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A robust enterprise security program minimizes cybersecurity risk while optimizing compliance protocols

Cybersecurity threats and data compliance standards are constantly evolving. Implementing proactive measures to safeguard systems, networks, and software from digital threats is a never-ending battle.

Malicious cyber attacks that continually target sensitive information seek to compromise data, extort money through ransomware, or disrupt regular business operations. Given the modern threat landscape, an organization without a formal enterprise security program risks breaches, loss of data, and impact to its operations and brand reputation.

Enterprise security should cover not only obvious essentials like firewalls, encryption, phishing, ransomware, and endpoint protection but also the formal incident response processes and protocols to protect your business effectively. Developing a holistic program in-house can prove costly and leave your organization vulnerable to complex and sophisticated threats without the necessary experience and skill sets to counteract them. 

Sharing the burden of these efforts allows you access to highly-skilled technicians without breaking the bank. CBTS can help you keep pace with the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals, changing regulatory environments, and the shift to remote work. We want your enterprise to have a strong, mature security posture that is effective at identifying and mitigating security threats as soon as they occur.


Growing security threats require modern solutions.


increase in the number of security vulnerabilities discovered in the last 5 years. – Embroker


of breaches are financially motivated, 67% are phishing and e-mail compromises, 58% involve personal data, and 27% are ransomware. Verizon


of data breach incidents are caused by employee mistakes. – Stanford University

Untested enterprise security is a risk for your bottom line and customer loyalty. As work becomes increasingly remote and consumers demand to do more business online, it’s important that you employ the latest in security technology solutions. Managed security solutions from CBTS provides the latest in cyber and cloud security optimized to respond to the latest threats and keep your information safe.


Our security solutions

Cloud security

Cloud protection options for enterprise customers.

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Cybersecurity solutions

Solution design, deployment, and support.

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Managed security services

Identify and mitigate risks with managed security.

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Security consulting and assessments

Consulting, assessments, and advisory services.

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Zero trust

A security framework that assumes no trust in any user or device.

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Virtual CISO

On-demand expertise and guidance.

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Select the option that matches your business priorities.

Create a plan with security at the core.

Identify the tools and processes required to safeguard your business.

Proactive, expert services to identify and mitigate risks

Assess vulnerabilities and identify weaknesses.

Make applications Internet-accessible and reduce risk in a zero-trust environment.

Experience and knowledge for your company without the hiring challenges.

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Cloud security

CBTS can ensure your cloud data and infrastructure are safe against sophisticated, malicious threats.

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Cybersecurity solutions

CBTS can determine the right technology to secure your business.

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Managed security services

CBTS can identify and remediate threats while freeing up your staff to focus on business objectives.

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Security services and assessments

CBTS can customize strategies to manage risk and maximize your return on investment.

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Zero trust 

CBTS can build an architecture that improves your security posture and creates a frictionless authentication solution.

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Virtual CISO

CBTS virtual chief information security officers are highly experienced professionals who provide risk-based strategic cybersecurity guidance.



CBTS understands that providing an effective enterprise security program is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Security considerations impact every aspect of a technology ecosystem, and that’s why we begin every security engagement with a detailed assessment of your current environment. Then we tailor a solution that addresses your unique needs and business challenges.


Identify gaps in practices, policies, controls, and the security stack that put our customers’ data and assets at risk​.


Provide objective, standards-based guidance on improving the security program​.


Craft a strategy to augment the security program’s capabilities with best-of-breed technology and services​.


Implement operational practices and oversight to provide ongoing assistance.

Security leaders within an enterprise must be able to build the business case for the CFO that encapsulates the impact to the organization if a significant incident causes a major disruption. Talk to our security experts to help you build your data protection business case.

“Protecting your systems and data is not just a matter of technology—working with the right partner to ensure the protection of your digital assets is just as critical.”

– Greg Samuels, Vice President – Secure Network & Security Services

Case studies

Deepwater Industries Federal Credit Union serves 9,000 members working for more than 125 companies and organizations near the Delaware River in western New Jersey.

The credit union needed modern, enterprise-class IT for growth and compliance. IT staffing and budget were limited, and the CEO wanted IT to focus on improving the member and user experience instead of managing infrastructure. The company also needed a single, end-to-end IT provider to implement, manage, and monitor systems.

CBTS solution
CBTS migrated the client’s IT operations to a secure cloud environment. Our engineers ran an off-site data backup to a secondary location to address regulatory requirements. By adding Active Directory, our team improved security, data protection, and compliance for Deepwater. In addition, remote monitoring and management services were merged with CBTS enterprise-level security services like anti-virus, cyber defense, and disaster recovery.

A monthly fee replaces hardware and software upgrade investments. CBTS Managed IT and Security services now handle infrastructure maintenance, software patching, and hardware operations. By addressing compliance issues, the client has freed up their IT staff to solve business challenges. With a cloud-based architecture, they can scale on demand and remotely monitor and manage on-site networks with a comprehensive solution.


Our highly qualified security professionals are armed with over 200 combined years of experience and over 300 vendor certifications.

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Top 5 questions

Why does our company need managed security services?

Offload the responsibility, monitoring, and protection of your IT infrastructure with a CBTS team of experts and stay ahead of an ever-evolving threat environment.

What are the most common cybersecurity threats?

Denial of service attacks, phishing, ransomware, and the growing threat of AI-managed attacks threaten business and customer data.

Can my company’s IT department handle security?

A piecemeal approach to security puts businesses at risk. Outsourcing some or all of your cybersecurity to certified professionals means better management of the constantly evolving threat landscape, a better understanding of security solutions, and reduced costs for internal IT. 

Why does my company need cloud security?

Protecting your business and critical information from security breaches is a full-time job that requires continuous efforts by certified cybersecurity professionals. Attacks are becoming more complex over time, but as more business migrates to the Cloud, protecting your data becomes more important.

What are the consequences of a cybersecurity breach?

86% of cyber attacks are financially motivated and cost businesses more than money. Breaches can impact reputation and customers’ faith that their data is secure.

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