Secure SD-WAN

A new beginning for secure branch networking

If there’s one part of IT standing in the way of business agility, it’s the enterprise WAN. Traditional MPLS networks can’t offer low-latency/high-performance access to cloud applications, and that means remote users have to settle for less from real-time apps like VoIP. In addition, the security and management requirements associated with disparate traffic flows have added to the complexity of managing branch operations, thus increasing operational (staffing) costs for many IT organizations. It may be time to explore an SD-WAN solution from CBTS.

To stay competitive, distributed organizations are constantly evolving to overcome today’s branch network challenges of expensive bandwidth, infrastructure complexity, and a rigid architecture.


Custom designed network

See how CBTS designed a custom network for ProLink Staffing

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Finding the right partner

Cloud delivered SD-WAN is a revolutionary, agile platform to securely deploy, manage and monitor hybrid public, private, wireline and wireless networks.

  • Experience network visibility and control from a central location

    Offload management and analysis of any issue to a trusted partner.

  • SD-WAN measures quality and steers traffic

    Gain the ability to remediate impairments across multiple pathways to reliably handle applications and traffic across branch offices, data centers and the cloud.

Engineered to optimize and simplify

Never again will your remote users have to settle for anything less than the best from real-time applications such as VoIP running on your network. SD-WAN capabilities from CBTS provide a more secure, resilient, high-quality experience across distributed locations while reducing IT costs and management complexity. Built upon VeloCloud’s technology, the new secure, hardened, purpose-built enterprise solution deploys and maintains a high-performance WAN:

  • Address performance issues associated with latency and accessing data sources and apps distributed across locations, devices, and geographies
  • Transform business outcomes with enhanced real-time operations and business agility
  • Eliminate traditional capital investment in IT infrastructure
  • Pay less for an agile, high-performance network

"SD-WAN powered by VeloCloud and managed by CBTS was a solution from day-1 which allowed for growth that is reliable and scalable...we're great at staffing, CBTS is great at managing our IT."

Mike Munafo
ProLink Staffing

Software and cloud based technologies

SD-WAN from CBTS uses software and cloud-based technologies to simplify the delivery of WAN services to branch offices. Software-based virtualization enables network abstraction that simplifies network operations. Now you can deploy Internet-based connectivity (with its benefits of ubiquity, high bandwidth, and low cost) easily, quickly, and with quality, reliability and security.

  • Improve business agility with a software-defined solution that delivers faster deployment, on-demand bandwidth, and faster disaster recovery
  • Drive IT efficiency with automation and cloud management that removes the burden from staff
  • Reduce overall costs and stabilize IT budget management by eliminating data center upgrades and redesign costs
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By 2021, 60% of enterprises will phase out network VPNs for digital business communications in favor of software-defined perimeters, up from less than 1% in 2016.

Gartner, It’s Time to Isolate Your Services From the Internet Cesspool, Neil MacDonald, September 2016, Refreshed November 2017

Driving real business outcomes

SD-WAN is a business enabler

Experience network-wide visibility, reduced barriers to using cloud-based applications and services, and begin realizing lower total cost of ownership.
Cloud Delivered SD-WAN offers a comprehensive and flexible cloud infrastructure that includes an orchestrator, controllers, gateways, and edges.

CBTS experts weigh in on SD-WAN

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