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Networks have never been more exposed.

With the rise of remote work, points of presence (PoPs) along the network edge are more abundant. For IT organizations tasked with managing remote and branch offices, it can be difficult to meet user needs in efficient ways while also maintaining security.

As cloud applications become prevalent, traditional WAN architectures may not be sufficient to meet the demands of modern organizations. Many are turning to SD-WAN, allowing for improved connectivity through a single dashboard. In conjunction with secure service edge (SSE), this approach takes the combined benefits of cloud and network security solutions and offers a unified solution: secure access service edge (SASE).

10 benefits of a managed SASE solution

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Security that scales with you

Selecting the right security partner can be a daunting task when faced with the multitude of technologies available. Choose a provider that is agnostic and will recommend the right mix for your unique enterprise.

A managed service provider (MSP) like CBTS assists in selecting and integrating needed solutions while offering a single point of contact. We can deliver integrated solutions from multiple vendors in a customized best-of-breed approach. This approach offers the best of both worlds—simplified operations while accessing the highest quality tools.

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What is SASE?

By combining the capabilities of SD-WAN and SSE (secure service edge), enterprises can forge a SASE framework, fundamentally transforming the way organizations safeguard their network infrastructure and data assets.

Deliver maintenance-free, advanced threat prevention to remote sites and branch offices in minutes with a tailored, managed SASE solution from CBTS.


Benefits of SASE

Seek and destroy emerging threats.

CBTS quickly identifies, isolates and remediates security incidents quickly and confidently so you can get back to business as usual.

Broad, global support

Managed network monitoring and security protection 24×7.


Cloud-native architecture

Modern SASE solutions built with cloud automation and AI.

Advanced threat prevention

Unlike other solutions that only detect threats, SASE prevents them.

Threat visibility

Users have access and visibility into your threat landscape to quickly isolate vulnerabilities.


SASE offers simplicity by integrating multiple solutions into one.



Significantly reduce operational expenses.


of enterprises will adopt a strategy to unify web, cloud services, and private application access using a SASE or security service edge (SSE) architecture by 2025.




If you’re struggling with legacy infrastructure, increasing complexity, or high costs on your digital transformation journey, CBTS can help. Choosing a partner with experience in network and security solutions is essential, and CBTS offers a broad range of network and security experience in all industries.

CBTS experts guide and advise your organization each step of the way in realizing a fully developed security fabric that defends against continuously emerging threats. Entirely vendor-agnostic, CBTS maintains partnerships with best-of-breed SD-WAN, SASE, and SSE vendors like Palo Alto Networks, Cisco Meraki, VMware by Broadcom, and other industry leaders to curate truly individualized solutions.


Secure access service edge (SASE) from CBTS

Active threat detection from an industry-leading partner

When you work with CBTS, our experts will be there at every step, from the initial assessment phase to implementation to ongoing, full-spectrum support. You can rest assured that your mission-critical IT infrastructure and applications are protected at all times. 


CBTS examines the interdependencies of your network topology and makes recommendations on how to reduce complexity, cost, and vulnerabilities. 


Our experienced engineers and architects navigate the spectrum of advanced security technologies and make customized recommendations. 


Our security professionals implement tools according to the highest priority threats based on ZTNA and data compliance frameworks.

Manage and monitor

CBTS security experts constantly monitor and adapt to emerging threats. In addition, we can guide your company through the thorny issues revolving around data compliance.

“SASE is popping up everywhere because it solves for significant IT challenges: legacy infrastructure, increasing complexity, and skyrocketing costs.”

– Greg Samuels, Vice President – Secure Network and Security Services

Consolidate and connect cybersecurity architectures protecting on-premises, cloud, and branch networks as well as endpoint and mobile devices from advanced persistent threats. Threats identified on one device can be automatically propagated as an indicator of compromise (IoC) to protect branch, mobile, and cloud-based assets from the same zero-day threat.

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Solving networking and security challenges with SASE

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Prisma SASE managed

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Securing today’s work-from-anywhere workforce


Highly-customized SASE solutions, closing the security gap of today’s distributed application architecture and flexible work-from-anywhere policies

Prisma® Access managed by CBTS 

Prisma Access is an industry-leading security service edge (SSE) platform that helps ensure secure access for users across the Internet, mobile devices, the Cloud, and applications regardless of location—at HQ, a branch, or remote.

Prisma® SASE managed by CBTS

By partnering with Palo Alto Networks, the only vendor to be recognized
as a single-vendor SASE leader in 2023, organizations can create a modernized network environment that is easily scalable and capable of providing secure access to applications and data from any location.

Aligning SASE with business objectives

Investing in cohesive, integrated security and networking solutions is more than just an investment in your technology stack. Instead, it’s an investment in the safety and security of your end-users, employees, and customers.


A large enterprise can expect a return on investment of up to 270%, according to the research from Forrester.

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Top 5 questions

What is SASE?

SASE, or secure access service edge, is a technology that provides network and best-of-breed security practices through cloud computing directly to the point of connection, rather than relying on a traditional data center setup.

How does SASE architecture work?

SASE combines SD-WAN and network security services like FWaaS, SaaS, SWGs, CASBs, endpoint security, and ZTNA into one platform. This creates a versatile security solution unaffected by employee locations, data centers, cloud services, or offices.

What is the difference between SASE and SD-WAN?

SD-WAN involves managing data transmission across a wide area network (WAN). In contrast, SASE is predominantly cloud-oriented, uniting WAN functionalities with network security services.

How does this technology interweave with SD-WAN?

Our networking integrates a full suite of security services. We’re bringing a robust environment that can support a data center, branch, cloud, or mobile workforce.

What are the benefits of SASE?

Ease of use, simplicity of the network, enhanced network security, backbone and edge unification, cost reduction, and scalability.

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