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It’s a fact of business: There’s just not enough highly skilled technical professionals to go around. Yet there is no shortage of demanding technical projects and environments requiring the hands-on attention of experts. Or specific IT challenges that require a specialist. And that leaves you competing for the IT talent to reach your business and technology goals. Fortunately, that kind of talent is available on-demand at CBTS.

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Experts with advanced skills

CBTS OnDemand Residency Services deploys highly vetted, trained, certified IT specialists backed by our experienced team of technology professionals. You get instant access to people with the advanced skills required to take control. As a technology company, we understand what you need from a technical perspective. And we know what it takes to ensure that every engagement is successful.

Our staffing options offer the flexibility you need to solve any IT challenge:

Strategic Staffing
CBTS provides experienced and certified technology professionals, temporary staff for professional projects, or as backfill when one or more of your own techs are otherwise engaged. Staffing is available for short- or long-term assignments.

Project-based Work
CBTS can help your business execute any specific IT project. Our consultants can help install equipment, complete moves, adds and changes, or respond to any short-term requirement that’s beyond your existing project.

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Key benefits

  • Flexible staffing options

    Eliminate full-time employee benefit costs for short-term employment needs with a flexible staffing model based on overall company performance.

  • Best practice and global expertise

    Benefit from our years of experience in engineering solutions for Fortune 500 companies to implement new technologies with industry best practices and architectures and practices outside of limited internal expertise.

  • Large pool of proven talent

    Evaluate candidate performance prior to hiring and place a resource quickly when needed. We have more than 700 consultants on staff and a database of over 40,000 more.

  • Scalable, reliable, affordable staffing

    Utilize staff and resources on an “on-demand,
    as-needed” basis and choose between flexible hourly or scope-based pricing models based on your needs.

Best-of-breed resources and a customer-centric approach

Our goal is simple and client-focused. We strive to keep your IT staff focused on business-critical technology initiatives and to ultimately help you create a competitive advantage in the market place. Our highly skilled professionals deliver results that meet your growing needs, often with the right to retain and hire.

CBTS OnDemand Residency Services offer:

  • Greater value than traditional staffing companies who don’t have 30 years of experience in the technologies they support
  • Rigorous pre-qualifications of all consultants by Subject Matter Experts to ensure all appropriate training and necessary certifications
  • Ongoing support and escalation path from our resident technical experts through the engagement
  • Full management to reduce the administrative burden of timesheets, expenses, and scheduling

Driving real business outcomes

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