Transformation workshop

Modernize your applications, cloud, and on-premises platforms, and create a zero-trust security program

The process of technology modernization has often been described as a journey. Along this path there are several destinations, starting with a cost-effective more secure, nimble environment that allows adoption of new technologies and improves customer experience.

CBTS’s Transformation Workshop provides a Roadmap with actionable tasks to guide you along the technology transformation path. This workshop is led by Solution Architects who have a broad spectrum of real-world experiences with enterprises in all industries. Following the standard of optimization, consolidation, and standardization, their primary objective is to determine where your organization is today, where you’d like to be in the future and then outline a strategic roadmap to help along the journey.

At the conclusion of the event, you have the opportunity to identify the areas that are most strategic, ensuring your IT is delivering the value needed for success.

Elevate and secure your business with a CBTS Transformation Workshop

Refreshing servers and consolidating workloads can cut data center costs. The move toward higher density and consolidation can free up physical data center space; reduce operating costs including port costs, heating, and cooling; and lower maintenance expenses.

Servers that handle larger customer loads enable enterprises to do more work with each server. Moving to servers that can also handle more virtual machines enables enterprises to consolidate virtualized database workloads onto fewer physical servers.

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Elevating your business

The process of modernizing your data center to meet the demands of today’s digitally empowered customers is a journey. Your organization should meet certain milestones along the way. The experts at CBTS will meet with you during the Transformation Workshop to determine where you business is today, and what your goals are for the future. Download this infographic to learn more about this process.

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Chad Stansel

Director, Application Services

Chad Stansel is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in Software Development as both a hands-on Solutions Architect and Leader. Chad holds MCSD, MCPD, MCTS, and MCP certifications in Microsoft Application Development. His personal and business interests are "all things technology".

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Jason Broome

Sr. Solutions Consultant

With 25 years of experience in IT and Management, Jason is focused on large Enterprise environments solving business problems by providing proven solutions. With a background in both storage and infrastructure Jason's recent focus has been within the Data Center and Consulting arenas across multiple technology stacks.

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Ryan Hamrick

Manager, Security Consulting & Professional Services

As part of an IT career spanning 20+ years, Ryan Hamrick has focused on security for the last 15. Managing a world class security assessment organization, he and his team provide expert level security consulting services for CBTS customers that focuses on security policy and procedure design, holistic security architecture review, web application assessments, external and internal penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, social engineering assessments, and cloud security assessments.

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