Improving patient outcomes with technology and innovation

Driving secure patient engagement

Demand for “bring your own device” and “on-demand healthcare” means organizations need to innovate across the continuum of care with digital technology to secure, simplify, and improve patient engagement.

CBTS cloud-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions, along with the expertise of the CBTS Application Services team for application integration, offers the omni-channel communications technology healthcare organizations need to meet this demand. Whether in-person or remotely, our solutions make it possible for patients to access care by phone, email, video, website, app-or all of the above-wherever and whenever they need it with tools like:

  • Online appointment scheduling and reminders.
  • Hospital or office visit self-check-in kiosks and applications.
  • Wayfinder applications to tell you where you need to be.
  • On-demand video appointments.
  • Wearables to monitor daily health metrics.

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Unified Communications for Healthcare Organizations

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70% of healthcare buyers prefer digital healthcare solutions to phone or in-person solutions for all major aspects of their healthcare journey.

Cordina J et al, Healthcare consumerism 2018: An update on the journey, July 2018,

Optimizing clinical business and IT operations

Due to the record pace of merger and acquisition activity in healthcare, many organizations are struggling to integrate legacy infrastructure and network configurations to meet the challenges of a modern digital environment.  One solution, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) from CBTS, helps organizations incorporate a wide variety of network architectures without the cost and complexity of a major network overhaul.

HIPAA-compliant data centers and cloud environments deliver reliability and streamlines communications

Should an organization decide to replace, migrate, or rebuild their data center, CBTS has over three decades of experience designing, building and managing HIPAA-compliant, next-generation data centers for healthcare organizations that deliver high availability and reliability.

In addition, our cloud team has helped hundreds of organizations migrate to a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment that enables digital transformation, streamlines communications, and makes it easier and more cost-effective for staff to share information, collaborate remotely, and participate in training.

See how CBTS helped one leading healthcare system update their data center.

IT experts can guide digital transformation

So what’s holding healthcare organizations back in their digital transformation journey?  Many organizations feel they don’t have the IT staff to implement and manage all the new digital initiatives. Leveraging a trusted partner like CBTS Consulting Services to proactively manage and monitor a digital environment empowers an organization’s existing IT staff to focus on proactive strategic initiatives that result in:

  • High-performance computing and exceptional application experiences.

  • Flexible, reliable, and highly secure network.

  • Reliable, 24×7 data center and network management with centralized visibility and control, easy mobile application deployment and maintenance, and Internet access for patients and visitors.

  • Face-to-face interactions between disparate staff and remote healthcare teams through video collaboration anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Streamline the patient-doctor experience

Today’s healthcare organizations are complex matrixes of hospitals, outpatient centers, physicians’ offices, rehabilitation centers, online pharmacies–and the list goes on.   Breaking down the siloed work environments of remote healthcare teams-as well as delivering remote care and telemedicine to geographically dispersed patients-has become a challenge for healthcare IT teams.

Healthcare's Journey
to the Cloud

UCaaS can bring significant benefits that improve patient care and lower total cost of ownership

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Connect patients and caregivers, inside and outside of the office

CBTS communication and collaboration technology solutions can help organizations transform how remote care teams communicate with each other and their patients.  CBTS Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) integrates voice, video, data, and mobile and desktop applications into one seamless and secure communication system that, along with Webex and virtual care, allows patients and care teams to enjoy more effective, face-to-face experiences that result in:

  • Reduced speed of patient decision making.
  • Reduced patient and physician driving time and expenses.
  • Virtual face-to-face knowledge transfer between clinicians.
  • Convenient follow-up and remote access to patient information.
  • Reduced cost of juggling disparate communication technologies.

Solve unique IT needs for healthcare providers

Personalizing how patients experience care

Understanding how, when, and where patients need healthcare is important for today’s healthcare organizations who are striving to facilitate a better care experience.  Electronic medical records (EMR) systems have been in place for a decade or longer, but organizations are just now starting to tap into the often disconnected data.

To turn EMR data into contextual, actionable, and predictive insights to help organizations solve problems and realize improved patient outcomes, our Application Services team are experts at helping organizations:

  • Integrate call center and collaboration systems with third-party applications.

  • Unify disparate applications and digital tools for a holistic view of EMR data.

  • Build custom applications for both legacy and cloud-native environments.

Facilitate security, data protection, and compliance

Healthcare is more connected and more integrated than ever before, and as cybersecurity threats grow increasingly sophisticated and frequent, organizations must address healthcare IT security, privacy and regulatory requirements. Our HIPAA-compliant healthcare security solutions help organizations keep their patients, medical devices, and data safe and secure. CBTS security experts can help organizations assess and manage risk, design solutions, and effectively respond to incidents to realize:

  • Policy-driven scalable protection against attacks on network and IoT medical devices.
  • Proven data protection from loss of data due to ransomware with offsite data backup and recovery.
  • Highly secure remote network access for employees and vendors while maintaining visibility and control.
  • Flexible security automation with near-zero downtime.
  • Protection from ransomware and other malware to keep your research and data safe.

Data security

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