AWS Managed Cloud

AWS managed services creating transformative results

What is AWS Managed Cloud?

What is AWS Manged Cloud?


Our approach

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Make the most of public cloud with well-architected design and certified methodologies

Leading enterprise organizations that have a cloud-first strategy are realizing transformative results in terms of cost, ability to focus on their core business, and empowering developers to integrate and deploy new capabilities continually.

Incorporating AWS managed cloud services from CBTS into your business gives you access to leading experts with in-depth experience on customizing a highly responsive environment. We leverage industry best practices and ensure that security is embedded into every aspect of the design.

CBTS Senior Solutions Architects and a team of AWS Partner Solution Architects discuss the time-saving benefits of Data Lake Kickstarter.

Successfully migrate to AWS with confidence

AWS managed cloud services can be challenging for a business with limited IT resources and expertise

Partnering with CBTS means working with a team of certified AWS engineers and architects who will assess your current environment and offer personalized workload recommendations to ensure your public cloud environment is secure and efficient.

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What is AWS Managed Cloud?

AWS managed cloud services help businesses deploy and manage applications and services without worrying about the underlying hardware and infrastructure. It provides a range of benefits, including cost savings, security, and scalability.

Enterprise organizations can reduce costs, complexity, and risk by leveraging a managed service provider that is accountable for the design, build and ongoing support of your AWS cloud ecosystem. CBTS monitors and manages your workloads while maintaining and updating security measures so that your developers can focus on driving new functionality to market faster.


Benefits of AWS Managed Cloud Services

Cost savings, added
value & security

Scalable cloud services tailored to your business

Cost savings

Shift expenses to a predictable, monthly fee.

Backup and disaster recovery

Disaster recovery as a service ensures your data is protected.


Deploy emerging tools on a rolling basis to future-proof your operations.


Certified security specialists bolster data defense for your enterprise.


Ensure your environment operates at peak efficiency with 24x7x365 rapid support.

Full-spectrum support

Experienced cloud architects and engineers execute your strategic vision.


of companies use cloud technology in some form because, by doing so, they can save money and maximize resources in the hybrid workforce model.


Our approach

CBTS offers AWS managed cloud services to enterprise organizations looking to harness the power of automation and machine learning without taking on the burden of risk all alone. All managed AWS solutions are customized to your unique environment that supports mission-critical applications and infrastructure.

Managed AWS from a trusted partner like CBTS is backed by a robust set of cloud security tools and best practices to ensure your data is protected from compromise or malicious attack. For our customers this equates to improved performance, reliability, and scalability to add more resources on demand, paying for what you consume.

“CBTS is proud to offer AWS managed cloud services, leveraging the convenience and reliability of AWS to provide top-notch solutions to our clients. Our managed services enable clients to focus on their core business while leaving the technical details to us.”

– Chris Munoz – Vice President – Technology Infrastructure and Cloud Operations


Managed AWS cloud powered by CBTS

Cloud services require more than skills and experience

Choosing the right cloud platform for your application workloads is essential to achieving your goals for success. Partnering with a proven technology provider who can help navigate the myriad of cloud service options available will help you modernize and evolve faster.


Perform network analysis, assess business models for workload support, and determine cloud solutions based on application needs with CBTS engineers.


CBTS certified AWS experts create a tailored cloud environment for your organization while our engineers optimize cost-effectiveness by refactoring existing applications.


CBTS engineers transform your legacy infrastructure design and migrate workloads to your new AWS cloud environment in a secure and efficient manner.

Manage and monitor

CBTS offers a fully managed AWS cloud environment that leverages microservices, functions, serverless compute, and containerization.

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Long-standing strategic partnerships with industry leaders

For customers who need stability, flexibility, and security within their cloud environment, CBTS provides cloud service offerings that are custom-built on AWS for each unique situation. CBTS leverages state-of-the-art technology and the true expertise of our engineering team with 85+ AWS certifications to implement new capabilities and empower your IT teams to focus on what they do best.

Case studies

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The client is a U.S.-based firm focusing on specialty glass, ceramics, and related technologies for industrial and scientific use.

The company needed to upgrade its AWS environment to satisfy new networking requirements from geographical expansion. With multiple projects, a tight deadline, and a complex task, the client’s IT team needed additional resources and expertise to ensure a smooth migration to the new design.

CBTS solution
CBTS engineers assessed the client’s IT environment and recommended a complete network overhaul, and AWS managed services. In addition, they suggested using an “infrastructure-as-code” deployment model to achieve an available, reliable cloud environment complete with robust disaster recovery options. CBTS was selected to implement the multi-region networking architecture with built-in redundancies to minimize the impact of service outages. Our team installed a monitoring dashboard that shows an overview of site connectivity and tracks changes to critical network infrastructure. CBTS engineers designed the new architecture using best practices and considered the potential future states of the client’s environment.

The new networking design allows the company to scale its AWS environment with little administrative overhead and near-zero downtime. This setup also provides them with reliable connectivity between the on-premises and cloud-based resources. Should a service interruption occur, both regions can still get data from both locations.

Fischer Homes, a residential home builder, has amassed a portfolio of more than 20,000 quality homes built in 130 neighborhoods across five states.

Fischer Homes used a third-party application that provides material and cost planning for new homes. The client wanted to segment their dependency on the software vendor. It first needed to identify the proper architecture to support this mission-critical application for optimal performance.

CBTS solution
CBTS conducted an on-site audit to identify the root cause of bottlenecks affecting the application’s performance. Based on their review of Fischer Homes’ AWS architecture, CBTS utilized a Well-Architected Framework to establish a roadmap for building a new environment and outlining security best practices. To help Fischer Homes in its digital transformation, CBTS performed a risk assessment and NAT gateway implementation and deployed automated network protection. They also improved performance bottlenecks by configuring Remote Desktop Services to run on a high-availability Windows server in the same VPC subnet as the application.

CBTS provided comprehensive solutions to help Fischer Homes achieve their digital transformation goals. They identified specific risks and implemented mitigation strategies, resulting in increased security and improved performance.

Aligning AWS managed cloud services with business objectives

Embracing cloud solutions empowers businesses to change the way they are consuming IT and deliver new functionality to their clients on a continual basis. Whether you’re starting, expanding, or evolving your existing cloud footprint, working with CBTS ensures your environment is built intelligently and securely.


AWS estimates automated scheduling can cut non-production instance costs by up to 70% during off-hours.



Top 5 questions

What are AWS managed cloud services?

AWS managed cloud services are a suite of support resources from CBTS that provides expert guidance and support for all of your cloud platform environments.

What services are included in a AWS managed cloud?

Managed cloud services include a full suite of monitoring and support services from CBTS that include all microservices supported on AWS, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and many others.

What are the benefits of using AWS managed cloud services?

Increased agility, scalability, and cost savings. These services provide businesses with a fully managed infrastructure so they do not have to worry about managing the underlying hardware and software.

How do AWS managed cloud services differ from others?

AWS managed cloud services are world-class and differ from other traditional hosted data center solutions by providing expert guidance and support along the journey. CBTS will monitor and manage your AWS environment so that you can focus on your strategic competitive advantages.

How much do AWS managed cloud services cost?

The cost is based on the scope of services required to achieve your stated goals. Compute, storage, networking and management costs are scalable and on demand based on consumption.

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