Application Modernization

Create a foundation of innovation, security, productivity, and profitability.

Why Application Modernization

Why app modernization


Our approach



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App modernization drives agility and eliminates technical debt. 

Companies can no longer think of themselves as product and service providers that use apps but rather as application companies that sell products and services. Apps are no longer just a convenience. Modernization is essential for cost savings and improved efficiency in driving rich functionality to market faster.

To stay competitive, it’s important for companies to ensure they keep up with the latest advancements in technology. Modernized applications are faster, more reliable, and more secure than legacy technology. Businesses that take the leap and modernize are likely to see increased innovation, productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

3 critical goals for application modernization initiatives


of IT leaders place high importance on accelerating application development and modernization to enable innovation.



The journey to success

Assess the applications that have the greatest impact on your business and set your business goals for success.

CBTS’ partnership-based approach to app mod can help your company innovate, save money, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. It can also help you focus on providing more reliable and secure apps that scale with your business. Our experts can help you at every step of the process with application consulting, cloud-native application development, cloud migration, and application management services.

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Case study

Customized application solutions help FinTech client enhance customer service


CIO’s definitive guide to safely migrating applications to the Cloud

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Application and
Infrastructure Modernization

CBTS methodology

Application modernization is about more than rewriting or upgrading your company’s applications. With the CBTS application development process, expect seamless, secure migration, continuous deployment of new features, future-proof scalability, and improved availability.



Having a competitive advantage requires a personalized mix of interconnected apps, platforms, and operations.

CBTS takes a holistic approach to helping your company navigate its transformation.


Discover which legacy systems need modernization with cloud-native development.


Ensure systems, software, and apps communicate, allowing data sharing.

Create a roadmap

Assess your current application environment to create a roadmap.

Ongoing management

Continuously deploy new features as your business changes.


Build apps that protect vulnerable data and reduce the odds of intrusion.


Application and infrastructure automation that scales on demand.


Impact and KPIs

Application modernization increases user satisfaction and loyalty, improves operational efficiency and performance, reduces costs, and increases productivity for your company.


IT impact and KPIs

Business impact and KPIs


Improved performance

IT impact and KPIs

Respond faster to business needs and market opportunities.


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Improved alignment of IT with business goals and objectives

Business impact and KPIs

Drive revenue in current business models and adopt new models that create additional revenue streams.


  • Adapt to change faster
  • Improve end-user experience
  • Reduced time-to-market for new functionality



IT impact and KPIs

Get a higher return on your company’s IT investment.


  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced overhead
  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Higher return on investment

Business impact and KPIs

Modern applications mean a more efficient and profitable business.


  • Increased revenue
  • Higher profit margins
  • Enhanced product and service quality


Cost reductions

IT impact and KPIs

Reduce the amount of overhead your IT department is responsible for.


  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Increased resource utilization
  • Lower inventory costs

Business impact and KPIs

Reduce costs for both your business and customers to generate bigger profits.


  • Reduced overall expenses
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Better management of capital expenditures


Enhanced user experience

IT impact and KPIs

Modern apps mean a better experience for your IT department.


  • Better SEO and increased traffic
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Lower customer support inquiries and complaints

Business impact and KPIs

A better user experience means more satisfied customers, and that’s good news for your bottom line.


  • Increased accessibility
  • Improved mobile responsiveness
  • Higher conversion rates and sales


Modernizing your applications is pointless if it results in incompatibility between your systems.

The CBTS approach ensures interoperability between systems, software, and applications, allowing data sharing to produce data and analytics that drive business decisions.


Application modernization services

App consulting

Build a roadmap for the app development process that meets your desired business outcomes.

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App migration

Safely migrate apps from on-premises servers to the Cloud or from one cloud to another.

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Application management services

Continual upkeep and maintenance of mission-critical applications.

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Cloud-native development

Build, deploy, and manage modern applications in cloud computing environments.

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No-code/low-code development

Use intuitive drag-and-drop tools to reduce or eliminate the need for traditional developers to write code.

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DevOps automation

Empower developers and system admins to automate and optimize.

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Case studies

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The client offers a virtual B2B payment solution that allows payers to reimburse payees electronically, which eliminates checks and postage, simplifies reconciliation, and creates efficiencies.

The client required an application quickly to access hundreds of millions of documents for their data center team. The client’s data center was running on outdated AS-400 technology and would not support a custom-built data retrieval application.

CBTS solution
CBTS Consulting Services and Application Development teams built a new application on .NET Core, using Elasticsearch technology. CBTS designed and implemented the necessary technology infrastructure to support the new application.

Pilot testing demonstrates application is reducing search time from up to 30 minutes to less than 10 seconds. The client now has integrated data center networking infrastructure to support the new application and anticipated future growth.

Assured Partners (formerly ARS),
is an insurance agency and administrator that designs, implements, and manages large and complex risk management and insurance programs for financial institutions. Its core service offerings include point-of-sale collateral insurance, automobile liability insurance, excess wear and tear insurance, and GAP insurance.

The client—who did not have an existing IT department or system infrastructure—needed a custom application to meet the company’s new business model. The application had to allow their customers to quickly and easily provide physical damage insurance on new auto loans when each loan is originated.

CBTS solution
CBTS consultants developed a complete set of business and technical requirements. Using an agile approach, they then created a custom web-based application built on the .NET Framework (C#, ASP.NET), LINQ-to-SQL, MVC architecture, Web 2.0 (AJAX), Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Server.

The user-friendly and flexible CPI system that CBTS developed will allow for further growth. With the new system in place, the client has increased its product offerings and can now compete for larger accounts.


Top 5 questions

What is application modernization?

Application modernization means updating and upgrading legacy applications to meet modern standards, including replacing outdated technologies, improving functionality, and enhancing security features.

Why is application modernization necessary?

Legacy applications are inefficient, difficult to maintain, and prone to security vulnerabilities. By modernizing, businesses can improve their performance and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

What does application modernization entail?

There are several ways to modernize applications, including rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, and building a new application from scratch.

How do businesses decide which method of application modernization works for them?

The best method depends on several factors, including the application’s complexity, the desired outcome, and the available resources. Consult with CBTS experts to determine the optimal approach with the greatest outcomes.

What are the benefits of application modernization?

Modernization improves performance, increases efficiency, enhances security, and reduces costs. It helps some businesses remain competitive by keeping pace with changing technologies and customer demands.

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