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Industries today struggle with the constant challenge of keeping their data safe. Understanding the technologies available to determine the correct security solution for your business can be a daunting task.

Let our experts bring their experience and industry knowledge to identify gaps, meet compliances, secure your applications and identify the tools and processes required to safeguard your business.

Security Services Overview

Determine the right technology to secure your business

Data security

86% of breaches are financially motivated, 67% are phishing and e-mail compromises, causing the majority of data breaches, 58% involve personal data theft, and 27% of malware incidents are ransomware.*
*Verizon 2020 Executive Brief Investigations Report

Data loss can occur through several avenues

The common factor is, data loss is expensive. Data protection regulations are constantly changing but the implementation of data loss prevention can help with:

  • Personal information protection.
  • Compliance.
  • IP protection.
  • Data visibility.

Let us show you how.

Identity and access management

Ensuring identity and controlling access as digital transformations are occurring is imperative to securing your network. Making access seamless to the user as well as adaptable throughout the user’s access life-cycle is determined by choosing the right tools to implement.

We can help you secure your network

CBTS will take the time to understand your data, help you develop privilege access and guide your choice of which tools are required to achieve your desired results.

Case Studies

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