Five questions to ask potential IT staffing partners

February 22, 2022
Bob Hatfield
Director Consulting Services

The IT talent gap is one of the biggest challenges facing enterprises today. As companies adopt new tech more rapidly than ever, the demand for experienced IT professionals is greater than the talent pool itself. While this issue is nothing new, organizations continue to have trouble filling critical roles with qualified individuals. For this reason, it’s worth seeking the help of an IT staffing partner to deliver the resources you need.

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IT staffing partners can be an invaluable resource as your organization strives to keep up with advancing systems and tech. Depending on your needs, the right consultant can augment your existing staff with highly skilled talent, and some can even provide a full delivery team to manage and staff the project for you. CBTS IT Staffing and Consulting aims to take on the burden of closing the talent gap for your organization by offering all of these benefits and more.

This blog will outline five key questions to consider when choosing an IT staffing partner for your business.

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Do you have experience as a partner in IT staffing in my industry?

No two industries are alike. Each has individual considerations, requirements, and regulations. It is crucial that your partner in IT staffing thoroughly understands your sector when placing candidates.

CBTS has a proven track record partnering with clients in industries ranging from healthcare to education to large scale retailers. As a result, CBTS has successfully placed candidates in numerous verticals, even when filling niche positions.

Do your IT professionals have experience with this type of project?

Understanding your IT staffing consultant’s previous experience is essential to your success. Whether you’re migrating to the cloud, implementing new technologies, or recovering from a cyber breach, partnering with proven staffing consultants will help you save time and mitigate risks for your business.

CBTS engineers and developers have experience working on a wide range of operations, including cloud, communications, infrastructure, and security services. You can feel confident that you are bringing in an experienced partner for your IT staffing needs when you work with CBTS.

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Does your team have the proper certifications?

Make sure any potential partners in IT staffing have highly certified professionals on their team. Your unique project may require IT experts with specific backgrounds and certification levels. Whether you need to augment your staff or hire a full delivery team to get the job done, confirm with your IT staffing consultants that their professionals have the proper certifications to work effectively with your organization.

Drawing on years of successful technical recruiting experience, CBTS understands that companies have varying staffing requirements. CBTS employs over 1,200 consultants with extensive experience and certifications.

Do you offer project management services?

As you bring in outside resources for important IT projects, internal and external professionals must work as a single unit. Employing a project manager will keep all initiatives on track to consistently meet your company’s goals. You can achieve cohesion among departments and produce well-executed projects by choosing an IT staffing partner with project management candidates.

Calling on a partner that provides a holistic staffing solution will help you achieve your unique project goals. CBTS works with all manner of IT staff—from project managers and other leadership roles to engineers and architects—to ensure each client’s staffing needs are met.

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Does your team utilize nearshore or offshore support?

Nearshoring and offshoring IT talent are widely used by IT staffing consultants because they provide the best ROI, large talent pools, and improved scalability for clients.

CBTS offers a unique outsourcing model for clients. It employs a combination of offshoring from India and nearshoring from Canada, bringing you 24x7x365 support with significant cost savings compared with onshore IT talent.

The benefits of nearshoring:
  • Easy communication – Meetings can be arranged during regular work hours as the time zone difference between your staff and the CBTS nearshoring team will be minimal to none.
  • English speaking staff – Based in Canada, the nearshoring team will speak English and have few, if any, cultural and work differences from your team.
  • Cost savings – The cost of CBTS nearshoring solutions is 25-30% lower than the CBTS offshoring counterpart.
  • Quick response times – Offshore support can be slow due to the significant time zone difference. Nearshore support, however, is fast and can tackle urgent problems that require immediate attention.

A partner in IT staffing: your solution to the IT talent gap

When your business’s projects require skilled IT professionals, having a trusted partner in IT staffing can accelerate your organization’s success. CBTS IT Staffing and Consulting solutions include project-based resources, staff augmentation services, and full delivery teams.

With our help, you can wave goodbye to your staffing worries and sleep soundly, knowing you have the talent you need for your business to thrive. Partnering with CBTS guarantees you access to highly-skilled, dynamic professionals who are ready and waiting to support your business.

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