options from providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Our team will also outline the advantages of private, public, and hybrid cloud configurations. The assessment provides a framework for successfully implementing cloud technologies and services. We also ensure you understand the financial impact of shifting to the Cloud.


Understand your current environment topology and the existing workload dynamics. Document and assess which are ideal for the public cloud.


Our certified experts make recommendations and design the most cost-effective and efficient cloud environment, including application refactoring.



CBTS engineers and architects will transform your existing applications and infrastructure to be migrated securely and efficiently to the Cloud.


CBTS manages your cloud environment, allowing your developers and operations teams to focus on driving new capabilities and innovation.

The most sophisticated and future-proof cloud environment will only benefit your organization if it is kept safe from scams, phishing, and other intrusions. That’s why it’s critical to seek a global support services provider that weaves security into every layer of your cloud transition and maintenance process while creating a sustainable shared risk model that limits liability for your enterprise.

“Creating a successful roadmap to the Cloud starts with understanding where you are today and what your topology looks like. Not all clouds are created equal and not all workloads are designed to run optimally on any platform. CBTS can help guide you on that transformational journey and get it right the first time.”

– Chris Munoz, Vice President – Technology Infrastructure and Cloud Operations


CBTS cloud consulting solutions

Establishing the right cloud environment for your evolving business.

We work closely with clients to identify their strategic goals. Then together, we develop a roadmap to accomplish objectives through end-to-end design, build, and managed services that include:

Private cloud

Hybrid cloud
Public cloud

Private cloud

• Dedicated cloud infrastructure for your legacy applications.

• Ideal for large, complex application infrastructure that requires ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Hybrid cloud

• Enable a combination of both private and public cloud solutions that intelligently work together.

• Match each workload for its ideal cloud environment based on performance, availability, and maturity of applications.

Public cloud

• Multi-tenant hyperscale cloud environments on AWS, Azure, and Google.

• Fully managed and monitored by CBTS 24x7 with advanced security and automation capabilities.

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CBTS Managed Public Cloud Solutions on AWS


Long-standing strategic partnerships with industry leaders

CBTS has strong partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and HPE GreenLake. These partnerships and our deep roster of certified cloud experts will guide you to an optimum public, private, or hybrid cloud environment.

Amazon Web Service
As an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS with over 85 AWS certifications, CBTS is your trusted partner to ensure your journey to the public cloud is a success. 

Microsoft Azure
CBTS is a Certified Azure Solutions Partner with over 180 accredited individuals, which allows us to provide our customers with an end-to-end Microsoft experience.

Google Cloud Platform
GCP IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS capabilities allow you to build apps quickly, leverage generative AI, and analyze data in seconds, all with high-end security.

HPE GreenLake
With HPE GreenLake, CBTS can provide ease of startup, flexible pricing models, scalability, and flexible usage for eligible infrastructure, software, and management services.

Case studies

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A leading, family-owned greenhouse producer in business for over 60 years and one of North America’s largest greenhouse vegetable companies. 

This greenhouse produce company partnered with a small technology service provider and recognized they needed more help to keep up with growth. The client required a team with more flexibility, better responsiveness, and the breadth of capabilities to meet the demands of their ever-expanding market. 

CBTS solution
The CBTS team listened to the client’s business challenges and presented a plan based on the client’s requests. Additionally, the team introduced the greenhouse producer to CBTS security, communications, and professional services the client had yet to consider. The client recognized that CBTS had the value and expertise to be a trusted partner for all their information technology needs. CBTS presented a plan that included:
• A private, dedicated cloud in a CBTS data center facility.
• Managed offsite data backup.
• Secondary mirrored site for managed disaster recovery.
• Network terminal services.
• Full security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.

From consulting through implementation to ongoing optimization, CBTS managed the transition from a legacy model to a new, efficient, cloud-enabled solution that helped the company achieve its business goals.

Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union serves 9,000 members working for more than 125 companies and organizations near the community along the Delaware River in western New Jersey.

The company needed a single, end-to-end IT provider to implement, manage, and monitor its systems.

CBTS solution
• Migrated IT operations to a secure CBTS cloud environment, including their core processing application running on IBM Power Systems.
• Offsite data backed up to a secondary location to address regulatory requirements.
• Implemented active directory to improve security, data protection, and compliance.
• Enterprise-class backups and antivirus strengthened security posture.
• Network and firewalls provided and managed by CBTS at the data center and branch locations.

Deepwater’s IT staff isn’t tied up patching infrastructure software and managing hardware. Built-in security and compliance solutions address regulatory standards and requirements for protecting data. Switching from CapEx to OpEx reduces costs and gives the credit union a predictable monthly fee. Now, it’s easier for Deepwater to expand into new markets and enroll new members. 

“We’ve worked on implementations of a lot of different services in three years, and this one with CBTS was by far the most professionally done. The project manager was right there on top of things every step of the way and was a great resource throughout.”

Ida Bowen, CEO and President, Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union

A cloud consulting partner invested in your business

Moving IT workloads to the Cloud is a business decision. Sure, you have hundreds of technical wrinkles to iron out, but all that must happen after determining how the Cloud advances your business goals and strategic objectives. CBTS has the expertise to empower your organization at any point during your cloud journey, improving the availability, performance, and scalability of the critical infrastructure and applications that drive your business and power your bottom line.

Cloud success isn’t just about where your organization is today. It’s about where you want to be in the next year, five years, and ten years.


Top 5 questions

What is cloud consulting?

Cloud consulting is a methodology used for migrating, optimizing, and maintaining business processes in cloud environments.

Should I move to the Cloud?

Evaluate if the Cloud is right for you strategically and operationally. If your IT demand varies and high IT costs impede your business growth, consider a scalable cloud option to address these challenges.

What do I need to prepare for the Cloud?

Success usually entails working with a cloud service provider (CSP) that has years of experience. However, one of the biggest considerations is your network bandwidth and whether you need to invest in technologies such as SD-WAN to increase connectivity.

Will I need to hire more IT staff to handle the transition?

A significant advantage of partnering with a cloud service provider is that we take care of the intricacies of your cloud transition, eliminating the need to hire additional staff when migrating to the Cloud.

Is moving to the Cloud cost-effective?

Significant cost savings and efficiencies can be found if you can optimize your applications and infrastructure to become cloud-native with embedded AI and automation.

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