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Transform to an advanced IT infrastructure environment that improves availability, performance, and security.

Why Modernized Infrastructure

Why modernize


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Why modernize?

Evolving customer expectations, cyber threats, and a rapidly changing IT landscape are the driving forces behind infrastructure modernization. To be an industry disruptor, organizations need to embrace automation and embed AI into cloud-native infrastructure and applications.

Modernization of legacy compute, storage, and network infrastructure is the foundation of your IT transformation. Organizations must assess their current topology and prioritize investments into existing data center and hybrid cloud-enabled capabilities.

Infrastructure solutions tailored to your organizational goals.


of decision-makers recognize that digital infrastructure is the critical catalyst for achieving business goals.



Modern infrastructure helps drive exponential growth

Implementing a modern infrastructure roadmap provides opportunities to improve security and collaboration between remote and in-office workers. It can vastly reduce downtime and protect your organization from malicious activity, giving you access to industry-leading skill sets to help guide you on your journey.

CBTS infrastructure-as-a-service solutions leverage our extensive partner network, which includes Cisco, HPE, Microsoft, AWS, Google, and Dell, among others. Together, we deliver industry-leading advanced data center solutions that include servers, storage, cloud software, security, and automation.

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CBTS will consult with your team and assess your current IT infrastructure and applications while considering your strategic business objectives. Our experienced and certified engineers make recommendations that lead to measurable outcomes.

Based on identified business objectives, CBTS engineers design, build, and deploy solutions to improve network performance, availability, and security and use AI to drive outcomes.

Assess network environment

CBTS engineers assess performance, security, manageability, and use of data analytics.

Outsource management

Shift monitoring, management, updates, and security to CBTS so your team can focus on IT innovation and growth.

Determine pain points

Discovery of network management tasks holding back IT staff from growth initiatives.

Mitigate risk

Proactive security with automatic upgrades keeps data safe and accessible as networks expand.

Design and deploy

Improve network performance, services, and security through upgrades, migration, and streamlining assets.

Unified portal

Migrate your apps and data to the Cloud and manage them through a unified portal.

CBTS methodology

You understand your business and industry better than anyone.

We implement complex IT infrastructure solutions for successful enterprise organizations.

Together we can modernize your operations and empower your team to focus on delivering new capabilities and drive functionality to market faster.


Delivering measurable results

Managed infrastructure solutions from CBTS give your team access to the certified and experienced bench strength required to help you achieve your strategic business outcomes.


IT impact and KPIs

Business impact and KPIs


Improved performance

IT impact and KPIs

Upgrading legacy systems can help you reduce your IT and capital expenses.


  • 24×7 availability
  • Eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Keep IT focused on mission-critical tasks

Business impact and KPIs

Create a faster, more reliable network that serves employees and clients alike.


  • Fewer breaches mean higher profits
  • Work faster
  • Quickly access analytics and insights



IT impact and KPIs

Modernized infrastructure gives you a competitive advantage so you can move faster.


  • Frees up internal resources
  • Protects against malicious threats
  • Reduces IT costs

Business impact and KPIs

Predictability and reliability drive confidence and growth.


  • Stabilized business operations

  • Faster, easier remote employee access

  • Fewer system failures


Cost reductions

IT impact and KPIs

Modernized infrastructure supports advanced application capabilities.


  • Drive new functionality to market faster
  • Reduced maintenance and scheduled downtime
  • Free up costly resources


Business impact and KPIs

Improve customer satisfaction and end-user experience.


  • Increased speed
  • Improved security
  • Faster access to your data


Enhanced user experience

IT impact and KPIs

Respond faster to changing business requirements and market opportunities.


  • Application developers can focus on rapid deployment
  • New capabilities that give you a competitive advantage
  • Intelligent and predictable analytics with 24×7 support

Business impact and KPIs

CBTS delivers a reliable infrastructure that satisfies your clients’ needs as well as your own.


  • Operational excellence leads to improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced security, monitoring, and reporting
  • Reliability and stability of your mission-critical infrastructure and applications


Enhancing data sharing between modern and legacy systems is a primary challenge for IT teams today. Infrastructure interoperability depends on successfully connecting new and legacy systems so they are compatible.

Organizations looking to implement new hardware or tools into their IT ecosystem must clearly understand which workloads are optimal to run in the Cloud and which legacy applications will remain on-prem in a dedicated environment. Once we map, document, and understand which elements of the existing IT infrastructure can successfully move to the Cloud, we can then focus on creating a roadmap that considers all systems requiring modernization.


Infrastructure modernization solutions

Data center infrastructure

Modernize your server, storage, and network hardware with automated cloud capabilities.

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Hybrid IT

Management of your private, public, and multi-cloud platforms that provides a single view for scalability and cost.

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Infrastructure as a service

Access computing, network, security, and communications solutions that are delivered with a predictable monthly cost.

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Network infrastructure

Transform your legacy network environment with the latest infrastructure solutions from partners like Cisco, Dell, and HPE.

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Infrastructure security

Protect private and confidential data from compromise and deliver on your brand promise.

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Case studies

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The client is a large regional financial institution that operates as a diversified financial services company. The financial institution has $113 billion in assets, operates 16 affiliates with 1,309 full-service banking centers, including 103 bank mart locations open seven days a week inside select grocery stores, and 2,358 ATMs.

The client’s network was insufficient for the company’s bandwidth needs, and its connections had quadrupled over four years from 16 to 64. The client’s growth in both the number of locations and the types of banking services created an increased need for new and updated technology at the client’s main offices and branches

CBTS solution
Implementation of SIP required a true partnership among CBTS personnel, the client’s internal staff, and vendors that provided the SIP circuits, desktops, and help desk.

CBTS successfully installed a converged voice and data solution, which included phasing out the old voice architecture and replacing it with VoIP. The VoIP infrastructure, including new circuits and routers, telephony servers, transcoders, and configuration, would support the client’s 1,200 existing branch locations.

Within 30 months, CBTS rolled out the VoIP solution to 1,500 new branches and internal groups at the client’s sites. More than 33,000 handsets transitioned to VoIP. The solution employed a VoIP server, eight call manager servers, and one unity server. Three hundred customer sites utilized the auto attendant application. CBTS saved the client $9 million.

Located in northeastern Ohio, this healthcare system employs more than 7,000 and provides comprehensive emergency, acute, critical, outpatient, and long term care.

The client’s wireless hardware was reaching the end of its life and needed a refresh.

CBTS solution
The client and CBTS met weekly for three months to ensure all requirements would be included in the outcome and to educate the client on product capabilities. After the discovery, a proof of concept was implemented on one floor of the client’s tech center building.

The proof of concept provided all requirements determined during the discovery process. Aruba controllers and mobility master solutions provide centralized configuration management, scaled deployment options, and centralized license management.

Using Aruba Airwave, the IT department now has granular visibility into the network with far less time spent managing it. CBTS Professional Services integrated the existing network security solution with Aruba controllers and mobility master, providing a secure environment without additional security solutions.


Top 5 questions

What is modern infrastructure?

Modern IT infrastructure means you have the latest technology and tools to manage IT systems, including hardware and software components, networking and communication systems, and cloud-based services.

Why is modern infrastructure essential?

Modernized infrastructure lets businesses operate more efficiently by automating their processes, reducing costs, and improving productivity through better data management and analysis.

What are the benefits of a modern IT infrastructure?

Benefits include improved efficiency, enhanced security, scalability, and agility. Modern infrastructure also reduces downtime and improves customer satisfaction.

What are the barriers to modernization?

Modernization poses challenges such as legacy system integration, data migration complexities, security risks, and stakeholder resistance. Legacy systems may lack compatibility, necessitating cautious integration with modern technologies.

What are some examples of modern IT infrastructure?

Examples include cloud computing, AI and machine learning technologies, virtualization tools, and advanced networking and communication systems.

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