Brian Quinn

Senior Vice President, Business and Product Development

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Brian Quinn
Senior Vice President, Business and Product Development

Brian is responsible for overseeing the development and sales support of solutions for customers that help achieve their business outcomes. Brian leads the Pre-Sales Business Development Organization as well as the Product Development Organization, with a focus on offering exceptional value to our customers by solving their most complex IT business needs. This role utilizes both dedicated and cross-functional teams while managing the sales-to-delivery process of our customers. Brian is also responsible for developing and executing corporate strategic plans for creating and selling innovative services to our customers. Brian joined the CBTS family of companies in 1993 and has held a number of leadership roles at CBTS, including serving most recently as Vice President of Programs, a position that entailed supporting CBTS’ largest clients with managed services and products. Brian holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati.

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When Brian isn’t working you can find him camping, skiing, woodworking, and tabletop gaming.

How much do you think about total cost of ownership?

By Brian Quinn

The total cost of purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure can add up for businesses relying on technology. From hardware to software to ongoing maintenance, it’s essential to consider the total cost of ownership before committing to significant IT investments. 

Innovating on behalf of our clients.

“By leveraging the insights provided by TCO analysis, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and reduce costs, which is critical for success in today’s fast-paced business environment.”


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