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Data management services turn your data into the fuel that drives your business operations.

As technology advances, organizations face overwhelming data challenges, including managing rapid data growth with limited resources, fulfilling information and analytics requests, ensuring compliance and confidentiality, addressing employee requirements, and protection of information securely.

Companies and organizations must lean on experts for data infrastructure management services and modernize their topology to tackle the challenges inherent in this digital explosion.

CBTS brings the Cloud to your apps and data

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Data management for the application era

Your organization’s infrastructure may only be practical for some of the data you’re storing and managing today. Application data management must ensure uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, governance, semantic consistency, and data accountability in a business application or suite.

Valuable insights are derived from data. The effective management and utilization of your company’s data can empower your business and spark innovation. Discover how CBTS professionals can assess your storage environment and design, deploy, and manage the right solution to help you capitalize on your data and unlock your organization’s potential.

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What is data management?

Data management encompasses the practices and policies employed to control, protect, and enhance the value of data assets and information. It involves collecting, storing, organizing, updating, protecting, and utilizing data for analysis or reference. The primary goals of data management programs are to accomplish these tasks efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining data security.

Successful data management systems ensure critical information is reliable, up-to-date, accessible to those who use it, and secure from attacks and leaks.


Benefits of data management services

Reduce risk and complexity.

Leverage the right solution for your organization.


Independent assessments uncover opportunities for optimization aligned with your business outcomes.


Find the proper data management solution that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Assisted transition

Determine the appropriate consumption model and work with certified professionals to implement the perfect solution for your company’s needs.

Certified, experienced architects

Discovery assessment engagements are led by CBTS certified architects and provide recommendations to meet your budget and revenue expectation.

Around-the-clock support

Our highly trained certified engineers monitor and manage the environment 24×7.

Implementation services

Leverage agnostic data management services expertise to guide projects effectively from strategy to implementation.


of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center by 2025.




Our vendor-agnostic experts guide your team through an assessment to evaluate your organization’s current environment. CBTS takes a deep dive into your business objectives and goals to determine the tools and resources that best fit your needs. And our certified architects lead your company from strategy to implementation before shifting to a support role with 24x7x365 monitoring and management.

CBTS has over three decades of industry-leading experience with the ability to demonstrate the latest technologies and execute proof-of-value projects.

Storage assessment

  • Independent assessment to uncover opportunities for data management and optimization.
  • Independently analyze your business requirements and design the proper solution that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Consumption model transition

  • Data architecture is designed with database systems and repositories.
  • Data modules are created to map workflows and the relationships in data sets to organize the information to meet business needs.

Data management services

  • Data is generated, processed, and stored in a database or repository.
  • Data from different transaction systems and additional sources is integrated into a data warehouse or data lake.

Monitor the environment

  • Our highly trained engineers monitor and manage the environment 24×7.
  • Data quality checks are performed to identify errors and inconsistencies.

Data in an enterprise organization often originates from external sources that may lack security measures or compliance with standards and regulations. Instances of improper data retrieval, including attacks and scams, can also occur. Data management systems need regular security checks and updates to ensure data integrity.

“It’s an exciting time for data management. Software-defined storage, such as object storage and HC storage, is quickly being adopted as an alternative to traditional SAN and NAS arrays. The scalability of this technology and capacity to span geographic regions eliminates the need for a like-for-like array at a target site—all translating into greater data accessibility used to analyze and uncover insights that drive successful outcomes.”

-Brian Quinn, Senior Vice President – Business & Product Development


CBTS data management solutions

Data will continue to exist in dispersed environments.

CBTS delivers a wide range of data management solutions, from highly available business-critical applications to dense storage for archiving that can reside on-prem, off-prem, geo-dispersed, or in the Cloud. Our data experts help you select from data management tools such as:

  • Data lakes.
  • Managed databases.
  • Software-defined storage.
  • Managed backup.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service.
  • Patching as a Service.

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CBTS brings the Cloud to your apps and data


Comprehensive Data Protection in the Public Cloud


Efficiency, security, and savings are in reach with managed databases


CBTS leverages our partnerships with best-in-class technology providers to build cutting-edge storage solutions.

Case studies

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This health system offers numerous medical, surgical, and testing services at its main campus and more than 100 outpatient and physician practices throughout Greater Cincinnati.

The client’s data center migration from Michigan to Cincinnati involved 500 servers and 400 terabytes of data storage—and needed to occur within an aggressive 12-month period. The health network needed a provider with expertise in designing, building, and maintaining a Tier 3 IT infrastructure to execute a project of this magnitude.

CBTS solution
CBTS consulting and engineering professionals designed and built the solution within the required 12-month timeframe. Additionally, we managed the migration project and brought the data center infrastructure from Michigan to the two Tier 3 sites in Greater Cincinnati.

The health network now runs on a modern, updated data center infrastructure with better performance. The new data centers deliver top-notch disaster recovery capabilities with a fully redundant Tier 3 backup site. The client is well-positioned to integrate new facilities and practices as the network expands. In addition, the client saves on annual IT operational costs through consolidation and virtualization.

The client is a leading integrated provider of payment processing strategies and advanced technology solutions for businesses and financial institutions.

The client needed to identify and migrate hundreds of scattered servers into a CBTS data center. Additionally, the client needed to protect and back up business-critical data on these servers.

CBTS solution
Because the company was relocating its servers into a CBTS data center, CBTS recommended its data center Backup-as-a-Service (BUaaS) solution to help the client solve its backup and recovery goals. The BUaaS infrastructure was already built in the data center and ready for use.

The solution eliminates the need for the client to purchase additional equipment. CBTS has built the backup infrastructure with TSM and EMC Data Domain products. The client pays only a monthly utility fee for what it needs to use.

CBTS Data Protection Services provide a cost-effective solution that protects 36 critical servers and 41 TB of data. More servers are being identified and added to the solution. With data protection services, the client has an enterprise-class, flexible method to protect the company’s critical data.


Aligning data management services with business objectives

Data management is the backbone of effective IT operations. Unless a company can optimize and secure its data, the organization risks security breaches and compounding inefficiencies. Gartner states, “Shifting data and analytics to the edge will open opportunities for data teams to scale capabilities and extend impact into different parts of the business.” CBTS helps your team do just that.

An organization’s data management solution must support its current business requirements.


Top 5 questions

What is data management?

Data management is collecting, securing, storing, analyzing, and accessing data.

How do I manage information synchronization?

Migrating to cloud-based systems enables simultaneous data updates while developing mobile and web applications. It also ensures consistent data access for customers or employees using legacy systems.

What is data governance?

It’s the strategy for organizing and improving company policies and procedures to collect, store, secure, manage, and monetize business data.

What is a data lake?

A data lake is a central storage facility designed to accommodate, process, and safeguard extensive volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Why should I choose CBTS for data management services?

Fully managed CBTS storage solutions are built on leading technologies from best-in-class manufacturers, designed and implemented by certified professionals for over three decades.

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