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What is driving customer success

Digital transformation is driving customer success.

Digital transformation is the integration of modern technology into all essential components of your business that serve your customers and give you a competitive advantage.

Customer success is a companywide practice at CBTS that revolves around a universal mentality: when the customer succeeds, we succeed.

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The digital revolution has transformed data storage and access, benefiting healthcare professionals who can now retrieve patient data from anywhere. With modernized, cloud-native applications hospitals are drastically improving their workflows, data collection, and patient interactions.

Secure controls of the massive amount of data collected can lead to enhanced patient well-being and cost reduction for services.


of healthcare CIOs cite that
modernizing apps is their top priority.

Healthcare IT news

K-12 and higher education

Digital transformation in education is helping to improve connections with students, provide better access to information, and create interactive online learning experiences through dedicated collaborative spaces. The right technology enables educators to enhance their effectiveness and their students’ learning outcomes.

And in turn, these technologies are benefiting operations and strategic plans and increasing student enrollment.


of faculty feel higher education technology
tools are a good investment.

McKinsey & Company


Retailers have harnessed automation, Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning to enhance inventory management, forecasting, and supply chain processes. These technologies improve operational efficiency, quick order fulfillment, warehouse management, figuring out lead times, and safety stock to avoid stock-outs.

The result is cost savings, improved decision-making, and increased overall retail efficiency.


of retailers agree that digital transformation
is an essential part of retail technology.



Advanced manufacturing firms are adopting state-of-the-art technologies such as AI, IoT, and big data analytics to fuel growth and enhance profitability. These technologies help companies improve quality control, make substantial efficiency gains, and create better products—with reduced costs and superior environmental controls.

Corporations investing in digital transformation can analyze their data faster and better than their competitors.


of manufacturing CEOs are increasing
digital technology investments.


State and local government

Successful government transformations rely on real-time data and cutting-edge digital tools like hybrid work platforms to bolster collaboration, communication, and decision-making capabilities with their constituents.

A centralized IT operating model helps reduce risks and improve security posture.


of state and local government organizations reported
that they were hit by ransomware.

The State of Ransomware in State and Local
Government 2023

Financial services

Digital technology is revolutionizing the finance industry, elevating customer experience, operational efficiency, and cost reduction. Trends like mobile apps, online banking, and AI-driven personalized services are reshaping finance.

However, this shift to a digital economy has made cybersecurity the primary concern.


of global financial institutions with at least $5 billion in assets
were hit by a variety of cyberattacks over the past year

ABA Banking Journal

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You’re in good company.

Our customers say it best. Their stories reveal how CBTS helps organizations build brighter futures. From the enhanced networking of the Bengals NFL stadium to the IoT devices for higher learning in a university in Oklahoma, CBTS helps our clients meet the future with the latest technology, consulting and managed services to ensure they keep up with the competition and achieve their business objectives.

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Champion engaged CBTS after experiencing slow Internet speeds, high costs, and poor customer service. They had been paying for an expensive nationwide MPLS network and were facing pressure to reduce IT costs. Additionally, the company found itself increasingly depending on Salesforce and other Software-as-a-Service solutions, which escalated the importance of finding a cost-efficient solution to improve connectivity throughout its branch footprint.

By deploying NaaS and hosted UC, CBTS provided Champion with a better customer, employee, and IT managed service partner experience. CBTS securely set up a virtual network on public Internet for each location and manage the network for all locations through a centralized platform while delivering real-time analytics. Champion is now better prepared for the future, operating in a more agile, flexible, and cost-effective way.

“With CBTS’ support, we designed an enhanced network with the fan in mind to ensure that everyone in the stadium has access to high-quality, fast, and reliable Internet using the latest Wi-Fi technology.”

Steve Johnson, Manager of Capital Projects
Cincinnati Bengals

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma partnered with CBTS to create a mobile educational environment and prepare for IoT using HPE and Aruba technologies.

General Electric Credit Union

Bringing the latest in unified communications technologies, CBTS enables GE Credit Union to deliver the personal touch and trust that is priceless in the financial industry.

ProLink Staffing

CBTS designed a custom-built outcome-based network for ProLink by deploying the VMware VeloCloud SD-WAN  solution. The network is addressing all of ProLink’s pain points.

“Parallel and CBTS became the single point of contact and the
technology roadmap partner Donatos needed to build our store of the future.”

Larry Beckwith, Vice President of Information Services

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