Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Networks have never been more exposed.

With the rise of remote work, points of presence (PoPs) along the network edge are more abundant. For IT organizations tasked with managing remote and branch offices, it can be difficult to meet user needs in efficient ways while also maintaining security.

As cloud applications become prevalent, traditional WAN architectures may not be sufficient to meet the demands of modern organizations. Many are turning to SD-WAN, allowing for improved connectivity through a single dashboard. In conjunction with secure service edge (SSE), this approach takes the combined benefits of cloud and network security solutions and offers a unified solution: secure access service edge (SASE).

Ten essential benefits of a managed SASE solution

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Three essential strategies for embedding managed network security services

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Security that scales with you

Each SASE and SD-WAN vendor offers slightly different features, so it’s common for organizations to use multiple security and networking solutions when creating a customized security strategy. However, managing several vendors quickly becomes overwhelming for overworked IT departments.

A managed service provider (MSP) like CBTS assists in selecting and integrating needed solutions while offering a single point of contact. CBTS can deliver integrated solutions from multiple vendors in a customized best-of-breed approach. This approach offers the best of both worlds—simplified operations while accessing the highest quality tools. 

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Building custom-integrated networking and security solutions

Our proactive approach empowers organizations to mitigate risks swiftly and effectively.

    • Deep experience: Deep expertise in networking, security, and the Cloud.
    • Proven track record: Hundreds of satisfied customers confirm CBTS’ focus on building long-term relationships will sustain your team throughout the process.
    • Streamlined onboarding: CBTS uses templates and automation to reduce onboarding complexity for your organization. This approach can be customized to your needs.
    • Comprehensive security approach: Access to additional security solutions and services supports a robust security posture for your organization.
    • End-to-end service: CBTS engineers perform or guide your team through each step of implementation, from initial consultation to ongoing maintenance and support.
    • Flexible service offers: CBTS offers various levels of service depending on your in-house expertise, ranging from self-service models through full security operations center (SOC) support.

The SASE equation: Modern SASE platforms are essentially a combination of SD-WAN and SSE. In other words: SASE = SD-WAN + SSE

Shows how Secure Access Service edge works with your users and protects your data

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