Network as a Service (NaaS)

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What is NaaS?

What is NaaS?


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A highly reliable network for today’s demanding remote workforce and digital customers

Today’s IT departments are under pressure to do more with less: manage more applications, sites, and clients with a limited budget and workforce. On top of that, managing disparate network equipment becomes time and labor-intensive, stealing resources from strategic technology initiatives. As a result, existing networks are being stretched beyond their intended lifespans, leading to more downtime and higher support costs.

By leveraging the power of the Cloud, Network as a Service combines cutting-edge technology tools to streamline hybrid networks.

How embracing the latest AIOps technology can improve customer experience

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Network downtime leads to reduced efficiency and lost revenue

The high cost of enterprise WAN connectivity, security, support, and personnel—combined with the growth of bandwidth-hungry streaming apps and cloud-based services—is forcing many network admins to search for a more innovative way to keep everything up, running, and protected. 

Upkeep of legacy MPLS networks holds diminishing returns. However, Network as a Service from CBTS can effectively sidestep these issues with a robust, award-winning product offering.

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What is Network as a Service?

Network as a Service (NaaS) is a fully managed solution for complex, modern networks. NaaS provides businesses with a scalable method of supporting, maintaining, expanding, and securing modernized commercial networks.

In addition, this service enables cloud integration, security, switching, Wi-Fi, BYOD, and IoT management, system monitoring, and software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN).


Benefits of Network as a Service

Network uptime =
increased revenue

Learn how cloud networking solutions yield insights to generate income.

Cost savings

By moving network costs from CapEx to OpEx, companies stabilize spending and save money.

Analytics and insights

Learn more about your customers and how to reach them more often.

No-touch deployment

Certified experts manage deployment and support the network 24x7x365.

Highly scalable

Leverage endless scalability options. Add or remove users and quickly provision or decommission entire locations.


Top-notch security and automatic upgrades keep data safe and accessible as networks expand.

Automation tools

NaaS provides dependable connectivity to take full advantage of automation and IoT devices.


of organizations have deployed NaaS and another 40% plan to deploy NaaS within the next twenty-four months.



CBTS can help you offload day-to-day demands on admins managing network infrastructure with our Network as a Service (NaaS). Our certified experts work closely with you to solidify a functional network template based on your business needs. Our cutting-edge solutions make it possible to install NaaS environments quickly and securely. Once implemented, we utilize a hybrid monitoring system and launch automated processes to manage the network with minimal input.

Gain complete visibility over your entire network via the web. View thousands of devices, run diagnostics, and view reports with a few clicks—from a single dashboard—giving you the ability to capture insights to strategize and future-proof your business.


CBTS experts assess your current network and guide your team through our trusted planning methodology.


Your unique and industry-specific solutions are implemented to accommodate IoT devices, RFID tracking, remote employees, and other device management needs.

No-touch deployment

Automation and intelligent design allows for fast deployment that scales on demand.

Continuous support

24x7x365 support and automated monitoring processes that proactively maintain network databases long-term.

Network as a Service protects users from malware and helps support data compliance requirements, providing resiliency against downtime and loss of data.

“With the single-pane-of-glass view of data analytics across a NaaS environment, clients capture insights they need to strategize about growth objectives and align IT resources appropriately. Offloading network maintenance and security allows companies to redirect IT professionals to pursue innovative ideas to cut costs and drive future revenue.”

– Jhonatan Almaraz, Director – Solution Design


Network as a Service solutions

Network as a Service (NaaS) from CBTS provides businesses with a scalable method of supporting, maintaining, expanding, and securing their network environment. Deploy a fully managed networking solution with cloud integration, security, switching, Wi-Fi, management, monitoring, and SD-WAN. Whether a single location or a multi-site operation, NaaS delivers the features to support the unique needs of every client.

  • Benefit from 24x7x365 monitoring, management, and support.
  • Upgrade services instantly over any connection type.
  • Connect single locations or multiple branch offices.

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CBTS offers a multi-platform portfolio to deliver unparalleled results for clients 

Cisco Meraki NaaS enables seamless expansion, maintenance, and security of managed networks. It puts the enterprise network in capable hands during scale-up, giving clients room to reallocate IT resources toward growth objectives.

Juniper Mist NaaS uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data science tools to simplify network operations. The platform spans wireless access points (APs), switches, SD-WAN routers, and cloud-hosted services that leverage Mist AI to automate critical operational tasks.

Case studies

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Champion Window & Home Exteriors is a Cincinnati-based manufacturer and distributor of windows, siding, roofing, and doors with 55 factory showroom locations across the United States. 

Champion switched to CBTS due to ongoing problems with their previous technology provider. These issues included slow Internet speeds, high costs, and subpar customer service.

CBTS solution
CBTS recommended NaaS to meet the client’s connectivity, budget, and customer service objectives. By moving network infrastructure to the Cloud, Champion gained higher bandwidth, better performance, and lower costs than traditional MPLS. CBTS implemented a reliable firewall solution that ensures the security of private customer resources, which gives customers a sense of security and assurance.

Through deploying NaaS, CBTS was able to provide Champion with a better customer, employee, and managed IT service partner experience. As a result, Champion is better prepared for the future with more agile, flexible, and cost-effective operations.

Restaurant Management, Inc. (DBA Arby’s)—a franchisee of the nation’s second-largest quick-service sandwich chain—needed to enhance its technology to stay relevant with its customer base.

Restaurant Management, Inc. (DBA Arby’s) needed to upgrade its outdated cloud environment to meet licensing requirements. However, pandemic-related microchip shortages created global obstacles for innovation. The presence of obsolete technology and a complex network of service providers further hindered efforts to improve customer service.

CBTS solution
CBTS swiftly deployed a tailored NaaS solution using Cisco Meraki, implementing it across 67 client locations and 138 devices. They collaborated closely with Cisco to expedite the cloud migration process and find suitable hardware alternatives. CBTS demonstrated agility by deploying distinct NaaS solutions across two different POS systems for the client.

The outcome was an efficient, managed network that enabled Restaurant Management, Inc. (DBA Arby’s) to prioritize enhancing the customer experience. This scalable network could easily accommodate new locations and reconfigurations. Implementing a robust cloud network solution improved store efficiency for the client. The client could dedicate more attention to improving the customer experience by streamlining the managed services network.

National Money Mart Company is an alternative financial services company providing check cashing, payday loans, money orders, currency exchange, electronic bill payments, and money transfers through its network of company-operated stores throughout Canada and the U.S.

Money Mart faced challenges with their multi-national network due to the complexities of their DMVPN setup, limiting visibility and accountability for poor network performance. Suboptimal Internet circuits at branches and lack of an SLA caused a poor end-user experience. End-of-life networking equipment posed risks and excessive costs. IT resources were tied up in troubleshooting instead of core business.

CBTS solution
CBTS successfully deployed Cisco Meraki NaaS and VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN solutions at Money Mart. These enterprise-level solutions provided a manageable and cost-effective network across various connections. CBTS engineers provided 24×7 network monitoring and management. The integration of enterprise-grade SD-WAN capabilities further enhanced the Money Mart network.

Money Mart enjoyed reliable network performance, gained improved visibility into the network, and enhanced the end-user experience. They were able to hold carriers accountable for network performance. The organization also benefited from fixed and predictable operational expenses. Moreover, the focus was shifted toward core business activities, allowing the network team to have their nights and weekends free from troubleshooting.

Aligning Network as a Service with business objectives

Ultimately, NaaS and SD-WAN allow organizations—and their IT teams—to focus on mission-critical applications that drive business outcomes. In addition, NaaS eliminates the capital expenses that come with building out individual networks or performing upgrades to replace aging equipment that does not meet traffic and application demands.

NaaS enables organizations to prioritize their core business and optimize profitability and shareholder value.


Top 5 questions

What is the NaaS model?

NaaS, or Network as a Service, is a cloud-based model where customers access networking services from providers, enabling them to operate their networks without maintaining the infrastructure.

Is our current network holding us back?

NaaS can be an excellent solution if your network occasionally struggles to keep up with your digital transformation efforts or cannot fully support your initiatives.

How would NaaS help us enhance our speed, agility, and scale?

NaaS provides on-demand networking with scalable and elastic capabilities, enabling quick capacity adjustments to adapt to market conditions.

What are our data security and compliance considerations?

Implement a zero trust policy to ensure access to sensitive data is guarded and protected at all times.

How do we choose the right NaaS partner?

Partners you’re considering should assess your NaaS readiness and provide customized solutions for your needs. They should have extensive experience deploying NaaS solutions, ensuring end-to-end security, and delivering and managing solutions and security through a managed services model.

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