Application Management Services

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What are application management services?

What is app management?


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Maintaining and optimizing your applications is not easy

As applications increase in power and agility, they have become more challenging to maintain. Staying on top of glitches and security vulnerabilities drains valuable IT resources. Compounding the issue is that many organizations struggle with outdated legacy applications that were not designed to interact with advanced cloud infrastructure and microservices.

Enlisting an application management services provider grants companies access to specialized experts and unlocks a range of operational and application-level benefits.

Free up your IT team with app management services

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Transform the way you manage your IT environment

Application management is a complex and challenging process. Many IT teams are forced to support legacy applications and infrastructure due to a lack of resources. Mission-critical projects quickly fall by the wayside while your IT staff spend their time putting out fires.

Outsourcing application management to CBTS allows businesses access to specialized expertise, cost savings, and improved security. As a result, your team gains valuable time to dedicate to innovation and realizing your strategic business objectives.

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What are application management services (AMS)?

Applications are the foundation of every modern business and have become vital to managing all aspects of a digital enterprise, both internally and externally. From finance to communications, apps are critical components of business operations.

Many companies seek out application management services (AMS) to keep up with the demand. AMS is a method of outsourcing the continual upkeep and maintenance of mission-critical applications.


Benefits of application management

Fast, reliable apps =
better business outcomes

Access to experts

Navigate complex application projects such as modernization, compliance, and security with trusted experts.


Improve security posture with ongoing patching and detecting and responding to security threats.


Boost development team morale by being able to focus on building essential products.


Enable IT staff to prioritize and focus on more strategic initiatives.


Implement dedicated incident, problem, and change management for applications and platforms.


Increase support reliability for applications regardless of company turnover/attrition.


boost to annual revenue can be realized with successful modernization operations and management efforts.



CBTS acts as an extension of your IT team, providing the ongoing support, maintenance, and continuous improvement of your applications and platforms, so your developers can focus on driving new capabilities to the market faster, ahead of your competition. Our flexible support models provide onshore, offshore, or nearshore resources based on your strategic and operational requirements.

Assessment and discovery

Helping you navigate industry compliance and regulatory requirements to ensure your data is protected.

Quality assurance and testing

Let CBTS support take on tedious, but important, recurring tasks such as active patch management.

Release management

Schedule upgrades to systems after hours to maintain the optimal performance of the application and minimize downtime.

Monitoring and maintenance

Minimize app downtime by solving issues that arise quickly 24×7.

Managing the ever-emerging vulnerabilities of legacy applications is a constant struggle. But customized applications made specifically for your business can reinforce your data security system. They are built to be cloud-native and in compliance with all regulations, which enable the protection of mission-critical data, and reduce the chances of compromise. 

“Apps are the backbone of the modern enterprise. The more agile your applications are, the more agile your business will be. The more productive your applications are, the more profitable your company will be.”

– Al Early, Senior Vice President of Consulting Services


CBTS application management services

Only pay for the AMS you need

AMS is a viable option for all sizes of enterprises because it can be divided by types of services, tasks, incidents, and requests. Generally, application management services can include:

Service requests
Configuring a patch or fixing a bug.

Responding when the application fails.

Loading security patch updates.

Optimizing performance, minimizing downtime.

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Eight transformational benefits of application management services

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Case studies

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CBTS partnered with an American multinational corporation specializing in payment card services. The company was founded in 1850 and is well-known for traveler’s checks, charge cards, and credit cards.

The client needed to improve their card member experience during reward point redemption on their website by modernizing it to an omni-channel digital solution.

CBTS solution
CBTS provided the client with a fully integrated scrum team to build an e-commerce platform and architecture for the membership reward program. The solution included design, application development, integration, and backend platform hosting. Today, CBTS provides ongoing support for a virtual retailer platform (VRP) for the site with administration rights that enable platform content and catalog changes that are secured and audited.

In five years, the platform enabled more than five million card members to redeem more than 46 million reward points and drastically improved overall member satisfaction.

Parian is one of Canada’s leading specialty apparel retailers. The company today has over 280 stores operating under three divisions: Ricki’s, Bootlegger, and Cleo. Stores are located in shopping malls and power centers across Canada.

Parian needed to upgrade its legacy e-commerce platform to a robust and seamless e-commerce integration, connecting the in-store and mobile channel’s e-commerce platform to serve three brands (Ricki’s, Bootlegger, and Cleo). The company needed application stability with continuous monitoring and improvement.

CBTS solution
The CBTS team recommended migration to Salesforce Commerce Cloud from their Elastic Path legacy Commerce solution and integration with Audience Studio, Einstein Visual, and Bazaarvoice. CBTS enhanced Parian’s order management system to integrate and stay up-to-date with e-commerce market trends. To ensure business continuity, ongoing application support is provided for business-critical, bug-fixing, and new feature enhancement.

Parian experienced double-digit commerce sales growth across all banners year-over-year, reduced OpEx, and increased environment stability with public cloud-based hosting and application monitoring. CBTS increased the company’s application availability and established readily available support for all six time zones across the country.

Navigating the digital application age

Managing and maintaining mission-critical applications are the key to success for modern businesses. But traditional application management services need to go further. Your business needs a provider that can incorporate applications, platforms, and security into an agile set of operations. 

Application, platform, operations (APO) comprise a model of AMS that helps businesses achieve better outcomes. APO connects the dots of individual services and adds value that might otherwise be overlooked.


Top 5 questions

What are application management services (AMS)?

AMS is outsourcing application management to a third party with the goal of greater efficiency, security, and optimized operations.

Why do I need AMS?

Modern applications are increasingly complex. IT teams don’t always have the expertise to manage highly-specific areas like security and compliance, in addition to the rest of their lengthy to-do lists.

Can't my IT team handle our applications?

Yes, but every moment they spend putting out fires is time taken away from innovation and mission-critical operations. Empower your developers to create new capabilities faster.

How do I meet the demands of growth?

You will want to choose an AMS partner with a flexible delivery model, allowing you to scale services on demand.

How much does it cost?

We deliver predictable monthly pricing models tailored to your company’s specific needs, reducing uncertainty in IT budgeting.

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