CBTS and our holistic, customer-first approach

February 08, 2024
Author: Eric Miller
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A recent poll by marketing and public relations consultant Edelman showed that 81% of customers believe they need to be able to trust a brand before they buy from it. 

Trust through a holistic, customer-first approach is one of the most—if not the most—critical pillars in building a business or organization that strives for long-term success. It is why the average tenure of our customer base is 17 years. Through this customer-first approach, we attract and retain customers and build a foundation that helps establish trust and credibility. Over time, trust breeds loyalty and long-term success.

At CBTS, creating a customer-first approach begins with genuinely understanding our client’s needs through consultation, surveys, interviews, and data analysis. 

What is a holistic, customer-first approach?

A holistic approach means we leverage various advanced technologies, expertise, and services to build and deliver a comprehensive solution that works best for a specific client. We take the time to first understand a client’s pain points and then develop custom solutions to meet their unique needs.

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Our vendor-agnostic model ensures we always select the best technologies and services for the job. We are not wedded to one partner or platform and often use multiple solutions to find the best fit. With our unwavering commitment to quality, we help clients achieve their goals and succeed in their industries.

Listening to feedback is crucial

Business decisions cannot be made based on best guesses. Gathering and managing the distinct kind of data that helps us develop strategies is essential. Customer feedback gives us a dependable, tangible data source for making strategic decisions. These insights help us understand our clients and their needs more profoundly. At CBTS, we listen to feedback and turn it into actionable takeaways to help your business.

Our customer-first approach means finding ways to continue to improve and innovate by seeking regular client feedback.

Transparency builds trust

Transparency is a critical component of any customer-first strategy. 

CBTS believes in letting our customers know what roadblocks we face and when they can expect us to handle their requests. If we make a mistake, we own up to it, fix it, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Our customers appreciate this approach, as they feel understood and valued.

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Ultimately, the trust we build with our customers depends mainly on our capacity and willingness to fulfill their needs. It’s not something you can fake or a corner you can cut. It entails cultivating a customer-first ethos among everyone at CBTS who comes in contact with our clients. It’s not enough to provide a satisfactory client experience. We must consistently assess and adjust our approach to meet their needs.

Cultivating a customer-first approach

We’ve created a customer-centric culture across all departments at CBTS to ensure we meet and exceed customer expectations. Each team has the opportunity to help clients at some point, or at a minimum they are supporting someone else who is directly supporting a client. Furthermore, every employee is encouraged to recognize peers who exceed customer expectations or go above and beyond to deliver exceptional support.

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Anticipating the needs of our clients before they even arise allows us to innovate and stay ahead of the game. Our commitment to finding new ways to improve the client experience is a testament to our dedication to providing quality products and services.

Contact us today and learn more about how CBTS can be your trusted partner for end-to-end technology solutions.

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