Companies turn to IT staffing services for digital transformation

November 12, 2021
Author: Bob Hatfield
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Table of Contents

  1. Attracting and retaining the right IT professionals
  2. New systems require the staffing of fresh IT talent
  3. What to know when selecting an IT staffing service
    1. Identifying your IT staffing needs is a crucial first step
    2. Weighing the pros and cons of an IT staffing provider
    3. Don’t forget that this is a business arrangement
  4. CBTS offers unmatched IT staffing service capability
  5. What are the capabilities a staffing service should provide?
  6. An IT staffing solution for any industry
  7. Developing a skilled IT workforce with CBTS

The challenge of recruiting, hiring, and retaining experienced IT professionals is not getting any easier. A survey from Harvey Nash/KPMG found 65% of respondents lamenting the lack of tech talent in their organizations. Meanwhile, a 2017 study from LinkedIn and Capgemini revealed that only 40% of enterprises had sufficient digital talent in-house.

As tech-based workloads require skilled technicians, organizations are increasingly turning to IT staffing services. For a fee, companies gain access to top talent without wading into the bureaucratic complexities and capital expense of recruiting and training new hires. CBTS maintains a large pool of certified IT specialists backed by a team of support personnel. Regardless of the obstacle, CBTS offers clients access to people who can optimize any data ecosystem.

This blog will illustrate the benefits of using a third-party consultant for short-term or project-based IT initiatives within organizations of all sizes.

Attracting and retaining the right IT professionals

According to ZDNet, data scientists, IT architects, and security engineers are among the most difficult positions for enterprises to fill. To attract top candidates from thinning graduation ranks, businesses are forced to offer exorbitant salaries and attractive incentives.

Many CIOs are therefore shouldering the burden of complex digital transformation initiatives. Ironically, this forces CIOs to focus on project loads rather than hiring the talent needed to push key programming forward. Even with the ongoing growth of automation and artificial intelligence, organizations still require talent to manage these innovations.

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New systems require the staffing of fresh IT talent

Legacy systems become more costly and time-consuming to support as the years pass. Additionally, the IT professionals familiar with these systems are steadily nearing retirement age. Recruiting, hiring, and retaining new talent is a must for companies diving into big data, cloud computing, and other cutting-edge technology.

In the search for fresh recruits, organizations are confronting a mountain of compliance demands as well as sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Tasking an IT staffing service like CBTS can solve this issue while also supporting a remote workforce reliant on digital technology. The old model of filling an IT staff with full-time employees simply can’t cope with such multi-faceted demands.

What to know when selecting an IT staffing service

As companies turn toward new technologies, it’s incumbent upon these organizations to hire the right IT professionals. As an IT staffing service that operates across industries, CBTS outlines three key considerations for choosing a staffing partner:

  • Figure out what you need first.
  • Balance the pros and cons.
  • Remember that this is a business arrangement.
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Identifying your IT staffing needs is a crucial first step

Enterprises should start with an analysis of their IT resources, with a focus on the following areas:

  • What are the technology skillset gaps among current team members?
  • Are any IT areas currently under-resourced?
  • Are there strategic technology projects planned that would require an influx of short-term resources?
  • If so, what type of IT talent is needed to bolster the current team?
  • Is there access to an IT staffing service provider with sufficient expertise to find skilled personnel?

Ultimately, executives can rely on an IT staffing service partner like CBTS to realize their technical goals.

Weighing the pros and cons of an IT staffing provider

Organizations considering an IT staffing partner should carefully weigh the benefits and risks.


  • Flexibility –Enterprises hire only the talent they need, saving them both time and expenses.
  • Expertise –Staffing servicesfind individuals able to solve the steepest technology hurdles.
  • Perspective –External IT experts often notice vulnerabilities and opportunities that insiders miss.
  • Pricing clarity –Companies pay a pre-determined price for a defined time or number of resources.
  • Resource allocation – Allows full-time IT staff to focus on core company goals.


  • Attrition and training –Depending on the circumstances, you may have to devote time and money toward the training of temporary employees.
  • Dependence –Relying on temps can discourage companies from developing long-term IT talent.
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Don’t forget that this is a business arrangement

The working relationship between an enterprise’s IT management and a staffing services provider can determine the success of a business objective. Enterprises should put in place the following precautions to ensure a job well done:

  • Nail down the details –Any external IT staffing services arrangement should be accompanied by a comprehensive contract. 
  • Develop a strategy –Organizations should create a written plan describing the aims of the partnership; for example, defining what kinds of work are best done by internal teams and external partners.
  • Quantify performance –Ensure each party agrees on metrics and calculation methodologies. This nuanced process usually belongs to an IT staffing services partner like CBTS.
  • Assign with care –Full-time leaders must understand the best ways to collaborate with external IT experts.

CBTS offers unmatched IT staffing service capability

Outsourcing IT staffing services is an answer to the many challenges encountered by today’s changing enterprises. CBTS solutions are available in multiple formats to provide flexibility for the toughest tech challenges. These include:

  • Project-based resources –These are available across multiple technologies to assist with short- and long-term project work. The client is billed on an hourly or fixed-price basis.
  • Staff augmentation –CBTS has nine full-time recruiters able to meet pressing IT staffing needs. Talent is matched with clients through a search of the extensive CBTS database.
  • Permanent hires –CBTS also recruits talent for full-time work, using the same due diligence it does for temp contracts.

By harnessing this staffing resource, organizations can inexpensively maintain a scalable staffing environment that matches skill sets with work requirements.

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What are the capabilities a staffing service should provide?

Closing your company’s IT talent gap means obtaining workers with top-notch abilities. Aptitudes provided by any competent IT staffing service include:

  • Custom application development in Java, .NET, opensource, and more.
  • Application modernization in public, private, or hybrid cloud migration.
  • Digital solutions for e-commerce platforms, content management systems (CMS), and more.
  • Microsoft Power Platform training and integration services.
  • Managed scrum development for SDLC, including design, automation, and testing.
  • 24×7 monitoring of legacy and modern applications through onshore, nearshore, and offshore resources.
  • A complete suite of L1, L2, and L3 services.
  • A strong retainer services model.

An IT staffing solution for any industry

IT needs are evolving at a rapid clip across various market sectors. For example, the Dayton Public School District in Ohio recently searched for an experienced IT vendor. The district selected CBTS based on the company’s deep experience in deploying hard-working tech pros. 

The CBTS recruitment team matched the district’s business needs with appropriate IT talent. Consultants delivered help desk and maintenance support while developing first-class software applications and standards. CBTS also assigned a project leader to foster communication between internal staff and CBTS consultants. Consultants were further supported by a consultant care manager who assumed all HR administration duties. Overall, the school district enjoyed a successful staffing partnership that saved precious time and capital.

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Developing a skilled IT workforce with CBTS

In today’s economy, efficiency is a key catalyst for success. While emerging data platforms are driving productivity, enterprises cannot ignore talent. An experienced IT staffing servicesprovider like CBTS can be your partner in creating a high-end technology environment.

Contact us today for more information about CBTS Staffing and Consulting Services.

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