Professional Services

Future-focused IT procurement

As demands on IT grow, just keeping up can be a challenge. Actually getting ahead? Sometime that seems like an impossible dream, especially if you’re just procuring technology products from a variety of random sources without a strategy that considers your future needs.

At CBTS, our IT Professional Services team can help you build and orchestrate a strategy that supports your organization both today and tomorrow.

Services, technical expertise, and proven methodology

With the highest certifications and deep knowledge of best-in-class Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Independant Software Vendors (ISVs), CBTS has the flexibility to specify the best technology to drive business initiatives. We think about the entire lifecycle of the technologies you employ, and we work with to recommend technologies and services that will give your organization a competitive advantage.

A full suite of IT Consulting Solutions

Our comprehensive Professional Services portfolio includes:

Key Benefits

  • Greater value than traditional staffing companies

    As an end-to-end technology solutions provider with 30 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the technologies we support.

  • Ongoing support and escalation path

    All CBTS residency specialists receive full support from our resident technical experts throughout your engagement, providing an additional layer of support and an escalation path to ensure success.

  • Rigorous prequalification

    We prescreen our residency specialists to makes sure they’re experts in their fields, with all the necessary training and certifications.

  • Full management to reduce your administrative burden

    Our engagement managers handle all the administrative requirements, including timesheets, expenses, and scheduling.


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