Infrastructure as a Service

Some applications just can't move to the Cloud

Historically, data gravity, latency, compliance, and application dependency have forced organizations to continue purchasing hardware for their data center. When forced into a hybrid architecture, many organizations are managing very different architectures with disparate tools and APIs.

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Using HPE GreenLake, CBTS has a solution that brings:

  • Cloud speed, flexibility, and economics.
  • Single pane management with advanced analytics.
  • Elimination of costly over-provisioning.
  • On-premises control.
  • Compliance visibility and reporting.
  • Consumption model.
  • Scale up and scale down flexibility.

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The central management tool provides:

  • Granular view of metering.
  • Continuously monitored growth rates for capacity planning.
  • Integration of Azure and AWS subscriptions for detail monitoring, including tagging.
  • Detailed reporting.
  • Insights for cost savings, unusual changes, and underutilization of public storage buckets.

"What are we most commonly hearing from our customers? The need for simplicity, performance, agility, robustness, and security of their IT. All managed with less staff."

Steve Lankard
VP & Principal, Infrastructure Solutions, CBTS

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