Microsoft Licensing Optimization

Analysis of licensing adoption and utilization to uncover cost efficiencies

We partner with Crayon, a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in software licensing, to gain a full view of your current assets, better understand all your contractual obligations, and plan for future investments. Through our award-winning 4-step approach, you’ll realize cost savings on the technology that you use most with a contract structure that fits the growing needs of your business.

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What is Microsoft Licensing Optimization?

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Our trusted approach for licensing optimization


Microsoft license optimization step 1

Step 1: Establish a point-in-time review of where the software estate is based on what is owned and what is deployed.


Microsoft license optimization step 2

Step 2: Identify current utilization and future plans for the software estate based on business objectives. Establish a sustainable roadmap for new technology within the different workloads.


Microsoft license optimization step 3

Step 3: Develop licensing scenarios based on findings of the two previous phases. Scenarios cover cost modeling and licensing optimization.

Microsoft license optimization step 4

Step 4: Present stakeholders with recommendations for an optimal licensing agreement that is based on current and future technology needs.

Microsoft licensing optimization is just the beginning

Microsoft licensing optimization is just one benefit of working with a certified Microsoft partner. Learn about what’s possible with an integrated Microsoft approach.

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