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Leading technology services to fill security gaps specific to your organization and provide protection from cybersecurity threats such as ransomware.

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Managed security solutions for an ever-changing landscape

Technology changes as fast as the threat landscape. So, it’s no surprise to anyone that security threats are becoming more complex and prevalent, requiring businesses to focus on their cyber defense to protect sensitive data and their brand.

In a complex industry, the benefits of doing business with a managed security services provider are extensive. For companies whose core function is not security, maintaining an effective security program requires an overwhelming investment of time, talent, and money. Either way, choosing the right managed security provider to meet your needs is critical.

Real-world experiences, current events, and the most pressing cybersecurity challenges organizations are facing today.

Do not carry the burden of risk on your own

Managed security services providers (MSSPs) enable enterprises to partner with experts who manage security processes remotely, minimizing disruptions to regular business operations. Through constant communication and streamlined reporting, an MSSP can ensure your team stays informed about security issues, audits, and maintenance, allowing your organization to prioritize security governance and protect against loss.

CBTS has some of the best and brightest security professionals in the industry, armed with leading technology to help fill security gaps specific to your organization.

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What are managed security services?

Expert third-party providers, like CBTS, deliver managed security services to oversee and administer a company’s security programs and processes. MSSPs offer these services either on-premises or remotely, often leveraging cloud-based solutions. They provide a comprehensive range of security services, including assessments, infrastructure design, security management, and incident response and remediation.

Managed security services reduces the burden on your in-house IT staff, who may not have the ability to keep pace with a fast-changing threat landscape. Some organizations also hire managed security service providers to conduct audits, perform penetration testing, or respond to and investigate incidents.


Benefits of using a managed security services provider

Advancing your threat detection and response capabilities

Free up technical staff to focus on more strategic IT initiatives.

Expanded security team expertise

Personnel are available 24×7 to monitor your environment and work to help remediate any incidents.


Threat hunting capabilities

Identify and remediate threats that are lurking undetected in your network.

Access to specialized skills

Gain access to cybersecurity professionals with the skill sets your organization requires to avoid loss of data.

Compliance management

Support for your organization’s complex compliance and regulatory requirements.

Lower total cost of ownership

Move to an OpEx model where you pay only for the scale of protection you require.


24x7 threat detection

Take advantage of a mature, effective SOC with highly skilled experts who will ensure your environment is secure and available.


of organizations experienced a jump of 25% or more in cyber threats or alerts since the start of COVID-19.



Why CBTS managed security?

CBTS helps organizations manage risk, implement controls, and develop customized security strategies that help protect against loss of data and revenue. Leverage industry-leading technology with experienced security experts to help fill security gaps specific to your organization and your industry.

We offer a flexible as-a-service model with a predictable monthly fee that can be adopted as part of a managed cloud environment or a stand-alone solution for remote infrastructure in existing data centers or third-party colocation facilities.


By engaging a managed security assessment, the complexities of audit and compliance are greatly removed. CBTS security experts provide required auditing, schedule in-depth reviews, and will help answer questions raised during reviews.

Designed for scalability

Our managed security services are designed to grow with you as your company changes and innovates to meet your business objectives and the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Protection and intelligence

Our security team provides 24×7 best-in-class defense with the latest technology and certified expertise. We become an extension of your team, adding layers of protection and intelligence most organizations struggle to manage on their own.

Managed services

• Managed endpoint protection
• Managed threat detection and response
• Managed multi-factor authentication
• Managed vulnerability scanning
• Managed patch management
• Managed secure backup and disaster recovery

Our security team has designed an essential security services suite (E3S) based on CIS Controls V8 to augment your existing solutions. It provides the baseline needed to secure your data and infrastructure.

“Every day, I witness the critical importance of our multilayered approach to cybersecurity, tailored to each organization’s unique needs. It’s fulfilling to contribute to designing and implementing robust security solutions that provide peace of mind and protect businesses from potential harm.”

– Chris DeBrunner, Director – Security Operations & Compliance


CBTS managed security services

Early detection and faster response

Constant changes in your IT practice and in the threat landscape place excessive pressure on IT staff. Partnering with CBTS gives you access to our security specialists, who can help your organization manage underlying technologies, alert escalation, network monitoring, threat awareness, incident response, compliance reporting, and remediation.

Managed threat detection

24×7 monitoring and triage: notify, advise, and mitigate

Managed O365 security

Security operations services for advanced enterprise protection

Vulnerability and patch management

Exposure and missing patch identification, updates and vulnerability scanning

Managed firewall

Consistent visibility and
policy management

Managed backup and disaster recovery

Secure backup and data replication for fast recovery

Multi-factor authentication

SSO and unified identity policy across all users

Managed endpoint protection

Prevention, detection, visibility, and intelligence for all endpoints

Managed DDoS

Behavioral-based detection, automatic signature creation, and deployment options

Managed secure SD-WAN

Cloud-delivered threat detection to block malicious code

Automate your threat monitoring

Managed threat detection and response provides the intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and response needed to help protect your organization. It also opens up time for your existing IT staff, allowing them to focus on your strategic business outcomes.

  • Reduces the likelihood or impacts of a successful attack.
  • Provides 24×7 visibility across all assets in your organization, with context-aware alerts.
  • Augments human intelligence to achieve greater accuracy and value in your investment.
  • Alert response based on the incident context. Not every threat should be assigned the same value.
  • Give your customers, staff, board, and investors the peace of mind that you have a well-defined and proven security program in place.

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Case studies

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Since 1935, Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union (FCU) has served 9,000 members in western New Jersey.

Deepwater Industries FCU wanted IT to improve the member experience rather than managing infrastructure. The organization needed an end-to-end IT provider for system implementation, management, and monitoring. In addition, the credit union required modern, powerful, and agile technology for growth and compliance to meet the evolving savings and lending needs of its members.

CBTS solution
CBTS equipped the data center and branch locations with managed network devices and firewalls. Disaster recovery IT procedures have been documented and will be exercised annually with participation from Deepwater users. Deepwater is affiliated with Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, which offers an all-inclusive compliance package powered by CBTS cloud and managed service solutions. This partnership allows Deepwater to benefit from Alloya’s compliance expertise and CBTS’ decades of data center experience.

CBTS merged remote monitoring and management services with enterprise-level security services like anti-virus, cyber defense, and disaster recovery to support and integrate a hybrid environment across all locations and technologies.

“We’ve worked on implementations of a lot of different services in three years, and this one with CBTS was by far the most professionally done. The project manager was right there on top of things every step of the way—and was always there as a resource throughout.” – Ida Bowen, CEO and president, Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union.

A large financial institution operates over 1,000 branches and 2,500 ATMs across ten states. It caters to a highly regulated industry and serves a demanding customer base with constantly evolving needs.

The organization had been facing difficulties maintaining its cybersecurity program due to its inability to maintain the required security patching for its network infrastructure. These difficulties were compounded by the fact that some equipment was reaching the end of its life.

CBTS solution
In coordination with the client’s internal IT specialists, extensive fact-finding and planning was conducted, including a comprehensive assessment of the existing networking infrastructure. Our engineers implemented managed patching as a service, focusing on critical network components and vulnerable endpoints. CBTS customized advanced security solutions to fit the unique circumstances of the client’s environment, stakeholders, physical locations, network layout, and other relevant factors. By taking the burden of security patching off the client’s plate, the solution streamlined upkeep and allowed the client to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The client maintained its data center investments and secured mission-critical capabilities with minimal downtime using the security patching program. The client mitigated risk and gained valuable security intelligence. The program allowed the institution to focus on business-centric issues, with CBTS providing program management, engineers, and best practices processes.

The client is a national grocery retailer with over 1,500 stores across Canada, serving over 900 communities and employing over 125,000 people.

A grocery retailer faced realignment after a major acquisition. Additionally, security breaches increased due to inadequate security patch management. They issued an RFP seeking a partner to protect their data and business by providing prompt and accurate patch management for critical infrastructure and applications.

CBTS solution
CBTS conducted an assessment of the client’s environment. Our team proposed a comprehensive solution with a fully managed remote patch management service. This solution involved using IBM BigFix Patch as the underlying platform, providing a defined process for automated patching, administered from a single console, and enabling real-time monitoring and applying updates to devices within and outside of the organization’s network.

The national grocery retailer reported significant improvements and a first-pass patch success rate of more than 98 percent. This solution increased the effectiveness of the patch process and reduced operational costs and patch cycle times to keep endpoints secure. Ultimately, this allowed the retailer to focus on its core business while ensuring its business was properly protected from becoming another headline.

“We’ve worked on implementations of a lot of different services in three years, and this one with CBTS was by far the most professionally done. The project manager was right there on top of things every step of the way—and was always there as a resource throughout.”

– Ida Bowen, CEO and president, Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union

Aligning managed security services with business objectives

Achieving alignment between security and business objectives is a process that demands extensive communication and relationship-building. Security leaders and the C-suite must collaborate closely to understand the business risks comprehensively and establish priorities, goals, and objectives that emphasize the organization’s security. Experienced managed services providers enable enterprises to transform, regain control over their technology infrastructure, and realign their efforts towards achieving measurable outcomes.

Executive sponsorship and C-suite buy-in are essential in creating a culture of diligence and protection.


Top 5 questions

Why does our company need managed security services?

Share the burden and responsibility, monitoring, and protection of your IT infrastructure with a CBTS team of experts and stay ahead of an ever-evolving threat environment.

What are some of the benefits of managed security services?

Regular assessments of your security, 24×7 defense that most companies can’t do independently, and scalable systems that change and grow with your business.

What's included in managed security services?

Access a wide range of security services, including firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-virus software, endpoint protection, data protection, and disaster recovery.

Can my company manage its own IT services?

Our security experts remove day-to-day operational requirements from your staff—allowing you to focus on what you do best—and future-proof your services with a predictable monthly cost.

Why outsource infrastructure management?

In-house data center infrastructure management can absorb your IT resources. Networks constantly change, requiring repetitive updates to remain secure in your first line of defense.

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