Selecting an AWS Consulting Partner

November 21, 2023
Author: CBTS
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Moving to the Cloud is no longer optional for enterprise-level organizations, as it offers numerous benefits such as cost efficiency, high scalability, and robust security. With a cloud-first strategy, businesses can focus on their core operations while continually empowering developers to integrate and deploy new capabilities. No longer is the critical question “if” enterprises should migrate to the Cloud, but rather “when” and “how” an organization should tackle digital transformation.

Managed Public Cloud on AWS is an ideal cloud solution and helps empower developers to focus on core application functionality, automate infrastructure as code, and scale on demand. This solution also drives cost savings and provides increased security.

AWS has delivered more enterprise cloud resources than any other hyperscale provider, making it the leading cloud infrastructure and platform services provider for leading enterprise IT executives. AWS serves organizations of all types and sizes–from small startups to top-tier organizations. Embracing AWS cloud solutions empowers your developers to focus on what they do best, driving new software capabilities and giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

AWS Consulting Partners and Partner Network

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is an international program designed to support companies in building successful AWS-based solutions by offering them business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support. AWS Consulting Partners provide consulting and professional services, including helping customers design, architect, implement, migrate, and manage their AWS environments. These partners may also offer training and support services to optimize customers’ AWS usage. 

The Advanced AWS Consulting Partner certification is a highly-regarded status awarded to partners with extensive qualifications, including thorough deployment experience in AWS, deep AWS knowledge and expertise, and a threshold number of certified technicians. To become an AWS Partner, companies must demonstrate a deep understanding of AWS, earn accreditations, maintain a minimum monthly billing expenditure on AWS, and provide customer references during the admission process.

Make CBTS your partner for AWS solutions

As an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with more than 80 AWS certifications, CBTS is the ideal candidate to ensure your journey to the public cloud is successful. At CBTS, we offer the Managed Cloud solution powered by AWS in a tiered model that provides maximum flexibility and efficiency for clients across verticals moving toward or already leveraging a cloud architecture to drive business outcomes. 

CBTS has a proven track record of providing managed services for over a decade, and our team has expertise in modernizing technologies through methodologies such as infrastructure as code, orchestration, containerization, and more. We work with you to implement the appropriate management for your AWS environment based on your unique requirements. Our team uses cloud-native solutions and industry-leading tools for monitoring and management, which integrate with your operations center.

CBTS can oversee and implement your cloud migration to ensure maximum security and efficiency. Our certified AWS engineers and architects assess the existing environment and offer specific recommendations to ensure a successful journey to the public cloud. Contact CBTS today to explore how we can help your organization leverage the benefits of a managed cloud environment on AWS.

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