Shannon Mullen

Chief Financial Officer

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Shannon Mullen
Chief Financial Officer

Shannon Mullen is responsible for accounting, finance, collections, accounts payable, billing, risk management, treasury, and tax. She served as Senior Vice President of Administrative Services from 2020 until 2022, when she became Chief Financial Officer.

Shannon joined the company in 2004 in the SEC reporting and corporate accounting group. From 2006 through 2017, she held numerous positions in Finance, supporting multiple business units. In 2017, Shannon moved into the roles of Vice President and Corporate Controller, serving in this position until 2019, when she became Vice President of Customer Experience at CBTS.

Shannon earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Miami University and is a certified public accountant. Before joining the company, she was an audit manager at KPMG LLP.

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My family is my foremost priority, influencing every decision I make. Another important aspect of my life is volunteering as a youth volleyball coach. My lifelong involvement in sports and coaching has been a profound learning experience. Coaching demands exceptional communication, listening, adaptability, leadership, empathy, emotional intelligence, and patience, all of which enrich my personal and professional life. Through coaching, I aspire to develop strong female leaders who may lead organizations like CBTS and positively impact our world. One crucial skill I emphasize with my team is “mental toughness”. I believe that sports play a vital role in nurturing this quality, a common trait among successful leaders.

Three pillars of finance that influence a successful client-centric culture

By Shannon Mullen

Over the last several years, client experience has become a critical differentiator in a highly competitive environment. CFOs drive a client-centric culture that leads to meaningful and measurable outcomes… 

I learn so much by listening to the people around me.

“By putting clients at the center of everything they do, finance teams can create value and build trust.”


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