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What are managed cloud services?

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Managed cloud services focused on mission-critical objectives

Many organizations partner with managed cloud service providers to reduce hardware costs and focus their IT energies on core business objectives.

By implementing public and private cloud architectures, organizations gain considerable advantages by tailoring their environments to critical applications and workloads to be cloud native. The best way to go about this transition is to partner with leaders in the field. While selecting a top cloud platform is essential, aligning with a leading technology management team is crucial.

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Never underestimate the complexity of moving to the Cloud

Cloud solutions must be carefully designed, implemented, and managed to meet your distinct business needs and existing IT capacities. Moving existing workloads to the Cloud requires a specific skill set and an eye on security.

That’s why many organizations partner with managed cloud providers like CBTS. We help companies exit the data center business and focus their IT energies on core business objectives. CBTS can provide a dedicated private, multi-tenant, or hybrid infrastructure to achieve your business goals and will monitor and manage it end-to-end.

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What are managed cloud services?

Managed cloud services provide clients with outsourced expertise for partial or entire oversight of their organizations’ cloud or hybrid computing environment.

Engineers and operations experts proactively monitor and manage your technology environments and applications, including:

  • Voice.

  • Compute.

  • Converged infrastructure.

  • Backup and disaster recovery.

  • Network (including Wi-Fi).

  • Security.

  • Private, public, and hybrid cloud.


Benefits of managed cloud services

Options for every enterprise

Carefully managed in alignment with your distinct business needs and existing IT capacities.


24×7  monitoring, alerting, and escalation for mission-critical IT infrastructure, applications, and network devices.


CBTS partners with today’s leading technology companies to optimize your environment with the latest technologies and services.


Certified engineers manage all aspects of your cloud applications and infrastructure.


Automated infrastructure as code and other tools that help you scale on demand. 


Experienced technicians provide fast resolution to incidents.

Cost efficiency

Only pay for what you need with flexible consumption models.


of IT spending on infrastructure, application software, and business process outsourcing will migrate from traditional solutions to the Cloud by 2024.




Enlist CBTS managed cloud services to free up your developers, admins, and IT leaders to focus on innovation, product development, and mission-critical tasks. Our long history of providing managed services for nearly three decades has set the foundation for extending these services to support public cloud environments.

Realize positive outcomes faster by leveraging our certified, tested, proven methodologies and well-architected design principles.


Provide a detailed analysis of existing infrastructure, business models, and other elements to understand your current IT topology and how it supports existing workload dynamics.


CBTS engineers and architects will transform your existing applications and infrastructure to be migrated securely and efficiently to the Cloud.


Experienced technicians resolve incidents quickly with escalation procedures in place to pull in the highest support level quickly.


CBTS manages your cloud environment, allowing your developers and operations teams to focus on driving new capabilities and innovation.

A CBTS managed cloud solution provides cutting-edge architecture, advanced threat protection, and flexible DRaaS implementation.

“One of the biggest risks to implementing a managed cloud solution is getting stuck with one particular vendor. CBTS is vendor agnostic, meaning we align the right cloud platform with the best cloud service providers to suit your business needs.”

– Chris Munoz, Vice President – Technology Infrastructure and Cloud Operations


CBTS Managed Cloud Services

CBTS delivers multiple managed services options based on your technology and business needs.

CBTS can help you realize positive outcomes faster by leveraging our certified, tested, and proven methodologies and well-architected design principles. We know that every organization is on a unique journey to the Cloud. To realize success, we must first understand your current environment and business goals, and then we’ll make recommendations based on workload requirements, maximum efficiency, and budget.

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CBTS Managed Public Cloud Solutions on AWS


Harnessing the capabilities of a managed Azure cloud

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Managed disaster recovery solutions for your cloud


CBTS maintains partnerships with industry-leading cloud service providers to ensure our clients access cutting-edge technologies for their needs.

Amazon Web Service
As an Advanced Consulting Partner with AWS with over 85 AWS certifications, CBTS is your trusted partner to ensure your journey to the public cloud is a success.

Managed Azure Cloud
CBTS certified Azure engineers seek to understand your current environment and make recommendations on which workloads are ideal for Azure cloud.

Google Cloud Platform
GCP IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS capabilities allow you to build apps fast, leverage generative AI, and analyze data in seconds, all with high-end security.

HPE GreenLake
With HPE GreenLake, CBTS can provide ease of startup, flexible pricing models, scalability, and flexible usage for eligible infrastructure, software, and management services.

Case studies

Unilever Federal Credit Union is a full-service, single-sponsor, non-profit financial institution. The credit union is owned by its members and has a member-elected board of directors. For over 70 years, Unilever FCU has provided financial services to its members and continues to grow in assets and services.

With their talented but often overtaxed IT staff, Unilever FCU needed an alternative option to deploy and maintain secure network infrastructure, high availability production environment, and data protection for backup and disaster recovery.

CBTS solution
CBTS assessed Unilever FCU’s environment and proposed a fully managed hybrid data center and network solution. CBTS designed a high-availability cloud for production, data protection services for backup and disaster recovery, and managed services for remote network monitoring and management.

Unilever FCU is well positioned for continued growth. They leveraged a due diligence framework and all the supporting documentation as the foundation for addressing credit union compliance and regulatory standards.

“With CBTS, the attention to detail really stood out to us,” said Jim Kopfensteiner, CEO of Unilever FCU. “They were able to advise us on many topics, from real-time input during auditor exams to IT information security policies.”

Aligning cloud management with business objectives

Fully managed cloud services help your business customize operations and boost efficiency. Additionally, you can gain access to critical decision-making data insights and analytics. These insights help drive innovation that transforms your IT department into a revenue generator.

Cost management is part of cloud management, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively, understand if you’re using what you pay for, and eliminate unnecessary costs.


Top 5 questions

What are managed cloud services?

Managed cloud services wholly or partially support one or all of an organization’s cloud services, including DRaaS, data protection, voice, UCaaS, security, storage, compute, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Why outsource cloud management?

To provide employees access to the latest tools and skills, keep IT focused on business objectives, and bring predictability to costs.

How does it work?

We work with your team to build a collaborative partnership. As the provider, we bring cloud technology, infrastructure, and expertise. As the client, you maintain oversight to ensure the achievement of business objectives.

Will I lose control of critical services?

CBTS provides a truly co-managed flexible experience, meaning clients always have as much access to their data and processes as they require.

How do you find the right managed cloud provider?

Seek out a team with a deep understanding of your business and a willingness to learn more. Choose a forward-thinking managed cloud provider that can identify and prevent issues to avert crises and downtime.

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