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Unfortunately cyberattacks have become all too common in business today. It’s not a question of if you’ll be targeted, it’s a matter of when. Hybrid and remote workplaces have added a layer of complexity, and data protection must be designed with worker, customer, and partner security in mind.

Data privacy laws are changing rapidly due to an increased threat landscape. Government regulations and industry standards constantly evolve, so staying compliant is difficult but essential. Assessing your security and potential risks is critical whether you’re maintaining a legacy system, moving your data and applications to cloud-based services, or looking to outsource some or all of your network management.

Inside the CISO’s Office: Navigate the future of AI, emerging threats, and zero trust


increase in the number of security vulnerabilities discovered in the last five years.

U.S. National Institute of Standards
and Technology (NIST)


Keep your systems safe from the latest threats

Technology on its own is not enough to fend off malicious activity and cyber attacks.

CBTS security experts bring their experience and industry knowledge to help you identify gaps, meet compliance requirements, secure your applications, and identify the tools and processes needed to safeguard your business.

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What is security’s role in digital transformation?



Our security experts take the time to understand your threat landscape and risk profile before we talk technology. We remain vendor agnostic and apply our proven insights to achieve secure outcomes.

CBTS takes a holistic approach to helping your company create a custom cybersecurity and risk management program.


Discover which legacy systems need to be modernized and identify urgent vulnerabilities to address.


Ensure systems, software, and apps communicate, allowing data sharing.


Assess your current cybersecurity environment to create a risk management plan.

Ongoing management

24×7 monitoring, alerting, escalation and rapid resolution of security incidents.


Advanced security for cloud-native applications with automation.


Intuitive and innovative solutions that quickly scale as your business grows.

CBTS methodology

Security considerations impact every aspect of a technology ecosystem, and that’s why we begin with a detailed assessment of your systems, networks, and data to identify vulnerabilities. CBTS develops comprehensive strategies, implements advanced technologies, and trains your staff. Our ongoing management and monitoring keep your security systems up-to-date, safeguarding your data from emerging cyber threats.


Impact and KPIs

Better security systems and processes protect your internal network environments and critical data, giving your employees, customers, and partners peace of mind.


IT impact and KPIs

Business impact and KPIs


Increase revenue

IT impact and KPIs

Responding to threats promptly can save your company money.


  • Prevent downtime
  • Eliminate information theft
  • Allow you to stay ahead of the latest threats

Business impact and KPIs

Reduce the risk of legal action to your company and protect its reputation by keeping data safe.


  • Limit exposure to litigation
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Less downtime means more profit


Customer retention

IT impact and KPIs

Keeping customers loyal to your business means having the proper security measures to protect their data.


  • Protect intellectual property
  • Keep an edge over competitors

Business impact and KPIs

The latest security and risk management program can ease your clients’ minds.


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reputational benefits
  • Prevent costly breaches


Cost savings

IT impact and KPIs

Nothing costs your company time and money like a security breach.


  • Avoiding breaches saves money
  • Stay compliant with changing regulations

Business impact and KPIs

Good cybersecurity and risk management create client trust and lead to more business.


  • Trust leads to more customers and customer loyalty
  • Gain a competitive advantage


Managed services

IT impact and KPIs

Reduce your IT department’s burden by outsourcing data protection and patching.


  • Share the burden of risk with security experts
  • Up-to-date threat monitoring
  • Focus on core operations

Business impact and KPIs

Outsourced cybersecurity can have benefits that go beyond saving money.


  • Protect your brand from damage
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Increased customer trust


Whether working in the office or a hybrid setting, ensuring your systems can communicate and work together is critical.

This compatibility means establishing common standards across your enterprise to ensure comprehensive, up-to-date security and that your company adheres to ever-changing compliance requirements and government regulations.


Application modernization services

Cloud security

Consider your security needs before moving your assets to the Cloud.

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Cybersecurity solutions

Data protection with managed cybersecurity solutions that are tested and proven to work.

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Managed security service

Offload the burden of maintaining and monitoring security so you can focus on core business initiatives.

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Zero trust

Require authentication for users or devices trying to access your data applications and network.

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Virtual CISO

The benefits of an in-house security leader ensuring top-notch information security.

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Patch managment

Keep your systems more secure, compliant, and up-to-date.

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Case studies

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This nationally recognized private university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. It has an undergraduate enrollment of about 20,000 students.

The university’s Internet presence serves visitors, students, faculty, and staff. Due to a data breach, university leadership prioritized cybersecurity over concerns of losing financial and personal information, research, and public confidence. Mitigation is the responsibility of their security program, which also covers compliance with federal regulations such as FERPA.

CBTS solution
CBTS collaborated with the university to design an extensive security evaluation, resulting in a roadmap containing a list of recommended initiatives prioritized to enhance the organization’s security stance in the upcoming years. CBTS assessed the university’s security program and architecture, discovered gaps, and provided new recommendations for the next growth phase.

In a recent internal penetration test, CBTS obtained administrator-level access across 2,000+ endpoints. This simulation installed mock malware that records keystrokes on all machines exposing sensitive data such as passwords. This could have impacted over 20,000 students as well as staff and faculty. The university was saved from major financial and reputational damage thanks to this successful pen test.

It has been three years since the university has expanded its capabilities and developed a plan for further growth. The protection of students, faculty, staff, computing assets, and data has significantly improved. Risk is more effectively managed. The university’s CIO and their leadership and trustees can rest easier knowing the security program is mature and functioning well.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, this regional healthcare system (RHS) comprises hospitals, physicians, and specialist offices and serves the community through quality care and cutting-edge research.

The RHS protects several categories of sensitive data, including medical records, financial information, and employee data. In a modern threat landscape where attackers seek each of these, understanding and addressing their network’s weaknesses is a high-priority mission.

CBTS solution
Working with the RHS’s security team, CBTS security consultants designed a multi-phase penetration test. The goal was to simulate actual attacks using tools, methodologies, and targets that attackers would use. Consultants reviewed vulnerabilities that were discovered and all sensitive data obtained. Vulnerabilities were documented and prioritized by severity, priority, and difficulty. CBTS developed mitigation strategies and remediation recommendations for each vulnerability.

CBTS presented its findings to the RHS’s security and IT teams. Based on the results, the RHS prioritized security projects and planned to improve mission-critical processes and deploy additional security controls and defenses in crucial areas of the network.

The RHS strengthened its security posture to include additional controls and defenses. The client considers their data substantially safer after addressing the findings from the penetration test.

Our rural healthcare client is a member of the Oklahoma Hospital Association and is dedicated to promoting the welfare of the public without regard to race, age, creed, color, sex, handicap, or national origin.

Security challenge
With the growing use of IoT devices in the healthcare field, the existing network environment could not meet the connectivity demands of new technology. This lag was felt most by the existing voice infrastructure, which dropped calls at an unacceptable rate.

CBTS solution
CBTS designed and installed a total technology refresh for secure network access control using Aruba APs and Bluetooth beacons along with ClearPass Policy Manager, giving agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access control for security enforcement and response. To solve the problem of no LAN segmentation between hospitals, CBTS provided, installed, and configured 30 Fortinet firewalls at 13 locations.

The enterprise network is equipped with a high-performance, multi-layered security system that offers end-to-end protection with deep visibility. It also provides scalable performance, low latency, and reporting features to ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA and PCI.

The client has future-proofed their organization by establishing a secure wireless network that can handle the advances of technology.


Top 5 questions

How can I protect my enterprise against the sheer volume of vulnerabilities and threats we face?

Protecting your business infrastructure, applications, and critical information from security breaches is a full-time job. Attacks are becoming more complex, and robust data protection is needed more than ever as businesses migrate services to the Cloud.

How can businesses protect themselves from attacks?

As companies migrate to digital and cloud-based services, subcontracting cybersecurity services offers an assessment of your current security and a suite of protection that includes firewalls, anti-virus, zero-trust architecture, network security, and access management.

Can our in-house IT staff handle this work?

Keeping pace with the changing threats to your company’s systems and data requires constant monitoring, capital investments, and personnel. CBTS frees your IT staff to focus on the core of your business.

What IT security services should I consider for my business?

The effectiveness of IT security services relies heavily on your organization’s unique needs. By identifying your specific security requirements, we can collaborate to create an ideal, multilayered solution that safeguards your business effectively.

What's included in CBTS’ services?

CBTS provides security assessments, cloud security monitoring and management, analytics and threat intelligence, application security, network security, threat detection and response, and more.

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