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Drive efficiencies, cost savings, and security in the Cloud

Moving your workloads and applications to the Cloud requires in-depth know-how and experience to avoid increasing complexity and vulnerabilities. 

By outsourcing cloud services, businesses can unlock a multitude of benefits. They can reduce costs while gaining access to better quality services and increased flexibility, enabling them to stay competitive in the ever-changing market.

An estimated 94% of organizations utilize the Cloud in some form. But creating well-architected cloud solutions in addition to clear, integrated, and secure workflows in cloud environments is another story.

In an era where technological advancements drive rapid changes, outsourcing cloud services is a strategic move that enables businesses to leverage the latest innovations in a cost-effective manner. Our certified experts are here to help you at each stage of your cloud journey.


Deep cloud expertise delivered with a personal touch


of IT spending on infrastructure, application software, and business process outsourcing will migrate from traditional solutions to the Cloud by 2024.



in cloud end-user spending in 2023.


of global business leaders will increase investment in cloud-based services.
Google Cloud Brand Pulse Survey

Modern businesses are moving steadily toward cloud adoption and digital maturity. But with so many cloud providers, solutions, and tools, how can you be sure your company is getting the most out of its cloud investments? CBTS is your trusted partner in all things cloud. Our certified experts guide your team through each phase of adoption. Our holistic, proven approach has helped hundreds of clients achieve an optimized and efficient cloud environment.


Our cloud solutions

Cloud consulting

Empower your organization’s journey to the Cloud with expert guidance.

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Managed cloud services

CBTS experts proactively monitor and manage your cloud environments and applications.

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Cloud migration services

Move applications, processes, and operations to the Cloud to achieve streamlined workflows.

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Cloud security solutions

Next-gen cloud security tools incorporating AI and machine learning.

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AWS managed services

Design, build, and migrate your existing environment to AWS.

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Managed Azure

Build, manage, and deploy secure cloud solutions on Azure.
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Your ideas + our expertise = limitless possibilites

Not sure where to start?

Select the option that matches your business priorities.

Improve availability, performance, and scalability of infrastructure.

Simplify your cloud computing environment.

Migrating applications from an on-premises data center to the Cloud.

Establish a robust cloud security architecture and strategy.

Migrate workloads to AWS.

Build, manage, and deploy secure cloud solutions on Azure.

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Cloud Consulting

CBTS can optimize your cloud environment allowing your organization to run more efficiently with faster deployments and less time to market.

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Managed Cloud Services

CBTS can carefully manage your cloud in alignment with your distinct business needs and existing IT capacities.

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Cloud Migration Services

CBTS can migrate workloads from one data center or cloud environment to another with as little impact on production as possible, and in a secure and protected manner.

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Cloud Security Services

CBTS acts as the client’s first line of defense, monitoring the security of mission-critical data.

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AWS Managed Cloud

CBTS uses AWS best practices to ensure performance, availability, and scalability of your workloads on AWS.

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Managed Azure Cloud

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, CBTS can help you optimize your operations. With Azure analytics software, we identify waste and inefficiencies, reducing costs and relieving your IT staff.


The four stages of secure cloud adoption

Whether your infrastructure is on-premises, in a public or private cloud, or a hybrid combination, CBTS has the cloud expertise to design, implement, secure, and manage it all.


Start with a few projects to understand how you can leverage the Cloud to meet a specific business objective.


Whether you lift and shift or refactor, we’ll help you securely move existing IT assets to the Cloud.


Once you’ve gained several benefits from a few projects, we’ll help you change those benefits into insights.


Your transformation to the Cloud is an ever-evolving journey, and CBTS is your trusted advisor along the way.

Moving your data backup and disaster recovery environments to the cloud is smart, safe and demonstrates proactive data protection in action. Our certified CBTS experts will work with your team to ensure your business infrastructure, platforms, data, and critical systems are protected from malicious activity with minimal operational downtime.

“We help customers assess what they have, develop a strategy for where they want to go, and define a roadmap for getting there.”

– Brandon Bowman, Chief Operating Officer


Case studies

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Unilever Federal Credit Union (FCU) is a full-service, single-sponsor, non-profit financial institution. The credit union is member-owned and has a member-elected board of directors.

With their talented but often overtaxed IT staff, Unilever FCU needed an alternative option to deploy and maintain secure network infrastructure, a high-availability production environment, and data protection for backup and disaster recovery.

CBTS solution
CBTS assessed Unilever FCU’s current environment and proposed a fully managed hybrid data center and network solution. CBTS designed a high-availability cloud for production, data protection services for backup and disaster recovery, and managed services for remote network monitoring and management.

Unilever FCU’s continued growth comes from leveraging a due diligence framework and all the supporting documentation as the foundation for addressing credit union compliance and regulatory standards. “With CBTS, the attention to detail really stood out to us,” said Jim Kopfensteiner, CEO of Unilever FCU. “They were able to advise us on many topics, from real-time input during auditor exams to IT information security policies.”

A leading family-owned greenhouse producer in business for over 60 years, this client has become one of North America’s largest greenhouse vegetable companies. 

This greenhouse produce company partnered with a small technology service provider and recognized they needed more help to keep up with growth. The client required a team with more flexibility, better responsiveness, and the breadth of capabilities to meet the demands of their ever-expanding market.

CBTS solution
The CBTS team listened to the business challenges and presented a plan based on the client’s requests. Additionally, the team introduced the greenhouse producer to CBTS security, communications, and professional services the client had yet to consider. The client recognized that CBTS had the value and expertise to be a trusted partner for all their information technology needs. CBTS presented a plan that included:
• A private dedicated cloud in a CBTS data center facility.
• Managed offsite data backup.
• Secondary mirrored site for managed disaster recovery.
• Network terminal services.
• Full security information and event management solutions.

From consulting through implementation to ongoing optimization, CBTS managed the transition from a legacy model to a new, efficient, cloud-enabled solution that helped the company achieve its business goals.

Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union serves 9,000 members working for more than 125 companies and organizations near the community along the Delaware River in western New Jersey. 

The company needed a single, end-to-end IT provider to implement, manage, and monitor its systems.

CBTS solution
CBTS created a holistic solution that included migrating IT operations to a secure CBTS cloud environment, including their core processing application running on IBM Power Systems. Additionally, we created an offsite backup system up to a secondary location to address regulatory requirements and implemented an active directory to improve security, data protection, and compliance. Enterprise-class backups and antivirus-strengthened security posture along with network and firewalls provided and managed by CBTS at the data center and branch locations rounded out our solution.

Deepwater’s IT staff is no longer wasting resources and time patching infrastructure software and managing hardware. Built-in security and compliance solutions address regulatory standards and requirements for protecting data. Switching from CapEx to OpEx reduces costs and gives the credit union a predictable monthly fee. Now, it’s easier for Deepwater to expand into new markets and enroll new members. 


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Top 5 questions

My company already has a hybrid cloud in place. Can CBTS still help?

Yes—with a Well-Architected Framework Review we can help identify areas of improvement leveraging automation and AI, reducing complexity and risk. 

Can our in-house IT staff handle this work?

Probably, but staying ahead of the game is hard. IT staff often need help because resources are stretched and budgets are tight.

How long does a cloud migration take?

Each project is different. We tailor the process based on your company’s unique needs and develop rapid and realistic timelines based on your business objectives.

Is the Cloud secure?

Cloud environments can be more secure than on-prem or legacy environment if you engineer them correctly from the beginning. CBTS security professionals can guide your team through security assessments, recommendations, and implementations. 

Should I move to the Cloud?

Evaluate if the Cloud is right for you strategically and operationally. If your IT demand varies and high IT costs impede your business growth, consider a scalable cloud option to address these challenges.

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