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Take the first step toward a future of innovative thinking and doing

Being surrounded by cutting-edge technology, tools and resources enables us to push boundaries, explore new possibilities, and create groundbreaking solutions. The culture of innovation permeates every aspect of our work, encouraging us to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.

Learn to appreciate the value of flexibility and adaptability, as we are empowered to choose the most suitable technologies and solutions for our projects, irrespective of their origins. This approach fosters a dynamic and diverse environment, where we continuously broaden our horizons, expand our knowledge, and embrace the limitless potential of technology.


The CBTS Advantage


Competitive compensation

and benefits packages including medical, dental, vision, and retirement planning.


People are our most valuable assest

and we are invested in helping you achieve your professional goals.


A culture of innovation

continously evolving to support new workforce trends and foster creativity.


Financial stability and growth included

as we expand organically and through acquisitions.


Attracting top industry talent demands exceptional opportunity for growth

Attracting talent means organizations must do some soul-searching. In order to thrive during a period where the industry is experiencing the pains of a wide talent gap, organizations must take a long, hard look at what their employee experience provides and how they value the people who work for them.

Brandon Bowman
Chief Operating Officer

Paul Khawaja
Senior Vice President, Canada

CBTS creates empathy, builds relationships through giving back

Getting involved in charitable and philanthropic efforts not only allow us to illustrate that we are good stewards within the communities where we do business, but it also has the added impact of creating a better workplace for the people who work for us.


What we stand for

Customer first

At our core, we prioritize a customer-first approach, recognizing that trust is the cornerstone of long-term success. Our commitment is to genuinely comprehend our clients’ needs and nurture a culture of unwavering integrity that lays the foundation for building mutual trust.


We look for and attract top industry talent with years of experience delivering meaningful change to enterprise organizations globally.


We are enthusiastic about continuing to grow,  seek out opportunities, and find the space to practice new competencies. By investing in professional development, we display a commitment to our work and an interest in continuing improvement.

Giving back

We believe in making a difference through giving back to the communities in which we live, supporting charities that change lives and provide positive social value.

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