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Amplifying networks with SD-WAN solutions

The future of networking is evolving. Whether businesses are scaling up and adding locations or modifying to support mobile workforces, they are turning to the Cloud more than ever. Today’s companies must be able to handle bandwidth-intensive communication and provide access to business-specific applications, all while combating cyber criminals. 

Outdated networks are not only creating a multitude of headaches for IT teams but also becoming more costly to maintain. These factors drive organizations to look closely at their wide area networks (WAN).

2023 Strategic Roadmap: The Future of SD-WAN | CBTS

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Aging infrastructure hurts the bottom line.

Companies relying on MPLS networks are stuck with high-latency/low-performance cloud applications, meaning remote users must settle for less from VoIP and other real-time applications. Moreover, security and management requirements associated with MPLS tend to complicate branch operations and increase IT staffing costs.

But SD-WAN from CBTS simplifies network operations, allowing busy IT managers to deploy Internet-based connectivity quickly and securely.

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What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) shifts the burden of data flow from hard-line MPLS networks to the Cloud. SD-WAN architecture puts the control of a wide area network (WAN) for a company and its branches from an onsite data center and hardware onto cloud-based software.

By implementing SD-WAN, organizations have better control of connectivity, data management, and the flow of information from headquarters to company branches and remote workers. This solution provides the manageability, application performance, reliability, and security today’s fast-moving enterprises expect.


Benefits of SD-WAN

fast & stable

Stay competitive in today’s high-speed cloud networking environment.

Dependable connectivity

Optimize network paths and provide multiple transport options with built-in redundancy to improve network speed and minimize downtime.

Increased visibility

Comprehensive network monitoring with real-time insights into traffic, app performance, and user behavior.


Built-in SASE architecture enables comprehensive security via firewall policies, encryption, and threat detection. Consolidation in a unified framework improves visibility and ensures consistent network security.

Cost efficiency

Brings a more predictable cost structure from variable CapEx to standard OpEx monthly fees.

Flexible deployment

Deployment over any transport service combination—MPLS, LTE, and broadband—allowing users to connect to high-bandwidth applications simultaneously and securely.


Support a range of cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS and services like UCaaS.


annual growth of SD-WAN deployments through 2024, with managed SD-WAN deployments reaching at least 60% of enterprise locations.



Consistently recognized as a leading technology innovator, CBTS helps companies of all sizes by developing cloud migration strategies that address their overarching corporate goals and individual business line needs.

CBTS enables organizations to take full advantage of technology through our thorough assessments, thoughtful design and deployment, and ongoing monitoring and management across locations. We empower organizations of all sizes in their digital migration with a full suite of flexible technology solutions that drive business outcomes, improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, and reduce costs for clients.

Assess and guide

CBTS runs an initial assessment to determine the best technology, platforms, and approaches to apply to your unique business needs. Our project managers then guide your team through each phase of the process.

Build and execute

CBTS provides a wide range of integrated and extended networking and security capabilities, including service-chaining and layering on SASE to help prevent data loss, downtime, regulatory violations, and legal liabilities.

Implement and deploy

Ease the IT burden by using broadband to offload non-critical business apps, automate monitoring tasks, and manage traffic through a centralized controller.

Reduce packet loss and latency issues with reliable, high-performance connections.

Co-manage and monitor

Co-manage the network environment or monitor, maintain, and update the environment as necessary to free up your IT personnel and resources to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

The next-generation network incorporates the secure access service edge (SASE) framework, which seamlessly integrates SD-WAN and security features into a unified cloud service. This innovative architecture offers simplified WAN deployments, enhanced efficiency and security, and the ability to implement application-specific bandwidth policies.

“Whether we’re talking about a secure cloud for your SD-WAN domain, a data center if you’ve got inbound traffic, or your mobile workforce, organizations are beginning to work with SD-WAN solution providers to integrate a full suite of security services. We’re bringing a robust environment to support a data center, branch, cloud, or mobile workforce.”

– Matt Douglass, Senior Director of Solution Engineering


The future of branch networking solutions

Many SD-WAN solutions available today are considered elemental or “just good enough.” These solutions often need more intelligence, reliability, performance, and scalability to deliver an exceptional network experience. CBTS provides comprehensive end-to-end orchestration of WAN edge functions.

CBTS offers SASE solutions integrating SD-WAN with security service edge (SSE) principles for remote and branch operations. In addition, CBTS provides:

  • Edge intelligence.
  • Visibility of end-user and IoT devices.
  • Ever-improving performance and security.
  • Self-healing across wired and wireless networks.

Building an SD-WAN architecture

Identifying the right partner for your managed software-defined wide area network solution is crucial for organizations looking to build a network architecture that can support high-level business imperatives. Providers should have expertise in smoothly transforming a legacy MPLS network into a cloud-powered hybrid or SD-WAN architecture, regardless of industry.

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Long-standing strategic partnerships with industry leaders

VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN is a powerful solution that leverages software-defined networking principles to optimize network performance, enhance security, and simplify network management across distributed enterprise environments.

Prisma SD-WAN is a robust solution that combines networking and security capabilities to deliver secure, high-performance connectivity across distributed networks.

Case studies

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Donatos is a family-owned pizza company with over 200 locations in nine states. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1963, the company comprises 105 company-owned stores and over 100 stores owned and operated by franchise partners. 

The client’s legacy infrastructure delivered a fragmented customer experience between mobile applications and brick-and-mortar locations.

CBTS solution
Donatos engaged our CBTS team to deliver a single, cloud-based platform to support unified commerce for the pizza company’s stores, mobile applications, and website.

After assessing the Donatos environment, the CBTS and Donatos IT teams identified a combination of CBTS UCaaS, Network-as-a-Service, and SD-WAN products as the right solution. Donatos engaged CBTS, and together, they leveraged these solutions, combining them with our channel partner’s design overlay services to meet Donatos’ unique needs. The result seamlessly provides application QoS and redundant delivery across multiple, cost-effective Internet circuits.

CBTS procured all required hardware and software, provided ongoing technical and customer service from one support center, and billed all services as a monthly fee on a single invoice.

Using a single partner has relieved Donatos of the need to maintain multiple projects with multiple partner relationships. And because the functionality is provided “as a service,” it has built-in protection against obsolescence. It can be tailored easily to meet specific needs as they arise and scale as the company adds locations.

Our client is a nonprofit university-based healthcare system in the Midwest that operates 17 hospitals and employs nearly 30,000 people. It is recognized as the largest and most comprehensive healthcare system in its state.

Knowing they would be on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 when it began impacting its communities, our client turned to CBTS to implement a VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN solution to meet its increasing network bandwidth needs for community pop-up clinics. 

CBTS solution
CBTS assessed the client’s network needs. Then, our team implemented an SD-WAN solution that includes proprietary capabilities to enhance collaboration tools and cloud applications over Internet transport while providing direct and secure access to primary data centers. With the SD-WAN in place, the client could prioritize mission-critical data or voice traffic and deliver reliable application performance even over unreliable Internet conditions at its pop-up clinics.

By implementing the VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN, CBTS was able to take the guesswork out of interconnecting the pop-up clinic and allowed the client to focus on treating its patients first and foremost.

The synergistic and forward-thinking partnership between CBTS and the client led to the rapid deployment of a pop-up clinic in a single day.

National Money Mart Company is an alternative financial services (AFS) company. They serve more than 2 million customers in over 550 retail locations through their robust online and mobile platforms.

VPN architecture made managing the client’s multinational network difficult and limited visibility into the network and data flow.

CBTS solution
CBTS determined that implementing Cisco Meraki NaaS and VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN was a more manageable platform for the client. With these networking services as a managed solution, Money Mart benefits from a fixed and predictable operational expense. And VMware VeloCloud’s enterprise-grade SD-WAN provides increased bandwidth, high-performance access to the Cloud, and extensive network visibility.

CBTS expert engineers proactively manage and monitor the network 24x7x365.

“VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN allowed us to create a reliable network over disparate connections and ultimately hold our carriers responsible for meeting SLAs… [CBTS’] expertise in SD-WAN and their attention to detail during the project management phase allowed us to be non-intrusive to our retail stores while transforming our network.” – Krishna Chava, Director of Network and Telecom, National Money Mart Company

Aligning SD-WAN solutions with business objectives

As applications migrate to the Cloud, so will network functions. By moving these operations to the Cloud, businesses gain upgraded visibility and analytical insight while no longer having to manage their communications infrastructures at the local level. From there, mission-critical applications can be layered into the cloud-delivered network. SD-WAN drives bottom-line outcomes by giving customers an improved experience when accessing these applications.

SD-WAN solutions reduce costly routing and hardware expenses while allowing businesses to access multiple cloud services.


Top 5 questions

Why do I need SD-WAN?

SD-WAN provides enhanced manageability, improved performance, and greater reliability for today’s fast-moving enterprises. With centralized control and management, intelligent traffic routing, and built-in redundancy and security features, SD-WAN simplifies network operations and ensures high availability, enabling businesses to thrive.

What is the SD-WAN edge?

It serves as the entry point to the SD-WAN network and acts as a bridge between the local area network (LAN) and the wide area network (WAN). The SD-WAN edge is a critical component of an SD-WAN deployment. SD-WAN connection endpoints—branches, data centers, cloud platforms, corporate offices, at-home computers, and IoT devices—are called the SD-WAN edge.

What is SASE?

SASE combines SD-WAN and SSE into a unified cloud framework. Organizations ensure secure networks for remote and branch operations by integrating SD-WAN technology with SSE principles.

Will I lose control over my network?

CBTS partners closely with clients to deliver a collaborative SD-WAN environment combining the strengths and expertise of both organizations to achieve the client’s long-term goals.

What should I look for in an SD-WAN partner?

Look for a qualified and trusted partner with proven experience migrating legacy MPLS networking to a cloud-enabled SD-WAN environment while giving your organization greater flexibility and better control and security for your network.

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