Cloud Communication Solution: Donatos Pizza Case Study

April 27, 2020
Author: Grey Borneman
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This article is a brief summary of how migrating to a cloud-based communication architecture transformed the Donatos Pizza franchise’s customer service experience while reducing costs. To learn more about this real-world cloud communications solution, download the full case study.

For modern businesses, success is tied to network performance and the ability to adapt quickly. Seamless collaboration between employees, partners, and customers is more important than ever before, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic forces customers indoors, reduces commercial activity, and makes every call for service that much more valuable.

As businesses struggle to adapt to new demands for remote capability and migrate their communication services to the cloud, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms are changing the digital landscape by combining voice, audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, screen sharing, and many other applications on one platform.

Organizations that still use legacy networks are feeling the pain handling increased call volumes, adjusting contact centers to work from home, and being able to make large scale changes to many locations. Customer patience is at all-time lows, and experience expectations are at all-time highs. In this environment, companies that don’t adjust suffer. Companies that stay ahead of the curve thrive. Donatos Pizza is a prime example. A franchise with more than 200 locations in nine states, it is considered to be one of the fastest-growing franchises in the U.S.

The Problem: Legacy network infrastructure was delivering a fragmented customer experience between mobile applications and brick-and-mortar locations.

Donatos’ legacy network infrastructure could not keep up with the rapidly expanding franchise and the company’s desire to offer a consistent and seamless customer experience across its 200-plus franchise locations.

The franchise was struggling with poor in-store Wi-Fi and control, reliability, redundancy, and continuity issues.

Coordinating with dozens of vendors in different regions was inefficient and costly and was stretching internal IT department resources.

Donatos Pizza wanted to build a future-proof franchise supported by a next-generation IT platform.

Solution: A single cloud-based platform to support unified commerce.

Donatos chose to partner with CBTS to implement a hosted UCaaS, Network as a Service, and Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution.

CBTS provided all required hardware and software for the transition, provides ongoing technical and customer service from one support center, and bills Donatos one monthly fee on a single invoice.

Consistent quality of experience

Continuous connectivity is mission-critical for this client. Every dropped or disconnected phone call equals lost revenue. Some companies use patchwork VoIP solutions that treat voice traffic the same as any other data coming over the internet. As a result, the end user can experience communication lags and the call can eventually get dropped.

After partnering with CBTS, Donatos is now able to provide clients with a reliable and consistent quality of experience through the public internet connections at the individual stores.

Major benefits of SD-WAN and UCaaS

Since 2012, SD-WAN technology has quickly become an indispensable technology for businesses migrating to cloud-based services. SD-WAN in combination with UCaaS has transformed network scalability, management, and budgets like nothing in the past.

  • Scalability – UCaaS easily scales up or down, making it a strong solution for enterprise-sized businesses operating in hundreds of locations.
  • Manageability – UCaaS moves control to the cloud, making upgrades easier to configure, and providing one window for complete network management.
  • Cost savings – When you consider the consolidation of multiple vendors and technologies, and factor in the ROI of freeing up your IT staff, UCaaS is the most cost-effective solution.


Working with an experienced and qualified SD-WAN and UCaaS provider is important. CBTS has helped numerous small businesses and franchises transform their networking and migrate to cloud architecture with great success and has also helped several entities adapt and expand their networks to meet the logistical challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. CBTS and its 800 certified engineers can take on the burden of your IT management and maintenance by proactively managing and monitoring your network 24x7x365.

  • Get streamlined services through a single vendor.
  • Deliver exceptional voice/data service.
  • Experience cost savings and enhanced security and control.
  • Free your IT organization to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Enhance your customer experience.

To learn more about how SD-WAN and UCaaS transformed Donatos Pizza’s customer service experience, download the full case study.

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